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27th June 2004

Wanting to take a break, I was hanging around at Cinema Paradiso DVD shop, today evening, when I bumped into Jayanth C Paranji who was there to pick up some DVDs. Anjala Zhaveri was also there along with him. Here are the excerpts of small talk that I had with him.

You are looking fresh today. What's up?
No work! I was not having any work for the past 20 days as the schedule of Shankardada MBBS was postponed since the 1st week of June.

Is Chiranjeevi back from London?
Yes. He is perfectly fit now. The last schedule of the film just started today (27th June 2004). We canned a fight on Chiranjeevi in today's shoot.

Which song features Anjala Zhaveri with Chiranjeevi in 'Shankar Dada MBBS'?
There is a song in 'Munnabhai MBBS' which shows Sanjay Dutt trying to cheer up a boy who attempts suicide by singing a song in hospital about his love affair. In this song, Anjala Zhaveri would be shown as the girl whom Chiranjeevi falls for, in the flashback. We are trying to recreate the Choodalani Vundi (Chiranjeevi, Anjala Zhaveri) magic so that crowds would connect the flashback to that pair.

What about item song in which the girl entertains the cancer patient in the hospital? Is Yana Gupta doing that song?
Initially, we thought of signing up Yana Gupta for that song. But she has already done an item song in 'Gharshana' and 'Gharshana' would be releasing before 'Shankardada MBBS'. Hence we decided to go for some other actress for freshness.

- Jeevi.

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