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Transcript of Nikhil's chat with the visitors of

August 25 , 2008


Nikhil (of Happy Days) has become the first celebrity to chat live with the visitors of His 2nd film Ankith Pallavi & Friends in the direction of Hari Yelleri is releasing on 5 September. Young and energetic Nikhil chatted with visitors for more than one and half hour at jet speed. He is very agile at typing and gave quick, witty and appropriate answers. Here we are presenting you with the first part of the transcript -

nikhil-actor heyyyy guyssssssssssssssssss jill jilll jinggggggaaaaaaaaaaa
jeevi hi guys - nikhil is here - enjoy
nikhil-actor this is really really exciting peopleeee
pawan-ohio yeah its nikhil there
Naveenm Hello Jil Jil Jingaaa mama
srisri hello man how are u \
nikhil-actor hi mama
Naveenm How r u?
vinay Yo ! Jil Jil Jiga
pawan-ohio Hello Nikhil how are you
pawan-ohio you seems cool actor
nikhil-actor im gr8888888...and this is soo exciting that im chatting live from the idlebrain office in hyderabad
srisri how is the movies going on nikhil
jira hi jeevi and nikhil
nikhil-actor i dint expect soo many ppl would be here wanting to chat up with me
vinay Hoping for another Cool Role from You Nikhil
deepak we are waiting from last 1 hr
Naveenm great to hear from u
srisri we r u r fans mama
nikhil-actor heheh yuppp jeevi is cool tooo
pawan-ohio yeah Nikhil and too many girls to waitng her eto chat with you
srisri thanx jeevi
grgrgr hey nikhil
Naveenm thank Jeevi for opportunity
thokkalodi edo andaru time pass ki vacharu
grgrgr wats up
nikhil-actor and i was supposed to be here from 8...i apologise to all the ppl who have been waiting
thokkalodi nuvvante love em kaadu
nikhil-actor but ill make it worth ur wait
pawan-ohio Thanks Jeevi m apprecite fo ryour taught to bring actors to the room
deepak hey guys talk with our celebrity
  Raveendra joined.
vinay We are so Excited....nikhil
nikhil-actor heheh me tooo.....
eboy nikhil how are you ?
pawan-ohio yes we are so excited to have you here
nikhil-actor so i hope all of u hve watched happy days
Raveendra hi nikil
jira nikhil.......what are future plans
scooterkid yep
grgrgr yeah like 10 times
eboy yes
deepak yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
vinay Sooo Many times....
nikhil-actor Wow
Raveendra how are you?
nikhil-actor Ten Times
g hey nikhil on waht ground do you choose your movies
ramu hey Nikhil do you love kamilini ?
scooterkid and u acted very well in the movie
Test Nikhil , Your opinion please about megastar party
vinay Yo !
nikhil-actor so ru all from the usa or is it like only frm india
grgrgr i bought the dvd
deepak this is good one
grgrgr im from usa
vinay Now i Brought Dvd Too
pawan-ohio Hey nikhil i am froem Usa here
jira me from Uk
nikhil-actor ya yaaaa i love komalinee...i mean shreay madam hehehehe
Naveenm Nikhil..when we can expect ur Apf moviee?
sridhar Me frm Us
deepak we are indians nikhil
radha hi nikhil
nikhil-actor yaaa Apf Is round the corner guys
ramu i tought that you fell in love with her
mohan01527 hey nikhil...
nikhil-actor and its gonna be out on 5th sept
bharath hi nikhil
grgrgr is apf any different from happy days?
eboy all the best
shiki nikil.... how is yuvatha coming......
vinay Waiting For Apf
tillu songs are really good in Apf
Test Nikhil , whats your stand on megastar party ?
nikhil-actor and ill tell u guys ankith in ankith pallavi and frenz is goin to be as nice as rajesh gadu from happy days
srisri hey nikhil talk to me
tillu Songs are really good in Apf
pawan-ohio advance contraulatiosn for th Apf movie, we hope you do great in movie and it will sucess
deepak let him reply ly giuys
Naveenm wow..thats great nikhil
kiran Hi Jeevi
nikhil-actor hehehe u ppl are all lovely to chat with....
vinay Ya we are also hoping same From Apf
radha nikhil i like ur rakesj character in happy days
radha it was awesome
deepak hey..
srisri nikhil
deepak hikhil how is sravs?
srisri nikhil
nikhil-actor well apf is very very different from happy days...
srisri nikhil\
jira Nikhil.....u need to have 100 hands to cope with this chat session....
vinay Music Of Apf Was Rocking
srisri nikhil
akr020340 hi nikhil ur language was really excellent from H Days
kiran You guys are ahead of scheduke
srisri nikhil
nikhil-actor its a very feel good film like happy days but the story and the concept are totally different
karthikr Hey nikhil.....karthik here....just wondering! Were you a child actor?
