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Prasad's IMAX Multiplex Theater - a review
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4th August 2003
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IMAX - (EYEMAX - Maximum view for eye).
The opening of the IMAX Theater in Hyderabad marks a new epoch in the evolution of Indian cinema. Having revolutionized the movie viewing experience world wide, this technology is all set to make a paradigm shift in the Indian Cinema as well. The fact that our capital city has the first IMAX Theater in the entire South India ipso facto makes this event more significant to us. Prasad's IMAX theater that was flagged off to the Hyderabad public on 25th of July has the following distinctions

  • South India's First IMAX theater
  • India's 3rd IMAX theater
  • World's largest 3-D IMAX screen

This Prasad's IMAX multiplex is located on the banks of Hussain Sagar lake at the heart of Hyderabad. This IMAX multiplex is a part of Buddha Purnima project area, which is an initiative of AP Tourism department. With this, Prasad joins the big league of 225 IMAX theaters that are spread across 30 countries.

About Prasad's group
L.V. Prasad group has a long association with Indian Cinema. It now is a well-diversified group and has been instrumental in bringing several advanced technologies from the West to the Indian movies. Over the years, its focus has been to constantly innovate and diversify into several aspects of film making, manifested in various spheres, such as Prasad Productions, Prasad Film Laboratories, Prasad Video Digital, EFX and now Prasad Media Corporation Limited. Prasad Media Corporation now holds the distinction of bringing the first ever major entertainment center in India. Called the Family Entertainment Center, it is an ambitious and a very forward-looking project that has an IMAX 3D theater with the screen as big as a six story building.

What is IMAX technology?
IMAX Company, head quartered in New York and Toronto, is one of the most reputed entertainment companies in the world that has produced several entertaining movies like T-REX, Island of Sharks etc. The word IMAX is derived from maximum image. People who got a chance to watch a movie in the IMAX equivocally opine that it is the largest and most exciting film format in the world. IMAX 15/70 image screen is ten times larger than the conventional 35 mm film format and three times larger than the conventional 70 mm film format. Needless to say that it "is the ultimate experience in film exhibiting technology and film viewing".

IMAX specifications at Prasad's
The Prasad's IMAX theater features world's most powerful projector that beams on 29 meters wide and 21.93 meters high screen. It also has a six channel sound system that puts across 12,000 watts of digital surround sound. There are 44 custom designed speakers equipped at strategic places in the theater to give the complete digital experience. This IMAX screen has 15-perforation and 70 mm format instead of usual 5-perforation and 70mm format. The 'rolling loop' technique ensures the smooth run of the movie on the screen.

A 61.5 crores project
Prasad's IMAX multiplex is spread across an area of 2,35,000 sq ft. The project cost is about 61.5 crores. The promoters Prasad group have chipped in 26 crores while IDBI, Andhra Bank and Punjab National Bank are funding this project to the tune of 30 crores through term loans. IDBI is also participating in the equity with Rs. 5 crores of funds.

First Multiplex in Hyderabad
This Prasad's entertainment center also sports five 70 mm screens along with the IMAX screen. Out of these five screens, four are being used for public exhibition and one screen is reserved for private shows. Along with the screen, the Prasad's also has foot courts and shopping malls that are spread over three floors of approximately 70,000 sq feet. The entire multiplex is centrally air-conditioned one.

Theater capacity

Screen Type No. of seats Ticket price (flat rate) No. of shows Week's collection
IMAX 635 125/- 5 (mon, tue, wed, thurs)
6 (fri, sat, sun)
Rs. 30,16,250/-
Regular 392 60/- 4 per day Rs. 26,34,240/-
(for all 4 screens together)


Prasad's IMAX Mutiplex review (by Jeevi)

Once upon a time, Maheshwari theater in Kachiguda used to be the pride of Hyderabad when it came to cinema. Then Sangeeth cinema hall in Secunderabad gave the taste of latest sound techniques like Dolby and DTS with the advent of films like Jurassic Park. Then came Hi-tech theater - the plush and posh cinema hall that offers the best of the luxuries. Then followed theaters like Sensation in the same mould. Now comes Prasad's IMAX - arguably the best in the town, which has at least one show every one hour between 11 am to 10 pm everyday.

