Yahoo! The biggest content aggregator and the most popular web directory has handpicked as it's regional movie partner. The fruitful romance of with has started today (5th May 2001) with a news item (click here). Henceforth, most of the content from would also be featured on Yahoo! India Movies section. is expected to reap the benefit being associated with the world's biggest portal and Yahoo is expected to get the best content for it's Telugu cinema needs. We credit this success to you (the visitors), for we believe it is you all who have made this possible.

We are committed to improving the web site further so that it lives upto its description of being the most user friendly and informative portal on Telugu Cinema in the world. Towards that, we have always welcomed your feedback and suggestions. Please continue to flood us with your inputs. We assure you that whatever you suggest would be taken most seriously. [email protected]

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