Naveenm Nikhil tell something about Apf heroine
vinay I Heard it Srk Type of Flick...
nikhil-actor il will grow a hundred hands to chat with u all yarrrr
jag hi jeevi
nikhil-actor apf heroine jill mama
nikhil-actor hehhee
vinay Ohhhhh
jira is it so? come on guys shoot up with questions
nikhil-actor actually im a very very mass kinda guy
Naveenm great
srisri Hey Yuvatha Yela Untundi
g ewwww
deepak we tooooooooooo
vinay Thats Cool
nikhil-actor but uc since its a public chat room ill try be decent
nikhil-actor hehehehe
grgrgr what movies u watched recently??
drshashireddy hi nikhil how ru
deepak dont try mama
deepak jill jill jinga anipinchu
rithika plz fwd to all ur frnds. very urgent .. a baby needs a(- )ve blood immediately . contact 9944506707. pls dont delete, atleast fwd
nikhil-actor yuvatha is goin to be after apf
kiran hey, evooruu manadhi
radha nikhil ur not responding
girish Dude u reming me of me in u r Happydays movies u rock man ..
vinay Nikhil...oka Dilouge.....plzzzz
tillu where was the shooting held for Apf?
gayveerudu Hello Nikhil,
nikhil-actor okka dilogueeeee
nikhil-actor okay one from happy days
deepak chepu
nikhil-actor and one from apf
Swarup Hi Nikhil This is Swaroop
nikhil-actor all the way for u guys okayyyyyy
Naveenm Nikhil..what is ur future projects other than Apf?
Swarup How are you
nikhil-actor hey swarup
vinay Okkkk
radha hi nikhil
ramu Nikhim how much did you take for happy days ?
gayveerudu Hello nikhil, Hi
nikhil-actor okayyyy my 1st dilogue from happy days........eeee pillendooo eee kodendaaaa eee vanaendoooo.......
deepak nikhil nenu day 1 watch chestah
nikhil-actor hey deepak thanks dude
radha nikhil unnara y ur not responding
deepak r u sure..
pawan-ohio but your hair styel rocks
srisri Ajay Sai Master Club Song Yela Chesadu
srisri Yuvatha Lo
deepak ll it be a good one
grgrgr which movies u watched recently nikhil?
nikhil-actor hey radhaaaa
ramu Nikhil how much did you take for happy days ?
vinay U r body language Is Super'b nikhul
nikhil-actor o god plzzz ramu bhai i cnt reveal my payments and stufff
srisri Nikhil
nikhil-actor shekar sir gave me a life in the industry and im very thankful for that
nikhil-actor ya sri temme
amarnath Good work in Happy Days Nikhil.... keep up
vinay U paid of Goog
luckyme hi nikhil...
deepak hey nikhil..
vinay Good i mean
hihi hi nikhil
sridhar yeah shekhar sir is God
deepak 1 small request..
radha nikhil u were superb in happy days
sridhar for you and for all of us
sree hi nikhil how r u ?
srisri Ajay Sai Master Yela Cheyenchadu Club Song Ni Yuvathalo
jira Nikhil......all the best in all your future endeavours and hope you will cope with those 100 hands.......bye guys.....keep shooting
nikhil-actor yup shekar sir is not only good he is god tooo hehehe
deepak my friends use to tease me with ur name ..
girish Dude u remind me of my Gitam days in u r Happydays movie.... u rock man ..
ramu Nikhil tell me about your family ?
Swarup Your Dialogue modulation is quite apt for the role u played in Happy Days
deepak i use to do same kind of action like
sree nikhil u hav great energy levels
deepak u
eboy apart from yuvatha, did you sign any movies ??
amarnath Nikki you got an Image in Happy Days.. dont lose it by doing B-grade movies
vinay Coool
nikhil-actor thanks guysss.....
sree how is heroine nikhil
nikhil-actor but seriously im just ovewhelmed....the whole chat room is at full capacity
ramu tell me about your family Nikhil ?
sree how is u r relationship with heroine
vinay Nikhil We Expect you to select Perfect movies
sree easy going ?
sree or not
girish all the best man gotta go .. :)
vinay Dont loose your image
amarnath yes Vinay. You are right...
nikhil-actor welll my heroine in Apf is very nice...she did a gr8 job yarrr....
sree okie
amarnath anyways.. what r ur future projects?
sree good
hihi nikhil wats u r personal email id
nikhil-actor ill try do as many good movies as possible
jag hi nikhil h r u,how ur parents feel abt u now
vinay We will Pack the theatre Dude......
srisri Dance Man?
amarnath any project with Shekar Sir again?
nikhil-actor after u watch my movie Ankit Pallavi And Frenz ull definetely say i did a good movie
sree nikhil .................................. where do come from ?
prajeeth hopingso
sree cudappah ?
ramu hello
nikhil-actor im from hyderabad
grgrgr which movies did u c recently?
radha nikhil where r u from?
nikhil-actor pakka local hyderbadi
sree okie
sree hahaa
sweety hi nikhil
Jagan Nkil, How confident you are on Apf ?
vinay Wew expect u to chat again...we are going to Share ou Feeling about Apf......
nikhil-actor but i knw u guys will say...produttor
nikhil-actor hehehe
ramu hyderabada biryani ?
