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10th November 2003

The first pirated VCD of Chiranjeevi's latest blockbuster Tagore was seized in Pandellapally, Vetapalem Mandal (near Cheerala) by a fan called Govana Seenu. The video shop's owner's name is Srikanth.

Tagore's producer Madhu arranged a pressmeet in association with the film producer's counsel and the cell of Video Anti Piracy today at AP Film Chamber.

Allu Arvind - the convener of video anti piracy cell - declared that they burst the biggest video piracy racquet with the help of Chiranjeevi fans. The high-level police officials AK Khan and Gangadhar led this operation. 5 people were arrested in this case so far. Even small employees in big production houses are involved in this piracy scam. Allu Arvind had a special mention for Raj Kumar (of KAD DVD) for putting brilliant efforts for helping them in finding out the pirate and roots of piracy. Allu Arvind said that he is not revealing the modus operandi and names of the pirates because the cops are currently investigating this issue.

G Adiseshagiri Rao said that the producers counsel is appealing to the Government to include video piracy under 'Organized Crime Act'. Piracy of VCD is just like piracy of software. Hence he said that Video piracy should be included in Organized Crime Act just like software piracy was included. He said that they are planning to give licenses to the video shops so that video shop owners would become accountable. He said that the film industry is organizing a seminar on the problems faced by film industry, which would be attended by the film personalities, exhibitors and distributors on 13th of November 2003.

D Suresh Babu said that the producer counsel has requested the government to arrange a separate enforcement body for video piracy. He said that Telugu film industry is ready to fund the expenses incurred by that special enforcement body.

KL Narayana appreciated the sustained efforts of Allu Arvind in curbing the video piracy and opined that all producers should come forward to save their respective films from the pirates. He added that video piracy is leading to the survival crisis for Telugu film industry.

Chiranjeevi said that fans of all heroes should come forward to help the producer by curbing piracy. He mentioned that the fans should not restrict themselves to putting up banner and cutouts. They should come forward and help the industry by identifying pirates and informing the details to the producers.

Gemini Kiran said that if he finds that anybody in the library of TV channel involved in the piracy, he would make sure that those people are handed over for legal action.

Tagore producer B Madhu has announced a bounty of 1 lakh to the informer who gives information about pirated Tagore video cassette. Chiranjeevi gave away Rs. 1 lakh to the Chiranjeevi fan Govana Seenu who gave the first information about Tagore pirated video CD.

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