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1 November 2006

After 6 years and 11 months of starting your favorite Telugu Film website, I am delighted to offer you faithful visitors a place where you can see my opinions and ratings of many World Cinema/Hollywood Films. Some wise man once said that the difference between success and failure is nothing but passion. I believe that it is my passion towards cinema what made Idlebrain a success that it is today. I hope to approach with the same passion.


I have been watching many English Film DVDs with passion for the past 3 years or so but today I find myself in such a position where I do not seem to remember many of the specific moments that I liked or those that did not appeal to me when I watched those Films. This is an exercise where I jot down those moments good and bad and thereby help myself and the kindred who have a similar passion for Films.

There are good Films and then there are bad Films. It is said that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, similarly it is the sensibilities of the person who is watching the Film are what determine whether a Film is good or bad. This is an attempt at providing a typical Telugu or in general an Indian movie lover’s perspective towards the Hollywood/world cinema.

I have watched many good films. There are probably many other good films that I am not aware of and in general this theory applies to every one else. The idea here is to help that very typical Indian guy standing in a DVD store, scratching his head not knowing what Film to pick up for his Friday weekend.

In every passionate movie lover’s journey there comes a stage where one is neither a novice nor an expert. I am at that stage of this beautiful voyage right now and while I am at it, I might as well share the view with the rest. In short, is a portal into my movie experience.

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- Jeevi

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