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Trade Story - 29th July 2005
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Trade story - 29th July 2005

Success story of AOR
Released on the last day of June 2005, Chandra Sekhar Yeleti's film Anukokunda Oka Roju emerged as the clear winner. This film had a limited released with 24 prints and doing extremely well in urban areas. In 25 days, this film collected Rs. 52,14,786 /- in just 6 theaters in 3 cities. This film is expected to rake in at least 1.25 crores in the total run in these six theaters alone. In Hyderabad city, AOR is doing terrific business. This film was released in 6 theaters of Hyderabad city (two of which shown only one show a day). It it's 5th week, AOR's theater count is 11. Here is the breakup of the share and gross for these six theaters -

S No Theater 25 days gross 25 days share
1 Odeion 70mm (Hyderabad)
2 Mahalaxmi
3 Prasads
4 Bramarambha
(18 days)
(18 days)
5 Melody
6 Alankar

USA trade story:
The maximum overseas offer producer Gangaraju Gunnam got before the release of the film was 9 and half lakhs for USA territory that includes both theatrical and DVD rights. After the release of the film none of the distributors offered more than that. The producer took the bold decision of releasing the film on his own by dealing directly with the exhibitors instead of selling the film for a cheap rate. In two weeks, he released AOR in 3 centers (San Jose, Dallas and Atlanta) with 2 prints. He got a share of 4 lakhs, which excludes percentage to exhibitors and other miscellaneous costs in these 3 centers. We do have many more potential centers unreleased. The expected share for the producer from USA theatrical release is atleast 15 lakhs. The standing offer for DVD rights for this film as of today is 4 lakhs. But the producer did not sell the rights as he is expecting more. AOR film is proving to be a fruitful venture in USA. That's too when we consider the fact that it does not have any big hero in it. The response for AOR film in Australia was also overwhelming. With AOR, Gangaraju has shown a way to other Telugu film producers to release the films on their own if they could not get the price the film deserves.

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