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Interview with Lawrence by Jeevi

: 5th October 2002 Venue: Padmalaya Studios
Lawrence created a sensation with terrific choreography in Hitler and from then onward he never had to look back. He is the in-demand choreographer at present in Telugu and Tamil film industry.

Lawrence was choreographing 'Vaa Vaa' song for Bobby film at a set erected in floor number one in Padmalaya studios. He spent some time with team for chitchat. Here are the excerpts ....

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Tell us about the song you are currently doing

I am doing such a song after a gap of one and half year. 'Vaa Vaa' [a song in Mahesh Babu - Arti's Bobby] is a very good mass song. This song would not have many mass steps, but I am sure everybody would enjoy this song because it has some good class steps with expressive body language.

How did you get a chance to become a choreographer?

It was Superstar Rajnikant who blessed me to join the film industry. He paid Rs 10,000/- on behalf of me to the Dancer's Association and bought the dancer card for me. Now, the price of card is Rs 15,000/-. I came to the film industry with the recommendation of Rajnikanth. I joined as a dancer for Shiva Shankar master for one year and then I worked for Prabhu Deva master for 5 months. I am the first and only dancer to become master with in two years of entering the field as dancer. After seeing my phenomenal rise, the dancers' union passed on a new rule that a dancer should have a minimum of 5 years of experience to become a dance master.

I worked as choreographer for six months for low budget films. Then Chiranjeevi spotted me and offered me the film Hitler. With my dance numbers clicking in Hitler, I never had to look back.

What are the things you consider while choreographing a song?

I keep the hero in mind while composing dance moves. Each and every hero has a style. I don't force my dance movements on them. Instead I study their body language and compose steps that suit their body language perfectly. I also keep the fans of that particular hero in mind and accordingly compose steps that exhilarate those fans.

You have not made appearances on the screen after Paravasam. Any specific reasons?

Recently I acted as hero in a Supergood Production's Tamil film that was released on the 12th of September. I am currently doing another film called 'Style' in Tamil. I am also open to do item numbers (special songs) in films. But I want to do item numbers that have very good mass punch in them.

Your 'Veena Step' in Indra for 'Daayi Daayi damma' is a rage now. How did you manage that?

As I told you earlier I compose songs to the strengths of the hero. But Chiranjeevi goes that extra mile to get the best effect for the steps I conceive. He practiced that Veena step for 9 hours in New Zealand. I am happy that 'Veena step ' clicked in a big way.

Don't you think it's very costly for a dancer wannabe to pay Rs 15,000/- to become a dancer?

Actually half of the members are sitting idle now. Only few producers can afford group songs. Earlier we used to have many dancer masters. But now there are only 3-4 prominent choreographers. When we have so many qualified dancers sitting idle in industry, I don't recommend fresh guys/girls to join as dancers by taking membership, as their money would be wasted.

There is one accusation on you that you have a separate group of dancers from Chennai and you do not encourage local lads from Hyderabad. Any comments?

I must admit that the Hyderabad dancers were not up to the mark when I started my career. But now they have improved a lot. Earlier I used to have 3 dancers for a group of 10 in my team and now it has increased to 6. Nobody is a born dancer. Everybody needs good amount of systematic practice. Ultimately, it's my commitment to the producer to give maximum output.I feel really great that producers are considering me that way. But I would like to honestly admit that it's the teamw

Do you have any ambitions in life?

I am a big devotee of Lord Raghavendra Swamy. My only ambition that is unfulfilled is to build a temple for Sri Raghavendra Swamy. One day, I will definitely fulfill it.

Do you have any suggestions for dancer wannabes?

One should have self-confidence. He/She should not be bothered about the lack of a helping background in the industry. One should always believe in his/her talent and the ability to work hard. I am a live example for that. I started as a small time dancer and came to this level now. God is always there to do justice to our hardwork.

Interviewed by Jeevi
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