A visit to Prasad's multiplex gives a new experience all together. Its slick. It's huge and it's amazing. This multiplex has four floors. The basement has spacious car parking facility for a fee of Rs 10/- per vehicle. The aisles around the multiples are used as two-wheeler parking area for a fee of Rs. 5- per vehicle. The first floor consists of food courts and shopping mall. You can use escalator/lift/stairs to reach the floors above. The 2nd floor has the entrance to the IMAX screen. The third floor has the exit from IMAX screen. The two floors are supported by lounge area with comfortable and cushy sofa sets. The fourth floor has 5 regular screens that show English, Hindi and Telugu cinemas.

You need to get your ticket booked in advance at the computerized ticket counter, where you have the facility to choose the available seat of your choice. You would be given a printout as a ticket, unlike the custom designed manual tickets that are issued in general theaters. These tickets would have 4 copies. One copy would be retained by the guy at ticket counter. 2nd copy need to be presented to the guy at the entrance of Prasad's entertainment center. 3rd copy would be taken by the attendant at the screen and 4th copy would be retained by you.

Once you enter the theater, you would be greeted with willing attendants who show us the seats. The interiors of theaters are extravagant with carpet walls and floors. The stairs and aisles are etched with tiny lights so that people can easily watch out for their steps when entering the theater. Each and every seat is equipped with a cool drink holder. The seats are very comfortable. However the leg space between the two rows is nothing to boast about. If you wish to go out in the middle of the show, its pretty difficult to travel because your knee would be bumping into the back of the heads of people who are sitting in the row in front of you.

For IMAX screen, you need to be there inside the theater 5 minutes before the show. Cameras (still, digital and video) are not allowed inside. You would be given an introduction about the theater's unique features through voice over before the start of the film. (just like the instruction given in flights before the take off). Since the duration of 'The Everest' IMAX film is 45 minutes, you are not allowed to go out in between the film.

For the Hyderabadis, who are used to 2 and half hour films, its rather a strange experience to watch a film of 45 minutes duration. That too for a ticket price of 125/-. However, it's a great experience all together to watch breath-taking locales on such a giant screen. The initial films that are going to be screened in this IMAX are going to be mostly of educational ones. The IMAX converted movies like Apollo 13 and Lion King are expected to release very soon. Currently, the IMAX screen is only screening 2-D films. The 3-D films would be screened from October onwards. The ticket rate for 3-D films is expected to be Rs. 150/-.

On a lighter note, you can find the good 'color'ful crowd at this theaters all the time to feast your eyes. You can visit this theater for the first time for the kind of captivating experience it has on you. And you get hooked on to it so much that if that film is playing at Prasad's you won't bother to watch that particular film anywhere else in Hyderabad.

Though the multiplex is the wonderful place to be in at anytime in Hyderabad city, there are only two minor negative points one can observe at Prasad's.

- Less leg room for regular theaters in multiplex
- The space is less for the ticketing counter. If a Telugu movie of a big star is released in this theater, it would be virtually impossible have a big queue.

Here is one suggestion from a regular visitor of Prasad's who traveled 3 times to get an opportunity to buy a ticket. One has to travel to the theater all the time to do advance booking. The advance booking opens at 10 am. Offering of services like Tele Booking or internet booking would do a world of good to the Prasad's Entertainment Center lovers.

Thanks to Ramesh Prasad and Sai Prasad for bringing the best entertainment center in India to Hyderabad.

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Note: The technical writeup for this article is given by Shri from He has also done a beautiful multimedia presentation on IMAX technology. Access it by clicking here

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