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"Totally Stunned by Kamal's Brilliance" : Ang Lee

1 November 2012

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Hollywood director Ang Lee was here in Chennai for promoting his upcoming film "Life Of Pi". All are aware how the news that two great legends including the director and our very own Universal Hero whined up in an amazing interview. Our hero too saw the exclusive 3-D footage of Life of Pi and has loved it. The session was attended by several prominent filmmakers from the South. Kamal Haasan is known to be a huge fan of Lee’s cinema and was thrilled to meet him to discuss filmmaking. But the latest we hear is that after the two stars finished the interview for a channel, director Ang lee was awe struck with the way Kamal Haasan interviewed him. He was so happy that the legend knew so much about him and his films so far. The Hollywood director said, " I am totally stunned by Kamal Haasan's brilliance. I never thought that he would know so much about me and my films.Inspired would be the word. He is not only an amazing actor but a great human being who knows everything about world class cinema. I am happy to have interviewed by him. " Not only this, the director visited Kamal's office and saw the actor's upcoming movie trailer - Vishwaroopam. Post seeing the trailer, the director revealed that - " A person who is not aware of the language too can understand the movie. Its totally stunning. I am sure this movie will be a huge hit." Well, this clearly shows Kamal is truly an Universal Hero and the entire Cine Industry is proud to have him!


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