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Chiranjeevi's Indra Audio Function
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The audio of Indra was released today (14th June 2002) evening at a neatly erected set in the first floor of Annapurna Studios. This event was a private affair between Chiru fans and Vijayanthi Movie unit.

The celebrities graced for this occasion are Paruchuri brothers (dialogue writers), Aswini Dutt (producer), Chinni Krishna (story writer), VSR Swamy (cinematographer), Sirivennela Seeta Rama Sastry (lyrics writer) and Chiranjeevi.

The function started off with the welcome words by Raghu Kunche and Suma. Gemini TV covered this event and it would be telecasted as a 30-minute capsule on Gemini TV very soon.

The mike was first handed over to Paruchuri Venkateswara Rao. He associated himself with Chiranjeevi by saying that both of them entered the film industry in the same year and both of them did not have any backing in the industry. He said that he got the biggest opportunity to write to Chiranjeevi for a pucca mass film after Gharana Modugu and he did his best job.

Paruchuri Gopala Krishna was invited to speak. He played it to the galleries by praising the mass appeal and stamina of Chiranjeevi. He also narrated a couple of dialogues in the film, which made the fans go gaga over them. There is one particular dialogue in which Chiranjeevi approaches the Govt officer in Rayalaseema and tells - 'Nenu praja samasyalanu techaanu. Veetini 24 gantalalo gaa solve cheyyandi. Meeru solve cheyyaka pothe, 24 gantala tarvatha ikkada prabhutvam vundadu'. There is also another powerful dialogue with the villain in this film, which Chiru ends with the ferocious act of 'Thoda Kottadam'.

Sirivennela also has some good words to say about Indra film and Chiranjeevi. Sirivennela penned three songs for this film.

But it was Chinni Krishna, who stole the limelight with his emotional speech. He said that he is the greatest fan of Chiranjeevi and he waited for 5 years to get Chiranjeevi's project. He also told that Aswini Dutt demanded a fabulous script for Silver Jubilee year of Vyjayanthi films. They went to Kaasi and prepared a wonderful story, with complete mass appeal. In the beginning of his speech he mentioned to fans by saying 'naaku telusu. Meeru sarigga nidra povadam ledani. Naaku telusu. Meeru moodu pootla bhojanam sarigga cheyyatam ledani.' He assured that Indra would satisfy the fans need and box office need. He referred to Chiru as 'Annayya' in his speech. At the end of speech he told that Indra will create box office records and he asked fans to come and demand explanation by catching his collar if the film is not up to their expectations. His speech is very well received by the fans.

Then Chiranjeevi entered in style by wearing a shaded black jeans and a printed black shirt having the graffiti of 'Shadow' on it. The organizers arranged a series of huge pots on the way to dais, which exploded and showered colorful paper pieces on Chiranjeevi. Chiranjeevi is looking very glamorous and manly in that dress and he is in cheerful mood. He greeted his fans in his inimitable style.

He selected a coupon from the lucky dip box and called out the lucky fan on stage. Chiranjeevi opened the audio box and handed over the first cassette to that fan. Being an elated fan he is, he tried touching the feet of Chiranjeevi. But Chiranjeevi stopped him.

Then he started narrating about his experiences, which prompted him to make 'Indra'. Read in his own words

"Recently I met a couple college students. They told me that they are unhappy with my films, as there are no mass fights in my last couple of films. They asked to put good mass fights in my films. I thanked them.

One day I was talking to few guys at a function. Then a few girls approached me. They complained saying that I talk only with guys. I said hi to them and clarified that I do not have any gender bias. Then they told me that my recent films had a couple of good dances in them. But they want all the songs to have terrific dances. I said ok.

When I was coming to India from abroad, I am met by a NRI who is returning India. He is really shaken by looking at me. He told that he is my fan and he regularly follows my films even in USA. He requested me that my films do not have mass dialogues. He told that he is very upset. He was so much moved after talking to me that he was literally crying. I consoled him and told him not to worry.

I attended a conference by IAS people. Over a cup of tea, they poured a complaint saying that being a responsible citizen and senior hero; I should drive good messages across the audiences through my films. They wanted some kind of social message in my films. I assured them that they wouldn't be disappointed.

Now I got feedback from all sections of the people. I told Aswini Dutt garu to select a script that has got all the ingredients the people are asking for. And the result is Indra."

Chiranjeevi do not have the habit of praising his films when they are in production. But for Indra, he assured his fans that Indra is going to be a perfect treat. The fans asked Chiru to tell a dialogue from Indra. But Chiranjeevi cautiously told that telling about scenes or dialogues of a film in making would prompt others who are releasing their film prior to Indra to copy (is he referring to anyone?).

Chiranjeevi requested the fans to stop piracy of audio and video. He explained how the Telugu film industry is suffering with the evil of piracy and urged fans to complain to either police or to the film distributors if they come across any pirates. His message was heeded by fans with pin drop silence.

Then they screens a six minutes clip on Vyjayanthi movies and their films with Chiru. It is followed by another visual treat where three songs of 1 minute each are shown on screen from Indra film. The first song is a family oriented reunion kind of song where Chiru (clad in white dhoti and shirt with a red cloth tied around his waist) dancing in rain along with similarly dressed family members like Ahuti Prasad and Tanikella Bharani. The second song is Bum Bum Bole, which is shot in the backdrop of Waranasi. This song is really good one with cool steps and classy picturization. Third song is 'Sim Sim' canned on Chiranjeevi and Sonali Bendre. It is sung by Udit Narayan, which has great scope for dances. (I heard that the three other songs in the album are better than these songs)

During the screening of second song - when the lights were off - Chiru cleverly tried making a silent exit. But fans, who always had their eye on him cheered him as he makes an exit.

Over all it's a nice privileged experience to witness the mass adulation shown by the fans on their favorite star and the Chiranjeevi's cheerful speech to their eager fans. The audio would hit the market on Monday (17th June). But has the bad habit of doing things in advance. So, you never know!

Click here for Photo Gallery of Indra Audio Function

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