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21 July 2015

Manisharma rocked in LA as LATA Launched another Amazing Show!

“Melody Brahma” Manisharma rocked Los Angeles in Redondo Beach as LATA launched another amazing entertainment-packed event on July 11th Saturday 2015. The event was Sold Out few hours before the event, exceeded expectations and managed to be high-caliber as Manisharma’s team, which consisted of Sri Krishna, Sreenidhi, Madhu Priya, Sudhamai, Neha, Pawan and Rahul, played several songs and themes from big name Tollywood titles such as Athadu, Khaleja, and Indra.

Following LATA’s other events such as PMP Training, Keeravani Live Musical Night, Sankranthi Mela and the recent grand success QA Training event, this Musical Night joins LATA’s previous achievements as a really high quality entertainment event for the entire family! Audience could barely stay in their seats, and some even enjoyed themselves as they got out and danced in the walkways to Manisharma and his team’s mesmerizing tunes.

LATA’s creative team also hosted an amazing graphics backdrop which synced in harmony with the songs as they were performed.  The lasers proved to be an eyeful for the audience as they were awed by the coordinated laser show in the dark during the performance.

The center was fully packed as the event was sold out! The authentic Telugu buffet was provided by Dosa Place proved to be delectable and had several members wanting more of the amazing home style and traditional cooking.

Youth between ages and 12-18 were provided priority VIP seating as LATA wanted to encourage our Telugu youth and share a token of appreciation for all the work our youth has done for previous events.

LATA’s love goes out for all of those who attended this event - we are delighted to see that our events are making an impact in our Telugu community not only by providing life and career training, but also by entertaining our crowds and . LATA’s Executive Committee would like to thank our sponsors for their significant contributions. As always, LATA’s heart and soul solely belongs to our volunteers, and without the following members, we would not be able to achieve the amazing feats that we have been in the past,.

Lastly, LATA would like to thank Manisharma for gracing us with his presence in Los Angeles and wish him a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! May he have many more of these birthdays and continue to tantalize us with his musical genius!

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