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Interview with Meghana Naidu

She sizzled her way into the hearts of many through her music video Kaaliyon Ka Chamaan, but it was the added oomph of Hawas the movie that made her a sex symbol. Meghana Naidu was a simple college girl who had plans to study abroad before a music video changed her plans completely and made her a hot star over night.

She was shooting for a song from her upcoming Hindi film Maksad, which will also be released in Telugu as Bhama Kalapam. Meghana dressed in a yellow mini was gyrating to the music, when caught up with her.

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What is the movie you are shooting for right now and what about your character?
Currently I am shooting for a Hindi film titled Maksad, the film deals about a couple in the showbiz and how they fall out and how they come back together. My character in the film is of an actress who falls in love with this guy and later they get married. But after marriage starts the trouble and in the end is the surprise as to who is at fault.

Who are your co-stars and is it right that the film is being made in Telugu?
My co-star is Aditya Om he plays the male lead in the film and it was great working with him. I think the film is being dubbed into Telugu and not being remade.

What about your background before music videos and films?
I was born in Vijayawada but grew up in Mumbai, so I am more of a Mumbaiite. My dad works for Air India and he is also a tennis coach, my mom was a schoolteacher. But I forced her to quit the job, as I needed someone to travel along with me to the various shooting locals. Earlier my sister used to accompany me but after she got a job abroad, I have no one else for travel so my mother.

Before any of this happened I was the typical next door college girl who had aims of studying abroad and all that. But there are no regrets as to the profession chosen as this has brought me name, fame and money in addition to the rest.

How did the first music video happen and did you do any after that?
The music video Kaaliyon Ka Chamaan was a very accidental thing. I actually accompanied my friend to the audition for the music video, but someone there asked me to put in my photographs as well. I dropped off my photos at Universal and they gave me a call asking me to come for the audition and I was selected.

After that particular video I did not do any more music videos, but there were a lot of stage shows and about 250 or so to be particular. I thoroughly enjoyed working for the shows.

Your debut film in Hindi was Hawas and soon after the release of the film you were being branded a 'sex symbol'. How did you react to that?
I never intended it that way but I have no regrets being considered a sex symbol. I am actually proud that I am being called a sex symbol, and that people admire me. But the problem was that the first film that I did dealt with a extra marital affair and soon after that people started calling me a sex symbol.

But off screen I am a very homely girl as in I prefer to stay home and be my own self in chudidars and salwars. I do wear mini skirts and tight tops but those are limited just to parties. Otherwise you would find me in a simple salwar at home with my parents.

Why didn't you try for roles in Telugu films, with you being a Telugu girl?
I did a film last year with Vadde Naveen, it was called Satruvu. But after that I am concentrating on Hindi films as the exposure those films give is different. I am always open for offers in Telugu. There have been a few offers here but I am not supposed to talk about them. So it will be juggling bollywood and tollywood for me in the future.

Will you be continuing the same image of a sex symbol even in Tollywood?
Like I said I have no problem with the tag, I am comfortable when people think lets put her in a tight dress or a mini skirt. But in the south I don't think this will work out, as people here are conservative. So I would be looking for roles where I would be seen in Sarees and salwars.

So I would like to do roles that are very close to the actual image of me a very homely and family girl.

The film industry has always been shown through a tainted glass of sex, even more after the recent incidents?
I would not say the industry is clean but I would also not like to say that the industry is bad. All I am saying is that it depends on the individual, as it is mostly the girls who are at fault. If a girl holds her hand out someone is bound to hold onto it and pull. It is all how you present your self and you deal with people.

The girls of today are willing to do anything to get a role or a break into films. And it is this attitude that is affecting the whole industry and giving people a wrong picture.

You being tagged a sex symbol, has it been hard for you?
No never, like I said it is how one presents oneself and behaves in front o everyone that leads to any problem. The tag was because of my first film, but right now I am doing mostly family oriented subjects. People are going to see me as a sister, a daughter- in- law and other family roles.

I have never had the problem of advances from people or anyone coming up to me and talking bad. Most of the places, even the interior regions that I have visited people have appreciated me and praised me for my work and no one has till date badmouthed me.

What is the song shooting that is going on right now?
Like you know it is for my film Maksad and it is where we are shooting a music video. It is like in the film we are shooting a music video so most of the time the frame has another camera or something or the other of the shooting material in it.

So tell us a little more about Meghana Naidu?
I think you should ask the public this question they will be able to tell you ore about me.

What are your future plans?
Very simple I will continue to do more movies and will be most probably seen in a few film in the south. And maybe get married in another five years or so, because I have to get married right. Then probably end up on the small screen doing all kinds of serials.

So, you wouldn't mind acting on the small screen in serials?
No, small screen will always be loved by me, as it was the small screen that made me famous and brought me close to the hearts of millions. So TV will definitely be on the cards in the future, but that is after my marriage so there is a long way to go. People are going to go crazy watching me in a very typical Hindi serial bahu kind of roles.

With that she ended the interview and headed off to her changing room for a costume change. Then she was back to dancing to the music.

Yours Truly: Meghana Naidu…
Birthday September 19
Loves to Party all night long and let her hair loose.
Favorite music video Afreen Afreen by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.
Favorite colour All bright shades and even black.
Favorite dressing style Jeans and T-Shirt
Childhood dream profession Air Hostess

Did you know?

1. Meghana Naidu was a tennis player during her childhood days and she was also a coach for four years in USA.

2. Meghana Naidu acted in a couple of forgettable Telugu films before she shot to fame with Kaliyon Kaa Chaman music video. These films are Pruthvi Narayana and Vendi Mabbulu

Interview by Aditya

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