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Trade Story - 17th January 2005
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Trade Report - Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana

MS Raju is on a grand hattrick now. His latest film 'Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana' is creating sensation all over. This film was released with a modest 90 prints. With theaters flooding with the movie lovers, the distributors have asked MS Raju to provide extra prints to meet the public demand. This film was released with 35, 18 and 37 prints in Nizam, Ceded and Andhra areas respectively. Currently 20 extra prints are being printed at labs for Nizam area. Another 30 prints would be added to Ceded and Andhra area from 21st of this month. Speaking to, MS Raju said that many more prints would be added systematically. On 26th January, another 15 prints would be added and on 2nd February, 30 more prints would be added. The total number would become 185 by then.

The response for this film is amazing all over the state. Speaking to, the manager of Santhi (Hyderabad's main theater) theater said that he is expecting a share over 1 crore in Santhi theater alone in total run. In Nellore town, this film was released in 2 theater and the 3rd theater is added today. In Madanapally, this film was released in one theater and from today onwards another theater is added. In Kurnool, this film was released in 2 theaters and an extra theater was added today. In Bobbili theater the gross for any houseful show is Rs. 4,500. This movie was started with a gross of 3,500 on the morning show of 14th January. And from matinee onwards, it is running with continuous housefuls. Upon the public demand, the exhibitor allowed extra patrons in theater by putting extra chairs and the gross for today's morning in Bobbili theater is more than 10,000/-.

With such a sensational talk all over the state, MS Raju is expecting this film to create wonders and cross the share collected by his previous blockbuster Varsham.

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