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14th December

Indra function on 12th Jan
Somebody said that change is the one that that's always constant. This seems to be true for Chiranjeevi's future commitments and engagements. As per the reliable sources, the function of Chiranjeevi's industry hit Indra is going to celebrate on 12th of January 2003 (Sunday) in Vijayawada city. Confirmation is awaited.

Yash Chopra awarded dada saheb Falke Award
Veteran Hindi filmmaker Yash Chopra is conferred with Dada Saheb Falke award today. He would be receiving this award from the President of India APJ Abdul Kalam in the next year. Akkineni Nageswara Rao is only Telugu film personality who achieved this award in the past. Click here to know more about the legend Yash Chopra.

Rama Naidu to make full-length appearance in new film
Dr. D Rama Naidu, the parliamentarian and ace Telugu film producer, is producing a new film in the direction of Singeetam srinivasa Rao. Raja of 'O Chinnadana' fame is acting as hero. D Rama Niadu is acting as full-length character artist in this film as the father of heroine. Satyanand provides dialogues. Kula Sekhar provides lyrics. Hari Anumolu handles camera. Koti provides music. Regular shooting of this film would start during Sankranthi 2003.

Venky's Vasantam to start on 21st December
Script work for Venky's 'Vasantahm' is complete. This film is likely to go on floors on 21st of December 2002. Arti Agarwal is paired up with Venky in this film. Vikraman directs this venture. He is also simultaneously directing the same film in Tamil as 'priyamana thozi' with Madhavan, Sridevi (Eeswar fame) and Jyotika in main leads. More details later!

11th December

Udaya Bhanu consumes sleeping pills
Popular anchor and cinema artist Udaya Bhanu is said to have consumed excessive sleeping pills and was reportedly admitted in a hospital today morning at Kukatpally. Her health condition seems to be better now. She seems to have said in testimony that she consumed excessive sleeping pills to cope up with the excessive mental stress.

Vamsi's Kunduru Ramaseeta Touring Talkies
Vamsi is known for his specialty in selecting titles with variety. He named his next project as 'Donga Ramudu & Party'. Audio recording of this film would start on 15th of this month under the baton of Chakri. Srikanth is doing the title role of 'Donga Ramudu'. Sankaramanchi Parthasarathy is writing dialogues. Vamsi is having another film in pipeline that's going to start after 'Donga Ramudu & Party release'. The title for this venture is 'Kunduru Ramaseeta Touring Talkies'.

EVV's Direct selling for Thottigang
EVV Satya Narayana released the film 'Thottigang' on his own in almost 60% of the territories. For the first time, he used the concept of direct selling to theaters. This concept is prevalent in Tamil Nadu now. Generally, there is a procedure of distributor taking advances from exhibitors and then paying the same money to the producer for procuring the movie distribution rights. But EVV avoided these middlemen (distributors) and contacted the theater owners directly. He gave the film to them without taking advance and in return he requested them to reduce the rents by certain percentage. By doing so, he got a mileage in tens of lacks (if we assume that this film runs in these theaters for four weeks). If this film clicks and makes decent money through this kind of direct selling, the exhibitor gets money and producer gets good profits. He also got good theaters in most of the areas because of this system, which makes the exhibitor safe and happy (as exhibitor does not have to pay advance, there by blocking his finances).

Siva Krishna's displeasure on Govt move of censoring Khadgam
As per the strict guidelines of Film censoring, only the censor board or the central ministry for Information and Broadcasting has the right to censor any film. But the government and police have gone a step ahead by taking authority into their hands to order cutting of the scenes to producer of Khadgam. Siva Krishna, chief regional censoring officer express his displeasure about the same yesterday over the incident of 5 scenes from Khadgam being censored without his knowledge.

9th December

5 scenes deleted from Khadgam film
Various Muslim organizations are protesting against Khadgam at various Muslim dominated cities. There was a big protest in Nandyal yesterday which resulted in some mob throwing stones on the theater exhibiting Khadgam film. The police authority had to cut down objectionable scenes by contacting the Home Minister over phone to control the situation. Today's situation at Nellore was much horrible. Even the police could not control the mobs and the theater owner had to cancel matinee show. Many more protests are expected in Hyderabad very soon. By sensing the imminent trouble, the police have decided to take a decision. The Chief Minister has asked a team of five top-level police officers to view Khadgam and delete the objectionable scenes, if any. After watching the film, the team of five has decided to delete five scenes from the film. The producer has also agreed to delete these scenes after the police made the request. The producer has sent messages to all the distributors and exhibitors by giving instructions about the scenes they have to delete from the print.

