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Poem on Deepavali by Srinivas Kanchibhotla
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12th October 2005
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Poem on Deepavali by Srinivas Kanchibhotla

It is hard to miss the obvious references and the underlying metaphors of Deepavali. On one hand, the festival plays out as the victory of light over the blinding darkness of the new moon, and that each single spec of light, however little, could still challenge the might of the darkness. Stress is laid more on the effort than on the size. On the other hand, the overtones of strong feminism is never more pronounced than in the victory of Satyabhama over Narakasura. When the Alimighty gets side-lined, His better-half takes over and completes the job, driving home the point that one half is as equal and as important as the other. Size is of least importance here too. The latent energy that hides in the dancing edges of a lit wick serves a constant reminder of both the lessons above.

Srinivas Kanchibhotla

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