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Ram Gopal Varma is in the city to promote his Diwali release 'Naach'. Four songs from the movie were projected. All the songs were extremely sensual (bit erotic too) and highly technical. Later on Ram Gopal Varma had chitchat with scribes for half-an-hour. Here are the excerpts …

5th November 2004

What is 'Naach' all about?
It is about everybody's aspirations. This film involves a lady choreographer and a struggling male actor. The struggling male actor is a practical guy who can do anything to get his work done. The female choreographer is a principled lady who sticks to her conviction.

The songs of Naach, which you projected on big screen just now, ooze eroticism. Why is it so?
Because I like eroticism! Every man/woman wants to act as per their basic instincts which fall under various categories called power, fear or sex. I follow my basic instincts!

Why do your portray extremities in every film you make?
If I don't portray extremities, they fall under routine/run-of-the-mill stuff. I want my films to be different.

Rangeela film also dealt with Bollywood. How different is Naach from Rangeela?
If Rangeela portrayed lighter vein entertainment, Naach is an intense film.

Why do you expose your heroines?
Because I am a man (magadini). I like them that way.

Rangeela was your last universal film, which was liked by all sections of audiences. After that you started making films that cater to only a particular segment of people. Why is it so?
When I make a film, I do not think about the target audience. All I care about is if I liked that script or not. If I like it, I go ahead and make it. Rangeela was also made in such a method. It was just accidental that it became a universal film.

Can we expect a film with a Telugu star in your direction?

Is Sarkar a remake of God Father?
Sarkar is not exactly a remake of God Father, but it is inspired by it. If God Father dealt with mafia families, Sarkar deals with political families.

You have invented a style of filmmaking and lot of people are following it. How do you feel about it?
I have not invented any style of filmmaking. I only copied from Hollywood flicks and old Hindi films. If any of my protégé became successful in this profession, it is only because of their own strength and merit.

Would Naach fulfill your desire of giving Anthra Mali a hit?
I cast her because she suits the characterizations in my film. I do not care what people think about it.

Why don't you make a routine film, for a change?
I lost interest in making simple and routine (especially family type) movies long back. Simple things and simple issues bore me. Whatever I make, it should be larger than life.

Tell us about Darna Jaroori Hain?
Darna Jaroori Hain would have seven episodes. Each of these episodes would be directed by one director.

Would you put an end to horror films now after will continue making horror films?
I am not satisfied yet. I would make 4-5 horrors films in the future.

80% of the people don't like the movies you produce these days. How is you production company 'factory' going to sustain it?
I am not worried whether the rickshaw puller in Nellore would like my films or not. Even if 80% of the people do not like my film, I would get profits through the money generated by 20% of the people watching it. Let me give you an example. If a film collects 5 crores, it would be a flop if the budget is 6 crores and it would be a hit if the budget is 4 crores. But our scribes and industry has the old habit of counting the openings and initials and declaring that film as a hit. Because of the same return on investment policy, my production house 'Factory' has become the number one production house in Mumbai.

Can we expect any direct Telugu film on your 'Factory' banner?
I lost touch with people in Hyderabad. I do not know any director/hero here. I don't think I would make a direct Telugu film.

Why do you stick to only certain set of actors/technicians all the time?
The remunerations in film industry works like stock prices in stock market. If a hero/director gives a hit his remuneration goes up. If he gives a flop, it comes down. I always select the artists as per requirements of my films rather than going after saleable artists. Even during the preproduction stage of Shiva, the makers preferred big names like Mohan Babu and others in addition to Nagarjuna in that film. However, I preferred fresh or relatively new faces for other roles in Shiva, as being the director, I know who fits the bill.

During the making of Satya, you told that JD Chakri is the best actor in India. Then you changed your statement that Manoj Bajpai was the best actor in India. Now, you again claimed that Abhishek Bachchan is the best actor? Why do you change your statements so often?
I changed my words. At that time I felt JD was the best. Today I am feeling Abhishek is the best.

Veerappan was killed recently. Is the film 'Lets Catch Veerappan' is still on?
Yes. We changed the titled from 'Lets Catch Veerappan' to 'Lets Kill Veerappan'. This film is based on a biography on Veerappan title 'The Untold Story' written by the Mysore-based journalist Sunaad Raghuram. This book is the most authentic book on Veerappan. And 'Lets Kill Veerappan' would be like a documentary by presenting facts/truths as they are.

What is the necessity to make a film on Veerappan since he is already dead?
Ramayanam happened centuries ago. But why are we using Ramayanam themes even today? I apply the same logic to Veerappan as well.

An oft-repeated question! Why you are in Mumbai and working there and why are you ignoring Telugu film industry?
My kind of sensibilities suit Mumbai very well. Let me elucidate an incident that happened after Shiva was released. ANR asked me to give a paper statement/advertising thanking Telugu people for making Shiva such a big hit. I refused to do so and told ANR that the people of Andhra should thank me instead, for entertaining them with Shiva. Do they encourage a bad film made by me? They liked Shiva, because it was a well-made film. It is all give and take deal

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