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Launch on New hero Prabhas


The new hero Prabhas is launched today with big fanfare at Rama Naidu studio. Prabhas is the son of Krishnam Raju's brother(Surya Narayana Raju). He is signed as the hero for Jayant's new film Eeswar (love never hides … it always fights). Fans of Krishnam Raju came to Rama Naidu studios in specially decorated buses from Godavari districts to celebrate the launch of the heir of Krishnam Raju. All the bigwigs of Telugu film industry (especially directors and producers) descended to Rama Naidu studios to bless Prabhas.

Prabhas's first dialogue for this film is 'Aa eswarudiki moodu kallu vunte .. ee Eeawarudiki moodu gundelu vunnai! Okati .. preminchataaniki. Rendu .. kshamincha daaniki. Moodu .. yeseyyataaniki'. Krishnam Raju gave the clap and Suresh Babu switched on the camera. Paruchuri brothers directed the first shot. Mahesh Babu and Jr. NTR came to the venue to wish Prabhas.

Jayant said that the 'Eeswar' is a love story with a mass touch. Jayant told that he searched for more than 1000 profiles to select the hero. But Prabhas seems to have impressed Jayant with a sweet and innocent face and tiger like body language. Deena Raj has given a powerful story for this film. Paruchuri brothers are penning dialogues. Jawahar Reddy handles the camera. RP Patnaik scores the music.

Heroine of the film is yet to be selected. Revathy and Siva Krishna plays the parents of Prabhas in this film. Shooting of this film would start in the first week of July 2002 and would be completed in continuous schedule. This film would hit the screen in the first week of October 2002.

Ashok Kumar, who produced films like Raktha Tilakam, Druva Nakshatram and Premante Idera is producing this venture on Lakshmi Venkateswara Films banner.

Photo Gallery of Prabhas Launch
Still 1: Hoards of fans along with celebrities awating the launch of Prabhas Still 2: Krishnam Raju giving clap on Prabhas
Still 3: Prabhas posing for cams Still 4: Krishnam Raju talking to his fans
Still 5: Prabhas talking on this occasion Still 6: Mahesh Babu who came to wish Prabhas
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