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KVJ - user review by Nagesh Achanta

30 November 2012

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The only thing that connects me to my motherland is cinema's and Im very proud to see one such film today, "Krishnam Vande Jagadgurum". I always wonder why our film makers do not take untouched subjects and characters, and I got answer from this film about a theatre artist who thinks like every youth and transforms into a great person / Hero / God. We, 3 friends went to the premiere show of KVJ and thrilled to see a crowd with a huge buzz, waiting to experience something from the director Krish.

The film started in a very documentary style when Nayanatara interviewing the people in the forest and then to Surabhi theatre, and I thought this is one other Krish's full message oriented film. One of my friend felt this film is little slow for 10 minutes. But then the things started heating up, and after 20 minutes of the film (after Venkatesh's song) it picked up the pace and we all felt that we are watching a good film by the intermission. The dialogues are nice, the technicians are good, but it is Rana who is a surprise pack. I never liked Rana before, and i thought he is performing like a person who did too many films. His dances still need to improve, but his dialogue delivery and fights are great. He look very huge in the first fight in the mining area and it is so believable that he can hit four guys at a time. The only complaint in first half is that the Spicy Spicy girl song is very abrupt, but shot in a very good manner.

We tried to guess the rest of the film in the intermission and everyone came with several ideas, and went inside to see the second half. It started in an irrelevant manner and took 5 to 10 minutes to come back to the main story. Once the 'Arrare Paci Mansa' song started, there is no looking back for the film as the incindets are so intense and are happening infront of my eyes. the twists and turns in the film are excellent and what all we guessed in the intermission are wrong. The screenplay of the film is so good and kept on engaging. I have seen some of the good scenes in the second half, esp, when Rana and Nayanatara fight and separate, the police station scene and ran crying Kota Srinivasa Rao photo. The bridge episode where Nayanatara knows about the villain is extraordinary and the confrontation scene between Villan and Rana is excellent. By the time it reached peak and developed nicely for the climax.

Then comes the climax and this is one of the best climaxes I have seen and I got goose bumps when I saw Rana in 'Narasimhavatara'. The best shot of the film is undoubtedly the shot where ran jumps from the stage as Narasimhavatara. I saw an elderly woman sitting next to us uttering the sound 'Swamy' loudly. In the climax fight ran looked like a huge monster who is punishing the bad guys, and this fight is the best fight in the film. The most satisfying part of the film is its after climax events and the song that comes on the end titles, and may be this is the only time I have seen all the audience sat till the last name of the end titles and slowly walked out of the theatre with a great respect for this film. And the only thing that connects me to the motherland is Cinema.


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