Swarup Nikhil, in Happy Days, u will be hailing from Rayalaseema, but your dialogues will be in Telangana Slang
sree yeah
nikhil-actor it was fun being rajesh
sree happydays\
sree haha
sree how is tammanna
deepak rajesh..
nikhil-actor o was half telangana and half rayalseema slang
pawan-ohio Nikhil siddarth is your full name
srisri Bye Guys No Answer Till Now
nikhil-actor tamanna is busy shooting
Swarup Nikhil, in Happy Days, u will be hailing from Rayalaseema, but your dialogues will be in Telangana Slang
vinay Hope Ankit Also Rocks Our Hearts
sree she is very beautiful yaar
nikhil-actor all the ppl from happy days r doing movies and very busy....
nikhil-actor ya tamanna is pretty
harika wat abt ur gifl frnd in happy days movie
nikhil-actor but ill tell u watch Apf and even megha burman is kinda cute
radha enti nikhil ur answering only to few ppl
grgrgr which movies did u c recently?
ramu do you want to marry Tammanna ?
sree how do u feel before and after becoming actor
luckyme but srav's action is more matured
pawan-ohio so heard you started your carrer as assitant director for Hyderabd Nawabs
sree ooh
RockStar Hi Nikhil
jag radha u r right
nikhil-actor before being an actor i just wanted to be n actor desperately
vinay Ha ha Ha Ramu bhai
nikhil-actor im just another normal guy
sree oh is it?
sree did u went through any acting course?
vinay I saw ur Program zee telugu
nikhil-actor ya i was an assistant director for hyderabad nawabs
kishan u vote chiranjeevo party?
sree ooh
harika good
vinay Ur Life style is Super
sree great
Swarup Your performance is very good towards the end of the second half in Happy Days
nikhil-actor and i gained a lot of experience from that movie
RockStar who is your fav actress in telugu fil field
Naveenm u have girlfriend?
sree ok
Swarup Your performance is very good towards the end of the second half in Happy Days
nikhil-actor hehehe my life is all about movies now yarrrr
grgrgr which movies did u c recently?
pawan-ohio how is your expericne working with Hari yelati
sree what do u think of ram gopal verma
sweety hi nikhil how r u
sree yeah
grgrgr which movies did u c recently?
nikhil-actor manchi manchi roles chayali
eboy are you doing any other movies ?
vinay Is Hari yeleti..chandra shekar yeltis Brother....?
Jagan Nikil, frankly speaking you are Awesome actor man...
nikhil-actor mee andarini manchiga entertain cheyali
nikhil-actor thatss all i wanna do guys
Swarup Your performance is very good towards the end of the second half in Happy Days and the your dialogue modulation is very good
sree good
gayveerudu yes we all accpet that asnd watch yoru movies
nikhil-actor heheh thanks swarup...thanks to shekar sir
Hrithik Hi Nhikil, Apf songs are too good. Can we expect the movie also another Jil Jil Jinga?
RockStar Buddy ur action in Happy days is great
Swarup But the slang is more of Telangana rather than Rayalaseema
nikhil-actor Jilll Jill Janga Neeeeeeeeee
deepak r u hvng any roles in sekhar sir movie
sree r u still trying u r teacher .................. kamilini mukherjeeeeeeeee
bsatishbabu hai nikhil
nikhil-actor Apf is a very very cutie pie movie
ramu Nikhi boyzzzzzzzzzzzzz
vinay Hi Nikhil..........
Jagan Jagan: Nikil, frankly speaking you are Awesome actor man...
RockStar are u acting in shekar next movie
bsatishbabu what is ur next project ?
sweety nikhil how do u do
nikhil-actor hahahha my teacher komalineee busy with other movies
deepak cumn on nikhil reply man
nikhil-actor but hopefully there will be ahppy days 2
Naveenm In real life how do u propose to ur girlfriend?
deepak she is too hot yaarrr
nikhil-actor happy days 2 i mean
Jagan Hey Nikil, What is the story of Apf? Are you doing sharukh kinda role/?
vinay Will u do another Project with Shekar sir ??????????..
Swarup also you have very rapid dancing moments
jeevi guys who ever is silent for more time,
jeevi will be expelled to get more ppl to chat
nikhil-actor i was a dancer from when i wa sa kid
bsatishbabu Apf means
nikhil-actor so it helped my dance in happy days
vinay Hehehe Jeevi
Swarup ok
nikhil-actor but it was touch work yarrrr
pawan-ohio anki pallvi and friends
nikhil-actor Apf-ankit Pallavi And Frenz......
pawan-ohio but you are doing awesome work
Jagan I see a sharukh in you Nikil
ramu in happy days 2 we want you to act with your teacher kamilenee as herione
vinay Rocking
deepak have u acted in any movie before happy days
nikhil-actor Wow Srk Is My Favouriteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
vinay How is ur Gang In Apf
bsatishbabu after apf and yuvatha what is ur project?
Swarup we feel that you are facing the audience so it is lively
Naveenm Nikhil...did u forget Appu??
vinay Nikhil Hoping a Movie With Raviteja..................
chaitu hi nikhil
chaitu how r u
reddy1982 hi how r u dude
sree nikhil ..................... i have one question for u from 25 years ......... can u explore it for me
Jagan how big hit Apf will be?
Swarup The way you face the auidience is very good
Jagan Any guess?
sud was your experience so far in film industry
nikhil-actor My Gang In Happy Days Is Very Chilled Fact U Can Compare Apf With Dil Chata Hai
Jagan How big hit Apf will be?
pawan-ohio Nikhil, whats your best move so far that inspired you a lot as an actor
kingofqueens hi it ur real voice in happy days?....r dubbing was good voice....what re your future projects?
