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Trailer release - Evadaithe Nakenti
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January 11, 2007

For the first time in the history of Telugu cinema, a function is held to release the trailer of a film. This film is Raja Sekhar’s latest ‘Evadaithe Nakenti’. Suresh Reddy (Speaker of AP Assembly) released the trailer CD (click here to view trailer).

Speaking on the occasion, writer Paruchuri Gopala Krishna said, “There are times when politicians overrule the law and order in the state. Evadaithe Nakenti is about a son who makes his father retire from politics. It is a tailor-made film for Rajasekhar. This film is a remake of Malayalam blockbuster Lion.”

25 January release - Rajasekhar
Hero Rajasekhar said, “I worked like a student preparing for an exam. I am sure that I will succeed this time. People expect films like Ankusam and Ahraham from me. Evadaithe Nakenti falls into that category. The hero of this film cleanses the political system by becoming a home minister. Audio of this film is expected to release either on 14 or 15 of January. We are planning to release the film on 25 January.”

Speaker Suresh Reddy said, “This film has political backdrop. And a film like this could upset the political parties as well. I hope that this film will inspire many youngsters and would cause a positive change in political system.”

Photo Gallery (photos by G Narasaiah)
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