TCA Celebrates Telangana Vanabhojanalu along with TCA Bay Area Bonalu with Resounding Happiness And Success!!!
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29 July 2017

Under a bright sunny sky and with hundreds of enthusiastic participants and many Telangana families joining in as attendees, Telangana Cultural Association (TCA) celebrated Telangana Vanabhojanalu with a resounding success and as a very memorable and happy one. The Telangana Vanabhojanalu (Picnic) was organized by TCA in Shadow Cliffs regional park, Pleasanton, California on July 16th, 2017 ( Sunday).

A large number of attendees with their entire families and visiting parents from India came to the event and brought their favorite dish as a potluck, to share with everyone else.

Traditionally in Telangana and in many states of India, the entire population of the village take a day off from their regular activities and go to a wooded forest area, into the beautiful nature, for a day long picnic and prepare food together as a close group and share the food with each other and strengthen their bonds of unity while having a relaxing day away from the daily grind

Many games for all ages of boys and girls, men and women and parents visiting from India were conducted and prizes distributed.. the games included Musical Chairs, Grapes and spoons, Tug of war, Telangana quiz and much more.

The Best couple quiz was conducted with the couple individually answering the same set of questions and TCA team choose the winners who have the most number of answers matching and the top 3 couples were given prizes

The best food dish from each category of Telangana foods was given prizes too.

TCA President Dhanunjaya Reddy Boda, Vice President Mahipal Annam, General Secretary Srinivas Gujju, Treasurer Sagar Kotha, Cultural Secretary Vinoy Mereddy and other members of TCA Executive committee welcomed the 100s of guests and event attendees and helped ensure everyone had a great time.

Many volunteers put in long hours to make this event a great success and without whom this event would not be a success, which included Harish Bokre, Shiva, Sushil Kaparaboyna, Sabitha Reddy Boda, Revanth Reddy Boda, Bhaskar Maddi, Prasanna Maddineni, Manjula Gujju, Madhavi Annam, Srimayi Annam, Renuka Chavva, Jyothi Chigullapally, Kishor Kaparboyna, Biksham Palabindela, Venu Surakanti, Ramesh Chimmani, Uday Jonnala, Satish Rayapudi, Krishna Vemula, Bhaskar Kalva, Sadanandam Kanikaram and many more

The prominent members of the Bay area leadership all were present at the event TCA founders and advisory board members Vijay Chawa who was present at the event and conveyed his greetings, Biksham Palabindela and Buchanna Gajula along with TCA Chairwoman Chandrakala Siramdas and TCA Executive committee member Vijaya Lakshmi Kanikaram shared their best wishes for all the event attendees.

The main attraction of the event was Sarva Pindi live stations by using the barbecue pits. Many ladies and talented cooking experts helped him to cook Sarva Pindi ( flat roasted flour disks) and served them hot to everyone. This stood as

TCA Bay Area Bonalu was celebrated on July 23rd with a lot of reverence and colorfully decorated Bonalu and tasty prasadam, in association with Livermore Shiva Vishnu Temple (at Kanaka Durga Temple complex). The Bonalu procession, among Dappu music and songs was lead by Madhavi Annam, Prasanna Maddineni, Anitha Madas followed by Renuka Chavva, Vasavi Maddi, Rekha, Rani and many others. TCA team volunteers Srinivas Gujju, Harish Bokre, Dhanunjaya Boda, Mahipal Annam, Vinoy Mereddy, Sagar Kotha, Vijay Chawa, Bhaskar Maddi, Sadanandam Kanikaram, many well wishers like Bhaskar Kalva, Uday Mahavadi and many Livermore Temple Commitee members like Venu Surakanti, Ramana, Madhwa, Anand, Sai Nath and many more volunteers spent many hours to make this event become a very grand success!!!

Many people from other Bay Area Telugu organizations also joined with their favorite dish and enjoyed the festivities TCA has organized.

The media partners TV Asia along with many local and Telangana news channels covered the event through out the day.

All the attendees had a very pleasant time and had their hearts full of laughter, great food and lemonade & lassi and participated in very cool games and had a wonderful time in Telangana atmosphere and affections, that was recreated in this local park in Pleasanton California. TCA is looking forward to bringing more of such wonderful events to you soon.

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