Jagan like Happy days?
nikhil-actor Even Like Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na....
vinay hanks for ur answer Niukhil
nikhil-actor Apf Is Cute
bsatishbabu after apf and yuvatha what is ur project?
harika nikhil nee action rachaaaaa
vinay Ravi tejatho Movie eppudu ???????
pawan-ohio yeah thast pretty movie that all goes jenilia and the sweet gial
nikhil-actor Well Soince All U Guys Have Made Happy Days Such A Blockbuster...ive Signed Lotsa Movies
sud hii, how was your exeprience so far in film industry
HARI111 i want to see u with jenelia
Jagan Apf will be better than Happy day or not?
g are you saying its a reahsh of dil chatha hai and jaane thu movie
nikhil-actor Hehehe
sree nikhil ..................... i have one question for u from 25 years ......... can answer it for me
jag hey nikhil do u hav any girlfriends
nikhil-actor Ravi Teja Is My Anna
nikhil-actor I Kinda Watch His Movies Like Crazy
Jagan coool man...
vepaku hey nikil
nikhil-actor Masttt Comedy
Saradhi Hi Nikhil ... This Is Vijay Uncle
aj How is monali
vinay Mee toooooooooooooo
Saradhi how r u
harika i like ravi teja's action very much than ur's/..
kingofqueens hi it ur real voice in happy days?....ur dubbing was good voice....what re your future projects?
Jagan I hope you will be big actor soon
Saradhi nice to c u and connect with you
Jagan what's your age
gayveerudu Hi Vijay Uncle yela vunanru
Naveenm what kinda slang can expect in Apf?
jag gyderabad lo ekka untavu nikhil
sud hi nikhil whos your favoutire actor in tollywood
nikhil-actor No No It Aint A Rehash Of Any Movie G...its Original...and I Just Mentioned Those Movies To Tell U Wat Kind Of A Genre Apf Belongs To
bsatishbabu after apf and yuvatha what is ur project?
vepaku babu nikil vunavaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
sk How is working with Hari Yelleti?. I like all his blogs.
nikhil-actor Hi Saradhi Uncle....
nikhil-actor Heheh Hari Sir Is A Sweetheart
vinay Nikhil......can we expect u in The premire of Apf
Swarup Nikhil, you are very good in histrionics
bsatishbabu after apf and yuvatha what is ur project?
nikhil-actor Ya Ill Be There For The Premiere
g what is yuvatha all about?
kingofqueens hi it ur real voice in happy days?....ur dubbing was good voice....what re your future projects?
aj Howz Monali.
slimshady Hey Nikhil A big Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
nikhil-actor Hari Sir Was Very Very Energetic On Thje Locations Of Apf
reddy1982 hey nikhil did happy days sotry resembled to ur real college life?
sree whats u r age nikhil ?
Jagan Hey Nikhil will you come Usa?
sud Nikhil How was ur experience in tollywood?
Swarup try to get a role which will have good scope to exhibit your histrionics
nikhil-actor And It Rubbed Off Onto Me And The Whole Unit
Jagan Hey Nikhil will you come Usa?
chandutmis hi nikhil
kingofqueens nikhil is 25
Jagan for Apf promotion?
nikhil-actor Apf Is Full Of Josh And Life
vinay Expecting an Yothful Entertainer Sir..............
Naveenm Nikhil..evaranna neeku prpose chesara?
HARI111 hi nikil
nikhil-actor Im 23
amarnath em chestunnav ra
sree ok
Jagan 23
Sneha hi nikhil
nikhil-actor Im June 1ST 1985
HARI111 say hi to me
jag hey nikhil how ur parents feel abt u now canu answr this time plz
kingofqueens hi sneha how are you?
Jagan then you will be sharukh
Jagan I am sure
Jagan you rock man
Sneha fine
vinay Say Hi Nikhil.......
chandutmis nikhil nenu overseas movies distributor ni
sud Nikhil Whos Ur Favourite Actor In Tollywood
chandutmis ireland lo movies release chestha
Jagan I know ... you have such charishma
aj Hi Sneha
nikhil-actor Hehehe Srk Is Awesum....i Grew Up Watching His Movies
HARI111 who's favourite heroine
Sneha hi
kingofqueens what is ur future projects sneha?
amarnath hi sneha
vinay Who is ur Fav Actress......??????????
nikhil-actor My Fav Heroine Is Bhumika Chawla
sree who is u r fav actor in tollywood
nikhil-actor Kushi Lo She Rocks Yarrrrrr
vinay Oh ! ! !
nikhil-actor Fav Actor Is Ravi Teja
chandutmis nenu kothaga ee field loki vachanu
sree actor ?
sud Nikhil Whos Ur Favourite Actor In Tollywood
sree ok
slimshady hey everbody is roaming around Nikhil Kya.. here is another actor " Slimshady" here :)
vinay Yes...i Love Kushi
nikhil-actor Actually Bhoomika Chawla Ap Fans President Ni Nenaaa Hehehe
slimshady Oops Ravi teja ???
Naveenm what about chiranjeevi?
vinay Hehehe
chandutmis nikhil r u there
Jagan alanti talent kud avunda
Jagan :D
nikhil-actor Chiranjeevi Is A Legend Bosss
slimshady i thought u will tell Pawan kalyan
HARI111 u look cool in Happydays
vinay In Yuvatha Poster U R Rocking ! ! !
amarnath nikhil em chadutunnaru meeru
sree in my opinion ............. there r only 2 professional actors in india ............................
nikhil-actor Naveen Mama....i Eat Drink And Sleep Movies Mama
chandutmis nikhil r u there
sree can u tell who r those nikhil
aj Will u work Bhoomika as heroine?
nikhil-actor I Finished My Engg Amarnath
sk Would you please tell one dialogue from Apf?
sud You Dont Even Leave Nikhil, Ur Asking About Chiru's Political Entry Here
vinay Nikhil...once say Hoi mama.....
nikhil-actor Okay One Diologue From Apf
nikhil-actor -
chandutmis nenu konni adigaanu paina choodu
kingofqueens nikhil where do u live jubliee hills r banjara hills?
vinay Ya Iasked dilouge
aj Will u work Bhoomika as heroine?
harika hey nikhil wats ur age?
