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Keeravani on Chatrapati
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27th September 2005 has met MM Keeravani at his residence on the morning of 26th September to discuss about the songs he scored for 30th September release Chatrapati. He completed the rerecording of Chatrapati on 25th Sep and was about to leave to Rajahmundry to do music sittings for Nagarjuna's devotional flick Sri Ramadasu. Here is a tête-à-tête with Keeravani -

Background of each of the songs in Chatrapati

1. ABCD: The interesting thing about this song is that we used dummy lyrics and dummy voice. When I record any tune, I write few gibberish lyrics and sing myself that it would serve as reference to the lyricist and singer. I used 'A vachi B pai vale, B vachi C pai vale, C vachi D pai vaale'. It had no meaning, Chandrabose was supposed to come up with the replacement for that. We liked A vachi B pai so much that we did not want to chance it. Hence Chandrabose just altered the lyrics in between and did not alter the beginning of the lyric. We wanted Adnan Sami to sing this song. That is the reason why I imitated his voice while recording the song. Since he was out of country when we needed him, we decided to keep my voice in the final version.

2. Chatrapati: The beginning music of this song is inspired by a video game's music I saw recently. This music comes as background for vital scenes involving Prabhas in this film. We thought that adding some powerful words so that they would make the music more commanding. My father Shivashakti Dutta penned the lyrics. All the words used in this song are of Sanskrit. My father is of 75 years old and he came to film industry to become a director. Even now he is working on his scripts to become a film director. I used a few upcoming solo singers in this song. This song is supposed to be in film but not in the audiocassette. But the director wanted to keep it as the theme music of Chatrapati.

3. Summamma Suriya: This song is an item song like Cheekulamme Chinnadi Kavala in Simhadri film. Initially Rajamouli wanted to use three small-time heroines in this song as item girls. Hence we recorded it with three female singers - Sunitha, Smita and Neeraja Pandit (Kashmiri Singer). But, Rajamouli finally decided to go with only one big heroine (Arti Agarwal) in this film.

4. Nallanivanni: This song is about a mother who misunderstands her son. She pleads that she would never make that mistake again. This song comes 4-5 times in this film. Chitra sung this song. Chitra is a professional singer. But she got involved so much while singing this song that her voice almost choked with emotions. You can observe that while listening to the last stanza in this song.

5. Mannela Thintivira: This is actually inspired by an old traditional song. Sekhar garu - a friend of Vijayendra Prasad garu - used to sing this song when ever he comes to our house in 1975. I picked up that tuned and spiced it up to compose this sing. Kalyani (a dubbing artist) rendered the voice of the leader of the dance troop. Smita sung the main song.

6. Gundu Soodi: I composed this tune to K Bala Chandar's Tamil film Vaname Ellai around 15 years back. This film was dubbed in Telugu as 'October 2' and disappeared immediately after the release. I reused that tune in Chatrapati. Basically, this tune is inspired by a flock song in Kurnool district. I farmed lands near Emmigannoor for 2 years around 1978. At that time, the workers who come to do labor work used to sing this song. I picked this tune from them.

7. Gala Gala: This is just another mass song. On the inlay card, the lyricist's name was wrongly printed as Chandrabose instead of Veturi. Jassi Gift and Chitra sung this song.

About rerecording of Chatrapati:
I started the rerecording of this film on 27th of August and completed on 25th of September. I took more than 30 days to record only for three films in my entire career. These films are Simhadri, Seetayya and Chatrapati.

My personal favorites in this album are Nallanivanni followed by ABCD. But the audio makers say that they are getting response from every corner of Andhra Pradesh that Mannela Thintiviraa is the best.

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