BATA’s magical creation “Maya Bazaar” Leaves Bay Area Stunned !!
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1 June 2015

INCREDIBLE - that was the general consensus of every attendee of Maya Bazaar, A Magical Outdoor Summer Festival conducted by Bay Area Telugu Association (BATA) & DESI 1170AM radio station. With over 3000 attendees, Maya Bazaar truly lived up to its name - it was refreshingly endearing, visually stunning, totally engaging, hilariously entertaining with pure magic all around. This event was presented by You Smile Dental.

The event started on the dot at 11AM and went all the way till 5PM. For the first time in the USA, there were 4 live Indian Characters - Chota Bheem, Hanuman, Bala Ganesh & Srikrishna that mingled with the crowd and were a raging hit among kids and adults. The icing on the cake were the live "Replica" characters of popular Indian politicians and movie stars. Narendra Modi, Obama, Chandra Babu Naidu, Chiranjeevi, KCR, YS Jagan, Balakrishna and Rahul Gandhi walked amidst crowd and people had a great time taking selfies & photos. There were several games & slides for kids. Mowgli (The Jungle Slide), Budugu (Water Balls) and Disney Jump House were a runaway hits with kids. And there was a train ride - Maya Bazaar Express which was a massive success. To add to the entertainment, a magician mingled with the crowd and performed incredible magic tricks on the fly leaving them with one question - how did he do that?

Maya Bazaar Theater was a standout masterpiece at the event. With a background music playing from Maya Bazaar - a Peacock Set, Lahiri Boat Set, Full Profile Maya Bazaar Characters, Ghatotkacha Throne and Funny Mirrors made attendees travel back in time and provided lot of photo opportunities. There were a lot of Carnival Games that were handpicked to give everyone a nostalgic experience of the games organized back in Indian exhibitions & melas. Each game was aptly named with a telugu movie title adding another dimension to the fun - Bahubali, Gabbar Singh, Vetagadu, Ashta Chamma, Khaleja etc.

One of the key mottos of Maya Bazaar was to showcase and propagate Indian Cultural and Art forms. The daylong Cultural programs did that in style. Kuchipudi, Bharatanatyam & Kathak Classical dances (by kids and adults), Ballets, Maya Bazaar mythological skits and dances thoroughly entertained the audience. Singers from BATA Karaoke team presented super hit songs. Added to this, there were some special shows – Maya Bazaar Magic Show, Unicycle Show and a Juggling Show which made audience glued to their seats. Hilarious Comedy show by “Replica” characters of politicians & movie stars left audience in splits. The highlight of the cultural program was the Sri Krishna Ekapatrabhinayam by Sri. Akkiraju. Carnival Walk – the Grand Finale was the highpoint of the event. The 30-min grand parade led by the BATA team showcased Poorna Kumbham, Juggling act, Chota Bheem, Hanuman, Bala Ganesh, Sri Krishna, Lahiri boat set, Paatasala Telugu School, Bathukammalu, Politician & Movie Star live characters, Maya Bazaar Express, Indian Village set and Maya Bazaar movie on wheels with characters. This closing act of Maya Bazaar was received with a roaring response from everyone.

Vivaha Bhojanambu - Food Festival with brought various delicacies with unique presentation under one roof. Peacock Restaurants, Cakes & Bakes, Venkatesh Bhavan, Vara Indian Cuisine & Trinethra Super Market catered the food for the event. What’s a summer festival without shopping and Maya Bazaar provided ample opportunities for the same. Over 40 vendors displayed booths spanning clothing, jewelry, dentist, mehendi, real estate, after schools, IT training, health services, music schools & Others.

BATA team felicitated, San Ramon City Mayor Bill Clarkson and Dublin City Councilmember Doreen Wehrenberg. Mayor Clarkson thanked BATA for bringing such an incredible event that binds the community together and promised unwavering support in the coming years for events that BATA takes up. Councilmember Wehrenberg commended BATA for organizing such a fun-filled summer festivity for the community.

BATA team thanked and felicitated the event sponsors. DESI 1170AM (Co-Organizer), You Smile Dental (Presenting Sponsor), G&C Global (Grand Sponsor), Lavanya Duvvi (Real Estate Partner), Best Brains (Platinum Sponsor), Intero Real Estate & Cal Coast (Platinum Sponsor) & Sponsors – Swagat Restaurants, Shree Jewelers, Trinethra Super Market.

BATA team also thanked all the volunteers and Tri-Valley community who worked dedicatedly and enthusiastically for the event. Finally BATA team thanked the entire Bay Area Community for their fantastic response to the event.

Maya Bazaar – the sheer name sets unprecedented expectations. But Maya Bazaar event lived up to and in fact crossed all expectations by a mile. Every attendee of Maya Bazaar went back home with lots of smiles & lots of memories they will cherish for a long time. Maya Bazaar is now a Landmark event in the Indian Community and with such a Phenomenal response it is inevitable that Maya Bazaar will be MUCH BIGGER & BETTER next year. Planning for Maya Bazaar 2016 has already started!


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