Naveenm thats cool
Naveenm even I like the same]
jag nikhil u look aesome in apf wallpapers
sree hello nikhil ................. there r only 2 professional actors in india ............. can u tell me who r those
sud Nikhil Do You Like This Industry
HARI111 i like ur hairstyle
vinay Mama Okka Dilouge.....happy days
sree any one in this room can tell tis question
what_is_my_name Arey appu..... please eay.... nee thali nannu nammavey
slimshady hehhhehe
nikhil-actor There Is One Place In The Movie Where Im Tellin The Heroine About Happiness --" Life Lo Enni Degree Lu Ani Important Kadu Amma...entha Happy Ga Vunnavo Annadi Important"
chandutmis nee ayya poddutoor nunchi okka lorry dimpinanante
nikhil-actor I Love This Industry
vinay Kevvvu
vinay Keeeka
gayveerudu yes its Nikhil and Rajesh
slimshady cool
sud Oooh, Ur Dialogue Is In Lines Of Pokiri Dialogue
Naveenm Nikhil..are u coming to Usa for any of ur movie shooting?
aj Will u work Bhoomika as heroine?
nikhil-actor Hehehe....someone Is Saying Rajesh Dilogues Very Welll
chandutmis yaa
chandutmis nene
Jagan :)
kingofqueens nikhil where do u live jubliee hills r banjara hills?
vinay Premire Date Venue Akkada Nikhilllll Mama ?? ??
amarnath Nihkil njoy chesniva tamanna toti
chandutmis nee movie ireland lo choosina
sree what is u r name............ will u mind u r language plzzzzz
nikhil-actor Nahhh I Live In Begumpet....and
sud It Sounds Like, Eppudu Vachamanadhee Kadhu Annaya, Bullet Digindha Ledha Anadhee Mukhyam
HARI111 who is ur best pals other than happydays team in tollywood industry
what_is_my_name sree... this dailague deliver from nikhil in happy days
vinay Premire I Max Lo Na Appudu....iam waiting
denim_driver Hi r u doing?
kingofqueens haha amarnath
nikhil-actor Bye Jag
nikhil-actor The Premier Show Is Goiung To Be At The New Adlabs Theatre ...on 4TH Sept
chandutmis nikhil reply ivvu boss
vinay Say Hi Nikhil Mama
nikhil-actor Apf Is On Sept 5TH Guys.....and Im Tooo Nervoussssssssssssss
kingofqueens nikhil did u study in hps?
jeevi jagan pls dont spam
vinay Say once hi Nikhil mama
nikhil-actor Welll Happy Days Is One Movie In A Lifetime
HARI111 how can i get the tickets
Jagan ok sorry Jeevi
nikhil-actor Hi Vinay Mama
HARI111 can u send
sud Dont U Thnk Its A Risk , Doing Same Types Fo Movies?
Hrithik oh man! I can't come there.. Can you ask overseas distributors to play premier here
sree its okie
vinay Thanks a Lot Nikhillllll............chill
nikhil-actor No No Happy Days I Play This Massy Guy Apf Is Play A Fulltoo Joshful Guy But A Lill More Classy
radha hey nikhil jill jill jiga apf will b hit
radha dont worry
radha all the best
nikhil-actor Welll Abt Happy Days I Want U To Watch It And Gimme A Review Chandu
nikhil-actor Its U Guys Who Judge Movies
vinay To Ask too many questions
nikhil-actor But One Thing I Can Tell U Abt Apf
slimshady no one can interact with him properly
chandutmis hey nikhil happy days 10 times choosina
sud Yes Go On
HARI111 who is ur best pal otherthan happydays team in tollywood industry
chandutmis nuvvu mareeeenu
Jagan tell us abt Apf
nikhil-actor Its A Clean Cute Entertainer...with No Obsenity And Can Be Watched With Ur Gramma And Granps Toooo
nikhil-actor Ueueue
reddy1982 :)
chandutmis apf ela untundi cheppu
pawan-ohio Mickie J Mayor music rocks for Hapy days, songs are awesome, you guys did a pretty godo job
sud See We Cannot Guess The Movie From Its Promo's, It Looks More Of Extension To Happy Days
vinay Masage Movie ah mama...youth ki Apf ????
desibabu Hi Nikhil i liked your character in Happys Days . All the best for your future
Naveenm Nikhil..did u study in film Institute?
chandutmis nenu ireland lo release cheyyali andukani
vivek hi nikhil
Jagan ohh... ohh h ala ayithe malli Jockpot..../? eee saari class audience? Like Mahesh Babu?
Swarup Frankly, In Happy Days it is Rajesh that got highlighted than Nikhil,
nikhil-actor Reach For The Sky
sridhar Nikhil, tell us about your education?
vinay All The Best Nikhil.......
