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Interview with Nitin by Jeevi

: 5th February 2003 Venue: Gayam House

Nitin made splashes as the new youth hero on the block with the sensational hit 'Jayam'. He became the new heartthrob of girls in AP with his tender looks and terrific performance as 'Venkat Ramana'.

Nitin came to Gayam house where Teja's Nijam shooting was happening on the 5th of February. caught up with Nitin for a brief interview. Here are the excerpts.

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Tell us about yourself

I did my schooling in Geetanjali School, Begumpet. I did my +2 (MPC) in Ratna Junior College near YMCA. I am presently pursuing 2nd year of my engineering in Shadan Engineering College in Gandipet.

I went to the morning show of 'Nuvvu Nenu' at Sudarshan 35 mm on the release day. Teja sir saw me there during the interval. He asked me if I was interested in acting. I was thrilled and said yes. Then he said that he is planning a film titled 'Jayam' and he is looking for a new guy. Later on he got busy in his work and I was busy with my exams. I went to Sudarshan35mm again during the morning show of 'Nuvvu Nenu' on 150th day. Then I met Teja sir again in the interval. Then he took me to his office in his car and did screen test and photo session. Then he told me that I was selected as the hero for Jayam film.

When I was studying my 10th class, my father (Sudhakar Reddy - Nizam distributor - Venkata Ramana Pictures) distributed Toli Prema film for Nizam area. My father and Karunakaran are good friends. Karunakaran told me that I have qualities of becoming a hero and suggested that I should learn acting, dances etc. It was that moment which ignited the passion for acting in me.

Did you take any formal training in acting?

I did not have any formal training as such. But Mr. Ramanand, the casting director for Teja gari films, has given me coaching in acting for 2 months. Bhikshu gaaru also taught me how to face the camera. I learnt dance for two months from Samrat master.

Do you dub your voice in films?

I dubbed my voice for Jayam for just a few scenes. There wasn't the required clarity in my voice so somebody else dubbed for me in Jayam and the films that I am currently working (Sambaram and Dil). I speak very fast. I need to improve on my voice modulation. I want to dub my voice from the film 'Dhairyam' onwards.

Did you face any uncomfortable or embarrassing scenes when you were facing camera?

The only scenes I felt uncomfortable were the intimate hugging scenes between Sada and me in Jayam film.

What is the kind of response you got in terms of popularity after release of Jayam?

None of the fresh faces (excluding star's son) got such a kind of reception. I am happy for that and the credit goes to Teja garu.

What about response from girls?

I used to get so many calls. But now I have changed my phone number. (grins)

What is the response from your classmates?

They are happy and sad as well. They are happy because I succeeded in films. They are sad because they can't spend good time with me like they used to earlier since I have become busy.

Tell us about the characters you are doing in the films that are in production?

I am doing the character of Seenu in Dil. It is a rough character. He is very adamant. If somebody asks him to do something, he does that exactly the opposite. I am doing a soft role in Sambaram.

What is your aim in life?

I wanted to become an actor and it is already fulfilled. Now I have to sustain the position I got through my first film.

What do you think are your strengths in your acting?

Everybody says that my eyes are expressive.

How are you planning your career?

I don't want to stick to certain kind of roles. I do want to do all kinds of roles. I got a soft image in Jayam film. With Dil, I am expecting to get some mass appeal.

Teja is known for hitting the artists if they don't perform well. Did he hit you?

Yes. A couple of times! Once he hit me for one and half hours with small breaks in between. But I enjoyed it. He told me in the beginning that whatever he does it is only to help the artist perform well.

Did anybody hit you other than Teja?

Yes. My mom used to hit me. So there are only two people who hit me so far. My mother and Teja.

What do you like in girls?

I like simplicity in girls. I don't like girls who carry an attitude.

Did anybody propose to you?

A classmate proposed to me when I was in Intermediate, which I rejected. After Jayam, lot of fans proposed to me. I am a very shy guy when it comes to girls. I am very afraid of girls. I can get comfortable with a girl only after meeting her for about 3-4 times.

What were your feelings after looking at yourself on the big screen for the first time in public?

Tears rolled down my cheeks. It was the happiest moment in my life.

Who helps in planning your career?

Teja garu and my father Sudhakar Reddy help me in selecting the films.

Teja told me that Nitin has the uncanny knack of slipping in to the skin of character. How do you feel about it?

All the credit for my performance in Jayam goes to Teja garu. He acted in each and every scene and showed me how to do it. I just followed his instructions

You are touted as the most successful hero from Telangana after Janapada Brahma Kantha Rao. How do you feel about it?

I do not have any feelings like I belong to Telangana etc. My aim is to become a successful hero.

You worked with 3 heroines (Sada, Nikita and Neha) so far. Who is the best?

Sada is the best. She is very talented.

Do you take any care in terms of diet?

No. Actually I admire Nagarjuna garu regarding his looks. During the cricket match last Sunday, I asked him about the secret behind maintaining such a good physique. He asked me to be happy all the time without keeping any worries in mind. Later on he gave a list of things to do.

Whom do you like among the heroes?

I like Pawan Kalyan a lot. He is my role model in acting.

Who is your favorite heroine?

Heroines do change according to the season. Bhumika Chawla is my current favorite since Kushi.

Do you surf

Whenever I am home, I log on to the internet. Whenever I log on to internet, I surf mee meda ottu!

Do you want to say anything to visitors?

Thank you for accepting my first film. I will try my level best to entertain you in the future films as well. Please do wish me the best.

Interviewed by Jeevi
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