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21 August 2014

The Atlanta Telugu people from Warangal organized event called “Orugallu Sandadi” on 08/16th 2014 in Cumming, GA.

The main purpose of the event to bring all the Warangal Friends and families, to meet, greet and enjoy the day with delicious food and activities.

There was small challenge part of the event to bring family authentic dish of dessert to share the idea with friends.

It was a lovely sunny & warm day with less humidity and refreshing with breezes in Cumming, GA.
It was indeed great location for the event with great view to the lake Lanier, beach, and shelter for the guests to relax and for the cookout. Perfect location for family get together event.
Soothing music flowing in the air and surrounded by rainbow bubbles to welcome the guests.

All of main dishes were cooked at the venue to showcase the authenticity of vantalu.
The appetizers include Sarvapindi, mudda garalu, ponganalu, grilled chicken and mokka jonna kankulu.

Followed by the main course.
We had snack in the late afternoon, Mirapakaya bajjilu and Chai.
Kids enjoyed the popcorns made in Indian style and popsicles.
The food was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone including kids; it was definitely an AHA moment.

There was continuous music floating to keep the soothing to the ears during lunch and break from activities.
We had special activities for kids and Women’s. Everyone was so engaged without realizing that they have been playing for couple of hours.
We had Anthyakshari, it was group activity and all we can say is that we had great singers with good sense of humor.
Needless to say it couldn’t have happened without voluntaries.
The last 6 weeks went into the planning, coordination and etc. So special thanks each and everyone who worked countless hours in bringing this great event together.

Finally, we would like to say thank you to all who participated in the event and making it fun, joyful and memorable day.


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