Swarup What do u say?
chandutmis chandutmis: nenu ireland lo release cheyyali andukani
nikhil-actor Dream And Try To Make Those Dreams Possible
chandutmis chandutmis: nenu ireland lo release cheyyali andukani
harika your B'day is on 1st june rite.. 1985
vinay Cooool Mama
nikhil-actor I Was Working In Google B4 I Joined Movies...but I Took A Risk And Enterd Movies
harika nikhil pls reply for this
Sneha how old r u
nikhil-actor Yupp Hrika
vinay Music Aspirant Anukunta Meeru Movie Lo ?
nikhil-actor Its On June 1ST
Swarup Frankly, In Happy Days it is Rajesh that got highlighted than Nikhil,
Swarup What do u say
Jagan Nikil, nivu motham kathi bosu
Swarup and it is Nikhil who has made that character lively
Jagan movie selection kuda alladinattundi
nikhil-actor Jagan Anna Nuvvu Kuda Katthi Mama
harika u wrkd for google ...!
harika gr8
Jagan Songs ayithe terrific in Apf
vivek u wer wrkin in google bfre u r into movies..dats nt a small thng....y r u into mvies leavin such a very good job....??
sravz hi nikhil
kingofqueens hey nikhil is it ur child dream to bcum a actor or just happened?
Jagan asalu recent times best album
vinay All The best Nikhil.....
Jagan 7 lo 6 super
Jagan 1 avg
nikhil-actor Yup...but I Had A Dream Of Becoming An Actor So I Tried For The Same Way Apf Says "reach For Ur Dreanms"
payal Hi Nikhil, u did a gr8 job in happy days!! Can I expect a better show this time??
smartguy_kphb Hi Nikhil...
Hrithik What is the best compliment you received for Apf from its Crew?
nikhil-actor Its A Story About 5 Ppl Who Want To Reach For Their Dreams....will They Make Their Dreams Come True And How They Make It Possible Is Apf
chandutmis movie ela unntadi cheppu nikhil
vinay Nikhil...memu andharu nee fans Mama..........
chandutmis movie ela unntadi cheppu nikhil
payal Hi Nikhil, u did a gr8 job in happy days!! Can I expect a better show this time??
Naveenm Nikhill...what's ur hobbies??
Jagan Songs ela vunnayi niku/
kingofqueens hey nikhil is it ur child dream to bcum a actor or just happened
vivek ya..ofcrse..every 1 has deir own drms..but if ur further movies wont wrk ...(i dnt wish dat)..den wil u b back wid ur job..?
user nikhil, tell us about your experince with Hari - Ankit Pallavi & Friends director - many of us know him through idlebrain's articles
nikhil-actor Well The Director Is The Captaion Of The Ship And His Compliment Is The Best...he Said I Lukd Very Gud And Brought A Lot Of Energy Into The Movie
vinay Nikhil one dilouge from happy days yaar.........
nikhil-actor It Was My Childhood Dream To Become An Actor
sumanthbios hi
sridhar do you have any girl friends nikhil?
kingofqueens nice nikhil.....what are your fav movies in telugu and english?
nikhil-actor Happy Days Lonchi Dilog For U Vinay Mama- " Endi Bey Nuvvu Iragottadi Nee Am** Produttur Nunchi Oka Lorry Manshulni Dimpitheeee"
Jagan Nikil, did you watch the Apf?
sud Hi
vinay songs pictirisation ala untundhi Apf Lo
nikhil-actor My Love My Passion And My Girl Frenz Are All Movies
nikhil-actor Yupp I Watched Apf And I Was Very Happy That I Did Apf
Naveenm whom do u like most in the world?
Swarup Hi Nikhil, There is only one formula in Cinema, People will buy the ticket and in return they expect the entertainment for that.....since all people will not enter the theatre with the same state of mind....... So try to concentrate on entertaining roles and story-lines........... Even though the st
vinay Super ga cheppav
sumanthbios hey nikhil!! how r u???\
nikhil-actor The Highligt Of The Movie Are The Songs And The Picturisation....
nikhil-actor They R Beautiful
nikhil-actor Thank U Swarup Ill Do It
vinay Yesssssss
Swarup Hi Nikhil, There is only one formula in Cinema, People will buy the ticket and in return they expect the entertainment for that.....since all people will not enter the theatre with the same state of mind....... So try to concentrate on entertaining roles and story-lines........... Even though the st
Jagan cool.... Nikil.... nijam niku sudi kante Talent ekkuva....
book hi heroe
sumanthbios hi guys
Jagan so you reach heights
book how r u?
sridhar you got to marry on someone right ??
nikhil-actor Thanks Jagan
vinay Nikhil nuvvu ante padi chastham mama...........
kingofqueens nice nikhil.....what are your fav movies in telugu and english?
nikhil-actor Vinay Mamaa Thankssss
Jagan I am big fan you after watching Rajesh role
sk All the songs are good but most I like are "premani Premani" and "Hey Dosth" ...what are your picks?
sumanthbios ur dialogue delivery keka...just like a guy next door...\\
Jagan kaani kummesav...
nikhil-actor Thanks Sumanth
Naveenm Nuvvu enta ayina..jil Jil Jingaa mama
vivek and cumin to ur nxt prjct....apf....again its a mvie of..i mean no bigshots involved in cn v xpct da same results as ur frst mvie did..?
chandutmis movie ela unntadi cheppu nikhil
Jagan Naa engg time lo nenu ni laa vunde vanni... anduke anukunta mari nachav
HARI111 u look cool as per the character
nikhil-actor Sk- Premani Is One Of The Best But Trust Me After U Watch The Movie Ull Fall In Love With Alagake Allari Vayasa...its The Best Song And Picturised Too Welll...thaks To Hari Sir
sumanthbios inka chala cinemallo kanipinchi mammalni paracvasimpa cheyyi mama!!! jill jill jigaa mama...this is for u nick
Jagan seniors ni tannadam... tanninchukovadam
Jagan chala chesam
  sreenivas left.
