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Mugguru Mahaneeyulu - THE THREE RECORD MAKERS
By Vanaparthy Ranganath

Vasthadu Naa Raju Ee Roju
Raane Vasthadu Nela Raju ee roju
Karthika punnami velalona
Kaliki vennela keratala paina…

sings a lady looking at the moon in its full splendor waiting for her fiancee. The beautiful lady with her balanced emotions adds life to that small role in the movie "Alluri Seetharamaraju". The same lady went on to act in about 250 movies and also directed 42 movies in Telugu, Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam. If you guessed that we are pointing to Vijaya Nirmala garu then you guessed it right. Today on August 11, Vijaya Nirmala garu along with 'Darshaka Ratna' Dasari Narayanarao garu and 'Movie Moghul' D. Ramanaidu garu are getting felicitated by the bigwigs of Telugu Film Industry for getting their entry into The Guinness Book of World Records for their outstanding contribution to the world of Cinema. Let us quickly recollect what brought their name in the records.


Nirmala garu entered tollywood with the late B.N.Reddy's 'Rangula ratnam'. Her name was christened as 'Vijaya' Nirmala when she acted in one Tamil movie 'Enga Veettu Penn' and the producers of 'Vijaya Banner' thought it would be in her interest if they changed her name to avoid her being referred to other Nirmala in the field. She acted in about 250 movies with a considerable amount of them in Tamil and Malayalam.

The directorial bug bit her when she was working in a movie, Sakshi directed by Bapu. She started analyzing the movies and started to evince keen interest in film making. She directed 42 movies in Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam and that brought her entry in the Guinness book. She was the first person to give great importance to technical values. She directed 'Devadas' starring the legendary Superstar giving utmost importance to technical values. The movie however was not successful commercially. But she was not disheartened. She went ahead with undeterred determination and directed the heavy weights of Telugu and Tamil Cinema like ANR and Sivaji Ganeshan. She is said to be a great workaholic and earned the name 'Pani Rakshasi' for the same.


'Darshaka Ratna' Dasari Narayanarao, a veteran of Tollywood directed about 150 movies till date. He was the first person to join the coveted book from tollywood for directing 100 movies in less than 20 years. Dasari was interested in dramas from a very young age and it is said that when he was just 16, he wrote about 50 plays and was instrumental in staging them. After his education Dasari joined a company to earn his livelihood. However, he soon realized that his interest lied somewhere else and he soon saw him landing in Madras.

He directed his first movie 'Tata manavadu' starring S.V. Rangarao and Rajababu. The movie turned out to be a stupendous hit although there were no big heroes associated with the film and Dasari never looked back. He fulfilled his dream of directing his favorite matinee idol, ANR giving him hit after hit for several years. Premabhishekam, Meghasandesham were some of the hits in their combination. It is often said that the trend of people going to movies seeing the director's name started with Dasari. It is said that about 18,000 fans associations existed for him at one point in Andhra Pradesh, such was his popularity.

Dasari has one more unique quality that no body associated with tollywood has. He introduced people in almost every field of film making, be it acting, directing, music direction, cameramen, dance masters etc more than anybody else. People like Mohanbabu, Kodi Ramakrishna, Raviraja Pinisetty, Relangi Narasimha rao etc all proudly claim that they are Dasari's disciples. Dasari also acted in about 60 movies too and made movies in Telugu, Hindi, Tamil and Kannada. He produced 53 movies too.


Movie Moghul D.Ramanaidu garu needs no introduction to the Telugu movie lovers. He started his career with the movie 'Ramudu-Bheemudu' under Vijaya Suresh banner starring the legendary NTR. The movie was a runaway hit and he remade the movie into many other languages and become a success in every language. The same 'Vijaya Suresh' banner become the prestigious 'Suresh Productions' over the time.

Ramanaidu garu is one of those rare producers who produced movies with almost all the popular heroes. He produced movies with NTR (Ramudu-Bheemudu etc), ANR (Premnagar etc), Chiranjeevi (Sangharshana), Balayya (Kathanayakudu) and a plethora of movies with his son Venkatesh. Ramanaidu garu also has a powerful distribution network. Ramanaidu garu's Midas touch is often sought by upcoming and settled movie personalities alike to help make their film career better. Needless to say he introduced hundreds of people in all departments to tollywood.

Ramanaidu garu also produced movies in Tamil, Bengali, Kannada, Oriya and Hindi. He produced about 104 movies which got him an entry into the Guinness book. He also constructed Ramanaidu studios to make the transition easier for moving the Telugu Film Industry from Chennai to Hyderabad.

There are only a few people from India who had their names registered in the prestigious Guinness book. Even few among them are associated with the world of cinema. Telugu Movie land proudly owns three of them. Idlebrain.com congratulates these three legendary personalities for their outstanding contribution for Telugu and Indian Cinema.

Tell Ranganath how you liked the article.

This article is written by Ranganath Vanaparthy
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