I inspire from every movie I like – Swamy Rara director Sudheer Varma
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I am not ashamed of copying stuff from the films I like. I had the privilege of watching many English films on computer when I was doing my engineering studies in Bellary. That’s the reason why I quoted that I am inspired by many movies in the title card of Swamy Rara.

Here are a few inspirations

1. Jogi Naidu thread: This thread is inspired by ‘Hunny Bunny’ thread from Pulp Fiction. I used the same screenplay format.
2. Snatch: The title episode in Snatch is used for having the ‘price increment’ scene when then Ganesh Idol changes hands in the beginning of the movie.
3. Hero/Heroine intro: smart screenplay for main leads introduction is taken from ‘Friends with Benefits’ movie
4. Ravi Varma Killing a seth: It’s inspired by Kevin Costner’s movie ‘3000 Miles to Graceland
5. Pickpocking scenes in first song: These scenes are inspired by a black and white French film ‘Pickpocket’ and a Korean film.
6. Villain torturing Giri: Taken from a TV series called ‘Prison break
7. Climax: RGV’s Anaganaga Oka Roju
8. Lock, Stock and 2 smoking barrels: The gangs movement in second half
9. Kaminey: Hotel chase in second half
10. Kshanakshanam: Heroine characterization and ending episode

Watch out for the complete interview of Sudheer Varma combined with the postmortem of Swamy Rara film in soon



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