HARI111 n ur manarisms awesome
book designs are good
nikhil-actor Navven Nuvvu Kuda Jill Jill Jinga Bosssss
vinay Nikhil mama...apf tho nuvvu cake meekha kathi la Dusukupavali ane Korukuntunnam
abc hi dude
Naveenm nikhil mama..nuvvu love lo levani cheputunnavu..ela nammedi..nuvvu Jil Jil Jingaa mama!!
sree nikhil can u tell me ... what r the 3 indian movies that r elected for 100 greatest movies in the world until today
nikhil-actor Well Im In Love With Movies Mama
sridhar Ok, bye Nikhil, All the best for your Apf. This is my first time chatting with an Actor on the internet and thanks to Jeevi for this oppartunity.
nikhil-actor And I Want To Be Commited To Them Hehe
kingofqueens nikhil any ide to have six pack in future?
vinay Mama Direction chese Chance vundha......
nikhil-actor Heheh Thanks To Jeevi That He Gave Me An Oppurtunity To Chat With U All Tooo
reddy1982 ha ha
reddy1982 good question kings
kingofqueens nikhil any idea to have six pack in future?
nikhil-actor Okay Guys Now Can I Ask U All A That U Have Asked Me Soo Many
HARI111 want to know ur nickname
Swarup Keep both the audience and buyers in view
Jagan yeah
Jagan go ahead
vinay carry on...
bsatishbabu what is ur next project after apf and yuvatha
nikhil-actor Okay Guys My Question To All Of U Now
vinay With pleasuse
kingofqueens yes nikhil go on
vivek ofcrse ..u cn ask buddy...
gayveerudu adugu
Dinesh Hi how abt ur hobbies
Swarup Both are very important for movies
nikhil-actor Okay Here Is My Question-
vinay Go on.......
Naveenm adugu mama
Swarup Keep both the audience and buyers in view Keep both the audience and buyers in view
sumanthbios yup ask
nikhil-actor What Do U All Want Top Watch In A Movie
kingofqueens r there any prizes to be won for ur questions?nikhil
nikhil-actor I Mena What Do U All Want To Watch In A Movie The Most?
smartguy_kphb commedy
kishore Hello are you? I think I saw you in the movie Hyderabad were just there in ionce scene...the cell phone scene outside the I guess thats your first I right?
chandutmis Comedyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
sumanthbios he he he king
Naveenm obviously entertainment
Jagan good story, better actor... some comedy
lahari entertainment with a bit of message
HARI111 entertainment
vinay comedyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
chandutmis andaru ade cheptharu
vivek entire mvie shld b genuine..frst of all...
Swarup becoz in the name of experiments, it is the buyers and exhibitors wille be lost
vinay dilougesssss
HARI111 entertainment
sree dont take decissions according to us
sree it all depends on cinema
sree make diff movies
HARI111 good time pass
sree action
chandutmis andaru relief kosam vastharu
sree comey
chandutmis andukani
sree drama
sree etc
nikhil-actor Heheh Yuppp Comedy And Entertainment....and U Knw Wat I Love Comic Roles Tooo....i Was Soo Happy That Ppl Laughed For My Dilogues In Happy Days
sumanthbios crazy performance...%%%%%%% entertainment
Naveenm we like Nuvvu naaku Nachav kinda entertainment very well
Swarup becoz in the name of experiments, it is the buyers and exhibitors wille be lost
vinay we expectt diff movies from you
sree and prove ur self as a good actor
sree okie
pharaoh Mcdowell Murthy unte chaalu :)
Jagan nivu Ravi Teja fan ani Ravi Teja movies cheyaku Nikhil.... You have bestter future than Ravi Teja...
HARI111 entertainment & timepass
Jagan you can do various roles
vinay like karunakaran sirrrr touched movies
nikhil-actor In Apf Too There R Very Very Funny Moments....its All Situation Based Comedy
Test nikhil who is your fav. hero?
chandutmis u have to attract the young audiences more
sree lol
nikhil-actor Sree I Dont Knw Yarrr
vinay All the best Nikhil
chotu Hi Nikhil your acting in Happy Days is very good and its very casual
sumanthbios dude do u like appu from happy days he he he
chandutmis b'cos valle ekkuvaga choostharu movies
sridhar Nikhil, in simple words, we need more n more Youthful movies than Mass movies from you
nikhil-actor Appu Is Very Niceee...but We Used To Treat Her Like A Guy Hehehe
Test nikhil , ur fav actor ? pls
sk I watched happy days 10 times just for you. All your scenes are real.. You have a long way to go..
nikhil-actor We Used To Call Her Appu The Man
nikhil-actor But
chandutmis vallaki nachithe nee panta pandinatte
sumanthbios i know...i like the dialogue very much..
nikhil-actor Now Appu Has Become Very Pretty And Is Doing Many Movies Now
harish hii nikhil how r u doing??