7th December

Around 200 Muslims protest at Nandyal to ban Khadgam
Various leading religious organization belonging to Muslim community are holding protests in various areas apposite the theaters playing Khadgam. In this process, a huge gathering of around 200 Muslims is seen apposite Mini Pratap Theater in Nandyal at 12 noon on 8th December 2002 with banners and slogans to ban Khadgam film. More details later!!

Venky's projects with Krishna Vamsi, Teja and Ravi Babu
Venkatesh Babu is having a project each lined up in the direction of Krishna Vamsi, Teja and Ravi Babu (of Allari fame). Tammareddy Bharadwaja would be producing the film in the combination of Krishna Vamsi and Venkatesh. Chiram movies banner would be producing film with Venky as hero in association with Nizam's Asian film distributors. Suresh Movies is planning to make a film with Venkatesh in the direction of Ravi Babu who proved himself with 'Allari'. In addition to these, the combination that are lined up for Venky is Aswinidutt-ChinniKrishna, VVVinayak-RaasiMovies, Sivaraju-GunaSekhar, SureshMovies-VijayaBhaskar. With so many successful and crazy combinations lined up, Venky is sure to have a ball of time of AP Box Office.

Supriya to enter wedlock with Charan
Supriya, who acted as heroine in 'Akkada Ammai Ikkada Abbai', was recently engaged with Mr. Charan (hero of Istam film). They are going to marry on 5th of March 2003, as per the unconfirmed reports. Supriya is currently working as the executive producer for Annapurna and Great India Entertainment banners. More news later!

CM summons HM to view Khadgam film
N Chandra Babu Naidu (Chief Minister of AP) has asked Devender Goud (Home Minister of AP) and MV Krishna Rao (Commissioner of Police for Hyderabad City) to have a look at 'Khadgam' film and remove the scenes that affect the sentiment of communal harmony in the state. This decision is taken after considering the protests from the religious organizations in Hyderabad city.

5th December

Nagababu to produce a film with Uday Kiran
Nagababu announced his plans for next year. He would be producing a film each with Chiranjeevi, Pawan Kalyan and Uday Kiran on Anjana productions banner. Krishna Vamsi might direct Chiranjeevi's film. Veera Shankar (of Hello I Love You fame) is preparing script for Pawan Kalyan's film. Anjana productions banner is going to produce with an outside hero (Uday Kiran) for the first time.

Court Stay on Uday Kiran's project 'Jodi No.1'
Uday Kiran's forced project 'Jodi No.1' is halted again. The high court has issue a stay on the film, because the producer Pratani Rama Krishna Goud has taken the dubbing rights of 'Mysterious Film' from Anji Babu and he is remaking the film 'Jodi No.1 by adding scenes and songs in stead of just dubbing it. Anji Babu issued a legal notice on leading new papers by warning all the buyers and other related people to not to involve in any financial transactions with Rama Krishna Goud.

Premalo Pavani Kalyan on 13th of December
Premalo Pavani Kalyan, made on Supergood friend's banner, is going to release on 13th of December. Deepak and Ankita are paired up in this film. Made in a village called Sakhineti Palli, this film is showcasing the beauty of Konaseema. This film got censored today and got commendations from the censor members for the cleanliness and nativity of the film. Polur Ghatikachalam, the storywriter of Sampangi, directed this film. Ghantadi Krishna provided music. Premalo Pavani Kalyan is produced by BA Raju, the editor of Super Hit film magazine.

3rd December

'2 much' director Veeru K arrested
Veeru K, the director and producer of '2 much' film, was arrested on Monday on the charges of adding 10 censored scenes to the released prints. The censoring committee has viewed the film in Shivaganga of Gaddiannaram and sized three reels of the film. The theater owner Mohammad Omar was also arrested in this connection. The Nizam distributor Ramesh Kumar is absconding.

