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Viewer's Choice - Telugu Cine 'Maa' Awards

18th September 2003
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Rhythm, in association with MAA TV is proud to present 'Viewers Choice - Telugu Cine Maa Awards' - the sensational, first of its kind Award ceremony where we have 24 various categories being considered.

It's the first time in the history of Indian Cinema that the cine awards are being organized in this scale where 50,00,000 ballot papers are being distributed and 5000 ballot boxes have been set up to get the opinion of the public which is first hand as they prove to be the best judges. We are also taking opinion of all members of film fraternity through a survey for technical awards. We are taking 10,000 samples in this survey which would consist of the members of the 24 crafts, distributors, buyers and exhibitors. The Prestigious Award Ceremony is being telecasted live on the MAA satellite channel from 6 pm onwards on 5th October 2003.

The poll would be opened for public on Monday (22nd September 2003) and it would be held till 30th of September 2003. The ballot boxes would be kept at strategic places like movie theaters, super markets etc and proper care is going to be taken to avoid rigging. The boxes would be opened on 2nd and counting would be done for 3 days. The final results would be opened from sealed covers during the function time and would be announced in the Grand Award Ceremony on the night of 5th October 2003.

Jet Mat is roped in as the prime sponsor for this event. Vishnu Induri, the Managing Director of Rhythm Media Works, has conceived this idea and this event would be directed by and managed by himself. He is planning to make this event an annual affair and lots of genuineness and honesty attached to it. He is planning to get the who and who of film industry for this awards function and make it a star studded function with dazzling performances by glamour stars on the stage.

Rhythm Media works has organized a press meet at Taj Banjara to announce this event. Movie Artists Association President Murali Mohan and Director Councel's Association president Tammareddy Bharadwaja also participated in the pressmeet and extended their co-operation to this event.

The awards are being given out in the following categories

1. Best film
2. Best director
3. Best music director
4. Best screenplay
5. Best cinematographer
6. Best editor
7. Best choreographer
8. Best art director
9. Best story writer
10. Best lyricist
11. Best dialogue writer
12. Best male singer
13. Best female singer
14. Best supporting actor
15. Best supporting actress
16. Best villain
17. Best comedian
18. Best debutant director
19. Critics award - best actor
20. Best debutant actor
21. Best debutant actress
22. Special jury awards (a. actor - extraordinaty performance, actor - hero of the year, director, producer)
23. Best actress
24. Best actor

In addition to the above 24 categories, a prestigious NTR Life Time Achievement Award would also be presented annually

Movies considered

1. Adi
2. Aduthu Paduthu
3. Allari
4. Allari Ramudu
5. Avunu Vallidaru Istapaddaru
6. Bobby
7. Chenna Kesava Reddy
8. Eshwar
9. Gemini
10. Hai
11. Idiot
12. Indra
13. Jayam
14. Khadgam
15. Lahiri Lahiri Lahirilo
16. Manmadhudu
17. Nuvve Nuvve
18. Nuvvu Leka Nenu Lenu
19. O Chinnadana
20. Okoto Number Kurradu
21. Sandade Sandadi
22. Santosham
23. Sontham
24. Takkari Donga
25. Totti Gang
26. Vasu

Best Film Nominations

1. Adi
2. Indra
3. Jayam
4. Khadgam
5. Santosham

Best Director Nominations

1. Krishna Vamsi - Khadgam
2. Puri Jagannath - Idiot
3. Teja - Jayam
4. V.V.Vinayak - Adi
5. Y.V.S. Chowdary - Lahiri Lahiri Lahirilo

Best Music Director Nominations

1. Chakri - Avunu Vallidaru Istapaddaru
2. Devi Sri Prasad - Khadgam
3. Manisharma - Indra
4. M.M.Keeravani - Lahiri Lahiri Lahirilo
5. R.P.Patnaik - Jayam

Best Comedian Nominations

1. Brahmanandam - Manmadhudu
2. K.Lakshamana Rao - Avunu Vallidaru Istapaddaru
3. M.S.Narayana - Adi
4. Sunil - Nuvvu Leka Nenu Lenu
5. Suman Setty - Jayam

Best Villain Nominations

1. Gopichand - Jayam
2. Kalamani - Gemini
3. Lakshmi - Lahiri Lahiri Lahiri Lo
4. Rajan.P.Dev - Adi
5. Shafi - Khadgam

Best Debutant Director Nominations

1. Dasaradh - Santosham
2. Kasi - Nuvvu Leka Nenu Lenu
3. Ravi Babu - Allari
4. Trivikram - Nuvve Nuvve
5. V.V.Vinayak - Adi

Debutant Actor Nominations

1. Naresh - Allari
2. Nitin - Jayam
3. Prabhas - Eshwar
4. Rajesh - Hai
5. Taraka Ratna - Okoto Number Kurradu

Best Debutant Actress Nominations

1. Ankita - Lahiri Lahiri Lahirilo
2. Nikita - Hai
3. Rakshita - Idiot
4. Sadaf - Jayam
5. Sridevi -Eshwar

Best Actress Nominations

1. Aarthi Agarwal - Indra
2. Kalyani - Avunu Vallidaru Istapaddaru
3. Shriya - Santosham
4. Rakshita - Idiot
5. Sonali Bendre - Manmadhudu

Best Actor Nominations

1. Bala Krishna - Chenna Kesava Reddy
2. Chiranjeevi - Indra
3. Nagarjuna - Santosham
4. N.T.R - Adi
5. Ravi Teja - Idiot

The nominations for technical awards would be published later. Watchout's online poll on monday to cast your vote for the above nominations

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