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12 May 2010

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RRKK (Ram, Priya Anand & Bindu Madhavi) is released on 12 May 2010. Users of can post their reviews along with the ratings here.

Here are the guidelines:
1. Only genuine reviews will be accepted.
2. The reviews should be specific to the movie with enough content. No reviews will be allowed that just say 'super hit', 'utter flop' etc. Reviews should have at least 50 words.
3. No personal attack on any cast/crewmember and no abuses are allowed.
4. Reviews copied from other sites/blogs will not be entertained.

The reviews/ratings given in these reviews are done by visitors and it's their personal opinion. is not responsible for the reviews/comments/ratings given by it's users.

31. Simha
30. Darling
29. Prasthanam
28. Varudu
27. Maro Charitra
26. Taj Mahal
25. Inkosaari
24. Ye Maya Chesave
23. Leader
22. Kedi
22. Bindaas

21. Sambho Siva Shambo

20. Namo Venkatesa

19. Om Shanti

18. Adurs

18. Saleem

17. Sarai Veerraju

16. Pravarakhyudu
15. Amaravathi
14. Arya 2
13. Kurradu
12. Villagelo Vinayakudu
10. Bumper Offer
9. Jayeebhava
8. Bendu Appa Rao
7. Mahatma
6. Ninnu Kalisaka
5. Rechipo
4. Ganesh (...just Ganesh)

3. Eenadu

2. Baanam
1. Sankham

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