CCT wins best volunteer blood donor award
Chiranjeevi Charitable Trust (CCT) is adjusted as the best volunteer blood donor in AP recently. CCT was selected as the best volunteer blood donor after considering over 762 different blood donor clubs. Allu Arvind has received this award from CM Chandra Babu Naidu recently. Talking on this occasion, Allu Arvind said that CCT is aiming for a blood bank in each town of Andhra Pradesh. He also said that CCT supplies blood to poor (those who hold ration cards) for free of cost.

Technique should remain like a shadow - K Viswanath
In an interview given to a local movie magazine, the veteran director opined that the technique of the film is like a shadow and story should be like the object. A shadow should follow the object and the object should not follow shadow. He opined that few of the new generation directors are giving more importance to the technique and ignoring the story and script. K Viswanath is considering his comeback in to films. He has an immediate commitment to direct a Hindi film for Raj Kumar Santoshi's home banner.

1st December

Anchor Udaya Bhanu turns producer
Famous TV anchor Udaya Bhanu is turning producing with a film to be produced on SK Movies banner. Dr. Habibuddin, brother of Udaya Bhanu, would act as producer for this venture. Udaya Babu is acting as female lead. A debutant direct Anjan directs this venture. Regular shooting of this film would start from 10th of December onwards.

Manmadhudu audio on 7th of December
Audio of Nagarjuna's Manmadhudu is releasing on 7th of December 2002. Devi Sri Prasad provided music. Sohan Music grabbed audio rights. The first bunch includes 3.5 lakhs of units. The audio would be released in front of 450 selected contest-winners by Gemini TV in a set erected at Annapurna studios. Devi Sri Prasad is going perform a mini musical night on this occasion. Incidentally there would be just 12-day gap between audio release and the movie release. K Vijaya Bhaskar directed this film.

NTR to work for Poori Jagannath
Poori Jagannath is going to direct NTR's next film to be started in the second half of February 2003. Vaishno Academy would produce it in the presentation of Venkateswara Arts (Raju and Giri). Muhurat of NTR's latest film with VMC productions was held on 29th of October. Raja Mouli directs this venture. Bhumika Chawla is paired up with NTR. Music for VMC productions film is being provided by MM Keeravani.

Mahesh Babu to enter Nijam sets on 20th December
Mahesh Babu, who is supposed to enter the sets of Nijam on 11th of December is said to have requested to adjust the dates for 'Okkadu'. Mahesh Babu would be having a break of 10 days in January for Nijam film. He requested Teja to adjust that break days to December month for the period of 11th -19th December. The regular shooting of the film is expected to start on 3rd of December 2003. Teja is dropping the idea of having big star cast for other role (like one special officer role for Raja Sekhar, Krishnam Raju as hero's father, Sridevi as hero's mother etc) because adjusting their dates would be Herculean task keeping the 11th April 2003 as release date. As per the confidential report, this film was sold for 5.67 crores and 3 crores for Nizam (Asian Films) and Ceded (Goutam Kumar Reddy) areas respectively.

28th November

Siva Nageswara Rao to direct Teja film
Teja is giving break to the director Siva Nageswara Rao, who is reeling under continues flops. Paruchuri brothers are doing script work. Currently Paruchuri Venkateswara Rao is in Ooty on this work.

Wedding bells for music director Chakri
Music director Chakri entered the wedlock with Ms. Navatha on 24th of November 2002 at a marriage function held at Lee Palace Royale in Secunderabad.

Music director Mahesh passed away
Music director Mahesh who worked for 'Preminchukundam Raa' passed away on 29th of October after fighting a long hard battle with cancer. He is 45. He won a national award (jury mention) for Nammavar (Tamil film) in 1994.

Uthsaaham details
Audio of Uthsaaham has been released through Aditya Music on 22-11-02. The shooting part is over with two songs shot at Singapore from 10-11-02 to 14-11-02, Viz "Merilion", "Fullerton Star Hotel", East Singapore Roads, Archard Roads, Boat queys, Little India. 95% of Postproduction work is completed & picture is ready for release on 12-12-02. Sai Kiran, Amar and Neeta Varma are acting as main leads. Vasavi creations banner is producing the film. Allani Sridhar directs 'Uthsaaham'.

24th November

Idiot: budget - 2.2 crores: share - 20 crores
Idiot joins the elite league of top 3 blockbusters of this year. This film has become the latest success story. Made with a budget of 2.2 crores, Idiot is all poised to collect a share of 20 crores in total run. It has also thrown Ravi Teja into stardom. This film has got star image to the low profile and hard working artist Ravi Teja. This film was released with 45 prints and the prints number was increased to 100 by 50 days. This film is currently posited for 100 day run in 36 centers. Poori Jagannath has proved himself as a star maker and star director with 'Idiot'.

Chiru & NBK Fan galatta in Addanki
Addanki town has been witnessing an undercurrent tension among the fans of Chiranjeevi and Bala Krishna since 25 days when Chiranjeevi's Indra was released. That film was hired for a highest amount of 3.5 lakhs. A huge celebration cum rally (that started at 6 pm and went on till 3 am in the wee hours of morning) was conducted on the day of Indra release with an expense of Rs one lakh. A couple days back Bala Krishna's Chennakesava Reddy was also released in Addanki. On the release day, an over-enthusiastic Chiranjeevi fan published objectionable pamphlets that upset the sentiments of Bala Krishna fans. Then the Bala Krishna fans is said to have beaten up that person. The mediators are trying to pacify things and arrange a truce between rival fan gangs.

Sridevi in Nijam?
After futile attempt to rope in Bollywood diva Rekha, Teja is said to be trying for yesteryears beauty queen Sridevi to act as mother of hero Mahesh Babu. Rebel star Krishnam Raju is doing the role of Mahesh Babu's father. Other details of this film are awaited.

22nd November

Krishnavamsi turns choreographer
If K Raghavendra Rao did it with 'Pelli Sandadi', the creative genius Krishna Vamsi is not far behind. Krishna Vamsi tried his hand at choreography with the song 'Nuvvu Nuvvu' in Khadgam film. It's a romantic song canned on Srikanth and Sonali Bendre in some exotic locales abroad. (click here to see the photographs) This song is will not have any steps, but it would contain some cool moments and slow movements showing the sweet nothings between the lead pair. Khadgam is due for release very soon.

Teja's Nijam sold for 5.67 crores in Nizam
Teja's Nijam made a splash at RP Road (RP Road is the place where all Nizam distribution offices are located) when it was recently sold for 5.67 crores. Asian films distributor Sunil has grabbed the rights by paying the amount. Teja & co is currently in Singapore. The film is going to floors on 1st of December. Mahesh Babu enters the sets on 11th of December. This movie is expected to release on 11th of April 2003. Teja's craze as director and Mahesh Babu's presence as hero is helping this film to get extraordinary hype. Recording of the songs is started in RP's studio Sangeeta Prodigi. The first recorded was a folk tune (expected to be performed by Raasi on the screen).

21st November

Bala Krishna new movie details

"Gundammo Gundammo" is the first song that was pictured on Bala Krishna and Arti Agarwal in Annapurna Studios on 15th - 20th of November. Lawrence directed this song. Vennelakanti penned these lyrics and Mani Sharma scored the song. Second song of the film would be canned on Bala Krishna, Arti Agarwal and 50 dancers in Kulumanali from 21st of this month onwards. Posani Krishna Murali provided story and Paruchuri brothers are penning dialogues. Sonali Bendre is paired up with Balayya as another heroine. This story an action one based on Palnadu area (especially Guntur district). The locations for the shooting of the film are Karampudi, Kotappakonda, Narsaraopet, Nagarjunasagar Ethipothalu, Bobbili, Vijayanagaram and Korukonda Sainik School. This film is also expected to have a train episode. The other cast in the film include Prakash Raj, Mukesh Rushi,Brahmanandam, MS Narayana and Sunil. Talkie part of the film would be canned from 15th December onwards. VSR Swamy handles camera. B Gopal directs this film. Medikonda Murali Krishna - Narasimha Naidu producer - is producing this film. It is expected to release in the month end of March 2003.

Will change of name work for Neetha Varma?

Sunita Varma is considered as one of the genuine Telugu girls making it to Telugu silver screen. But unfortunately all his films as heroine are stuck up in labs due to lack of buyers. Her debut film 'Fans' - based on how Chiranjeevi fans channelize their energies toward positive deeds. Her second film is Priya Darshini - directed Dhavala Mallik (brother of Dhavala Satyam). Both these films are in docks. She acted as heroine's friend in recently released 'Nee Sneham'. She is currently acting as heroine in 'Utsaaham' opposite Sai Kiran. She has changed her name from Suneetha Varma to Neetha Varma for Utsaaham. We have to wait and see if the name change makes any difference to her films.

Vishnu - Manoj - double treat from Mohan Babu

Mohan Babu is all set to launch his sons - Vishnu Vardhan Babu and Manoj - in the third week of January 2003 with a film each. Vishnu Vardhan Babu - the elder son - would be making his debut through the home banner Lakshmi Prasanna Art Pictures in the direction of famous Malayalam mass director Shazi Kailas. Manoj - younger son - would be launched by RS productions that recently made a film titled Subbu. N Shankar - of Sriramulayya fame - would be directing this film. Mohan Babu is also working on another film for himself, which is expected to go on floors in March 2003. So we would be seeing films by three heroes from the family of Mohan Babu

Ravi Babu plays director in Ammailu Abbilu

Ravi Babu of Allari fame is directing another teen film titled 'Ammailu Abbailu'. This film based on teen problems and phobias faced by three pairs. Vijay, Mohit, Sonu Sood, Devina, Vidya and Swapna Madhuri are playing teens in this film. Ravi Babu is doing his real life role of director in this film. The climax of the film is current being shot in Vijaywada with 15-railwaytracks back ground. Chakri provides music. Shooting of this film would be completed by December 2003. This film is slated for Sankranthi 2003 release. Anandi Arts is the producer.

Hari Krishna and Bala Krishna in 'Yuvarathna'

NT Rathnaa's second film 'Yuva Rathna' is releasing on 29th of November 2002. This film is having the guest appearances of Hari Krishna and Bala Krishna. Hari Krishna would make his appearance at the beginning of the film and Bala Krishna enthralls the fans during the climax. Incidentally, Rama Krishna Horticulture's film with NTR - 'Sri Veerabrahmendra Swamy Charitra' was also released on the same day in the last decade. Songs of this film are big hit with masses. Uappalapati Narayana Rao directed this film and Nandamuri Rama Krishna is producing it.

20th November

3 films from Mega family to clash for Summer 2003

Johnny, Anji and Gangotri are the three films that are pitted against each other for summer season of 2003. Anji might not release for Pongal 2003, as it would have the cricket world cup to contest against in February. Pawan Kalyan's Johnny is releasing on 28th March 2003. If Johnny gets postponed Allu Arjun's Gangotri would release on 28th March 2003. Otherwise Gangotri would hit the screen in the month of April 2003. Chiranjeevi's magnum opus Anji is expected to see the day of light on 9th May 2003 (Friday) as summer special, according to unconfirmed reports.

Indra and Jayam win RACE awards

Earlier known as the V Shantaram Awards, the RACE (Rajkamal Academy of Cinematic Excellence) Awards hailed Chiranjeevi as the best actor for the film Indra in Telugu chapter. C Aswini Dutt is selected as the best producer for the film Indra. Teja grabbed the best director award for the film Jayam. Actress Sada won the best heroine aware for the film Jayam. These awards were held in Mumbai's Tulip Star on 18th of November.

Uday's Premante Suluvu Kadura

Uday Kiran's latest film 'Premante Suluvu Kaadura' muhurat was held at Padmalaya studios on 17th of November. AM Ratnam produces this film on Surya Movies banner. SP Hosimin, Tamil director Shankar's protege, directs this film in Telugu and Tamil with Uday Kiran as hero. The same film is being simultaneous shot in Tamil as 'Apple'. This film deals with the travails the hero has gone through to win the heart of his ladylove. Chintapally Ramana writes dialogues. Vidya Sagar provides music. First schedule of this film starts on 20th of November at Rajahmundry. Karun handles camera.

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