Naveenm you can call as Credit intead..hehe
vinay Apf premire ki Memu vastam...ok na Nikhil mama
nikhil-actor Vinay...premiere Ki Ra But Next Day Cinema Ki Malli Vellu Bosss
chandutmis premier show tickets dorakali ante ela nikhil
vivek wat wil b ur nxt projct aftr Apf...
user nikhil tell us about the cast in Ankit Pallavi & Friends
harish u seems to soo mischievous in ur Happy days
chotu Nikhil what are your future projects
chandutmis nenu baagunte movie release kooda chestha in ireland and Uk
sumanthbios ur best comedy dialogue
slimshady_koti i am also desperate to watch the premier with u nikhil
Sneha what i ur next project
nikhil-actor Heheh Im Very Mischevious Even In Real Life...but Im Going To Be On My Best Manners In Front Of U Guys
Sneha *is
Jagan hahhaa
nikhil-actor :-)
Jagan alage vundali
vinay nikhil.................we Love you
sumanthbios "naa kallaloki chudu....emundi andullo....barre kallu"\
Swarup Nikhil, it is the people who keeps Buyers, exhibitors and distributors in view, reached the top of our industry and keep our indusry healthy
Jagan lekapothe fans lite tisukuntaru
Naveenm Jil Jil mama..baga cheppavu
nikhil-actor O Thanks Vinayyy I Love U Toooo
Jagan chala develop ayyaru
Jagan :D
sumanthbios "naa kallaloki chudu....emundi andullo....barre kallu"
slimshady_koti i am also desperate to watch the premier with u nikhil
slimshady_koti can i
pharaoh Hey Nikhil.. were you born in Hyd?
HARI111 bye nikil
kingofqueens when did u see appu kammul....she is in ur next movie?
HARI111 say bye
sumanthbios "naa kallaloki chudu....emundi andullo....barre kallu" ur best dialogue\
nikhil-actor Ooo Yaa Even I Want People To Watch Apf And Give Their Verdict
Swarup ikhil, it is the people who keeps Buyers, exhibitors and distributors in view, reached the top of our industry and keep our indusry healthy in additin to aduience
nikhil-actor Im Soo Nervoes Telusa Getting Only Dreams About Apf And Its Release
sumanthbios in think it iwll be a hit
chandutmis movie choosaka neeku cheppali ante ela
HARI111 say bbye to me
slimshady_koti hmmmm
bsatishbabu After apf and yuvatha r u acting for any movies?
vinay We make your dreams come true...........
lahari em kaaadu le
Jagan avuna... dont worry it will be huge hit
Naveenm All we can understand ur situation Nik
Swarup so play more roles and try to act in small-budget movies
vinay u r sincere
lahari pedda hit ayithadi nikh
Akil Hi nikil
slimshady_koti i have a cute story if u want hear and act
lahari dont worry
nikhil-actor Hey Sumanth Thanks Yarrr
Naveenm you will be happy
lahari memu uunnnam ga
sumanthbios i think it will be hit]]
nikhil-actor O Lahari Thanks Bossss.......
kingofqueens don"t worry nikhil....hari yellti is a very good director he not like the routine telugu directors
vivek Hey....u Wrked In Oder Movies Wen U R A Kid....i Remembr Ur Face In Sum Dat True?
HARI111 ur Apf is going o be good movie
lahari neeeku life long gurthundi poye hit chestham Apf ni
chotu Hi Nikhil,dont get tense,as you have ease in acting u apf vl be hit again
vinay nikhil.........premire i max lo na ?????????????
Naveenm Apf songs are nice
Akil dont get image of lover boy , u should do all roles
HARI111 ue Apf is going to be a good entertainer
nikhil-actor Okay Guys Im Going To Giv Eout My Email Id....and I Will Answer All Ur Questions If U Send Em Okay...and I Even Want U All To Send Me Ur Review Of Happy Days To That Mail Id Opk
chandutmis hello nikhil enduku reply ivvatledu
vinay u r choclate boy !
vinay give me yaar
nikhil-actor sorry..
kingofqueens when is the release date of apf?
sumanthbios ok send in ur mail id\
nikhil-actor my email id is [email protected]
nikhil-actor i want u all to send me ur reviews there boss okay
nikhil-actor and its on Sept 5th-apf
kingofqueens ur leaving nikhil?
Maverick Hi Nikhil,how ru
nikhil-actor hey manasa chelli
vinay waiting for sep 5 with 7crore eyessss
Swarup ok bye nikhil All the Best
nikhil-actor No King I Aint Leaving Rite Now
Jay why was the movie delayed for so long
nikhil-actor Heheheh I Knw Even Im Waiting For Sept 5TH Desperately
Maverick Nikhil,just a Quick Quesn for u
bsatishbabu hai
vivek Hey U Din Anser Me...
user nikhil she said nikhilnaa and u made her your sister - dude
Jay why isnt the movie being promoted agressivly
kingofqueens nikhil what is future projects after apf?.....
gayveerudu Apf will be super Hit Nihil
Swarup Thanks to Jeevi who has arranged this and Hearty thanks to Nikhil for answering the questions
harika hey.. nikhil, nee next movie gurinchi chepava?
nikhil-actor Hey Swarup...thanks Yarrrr
Maverick Nikhil,i have een one of ur intvw and u said ur fav actress is bhumika
nikhil-actor Na Next Movie Apd Harika
lahari am i right?
vinay we want archive of this Chat Jeevi garu........
nikhil-actor Apf Sorry
Naveenm Nikhil mama..offscreen lo sensitive ani vinnanu..nijamga sensitive aaa??
nikhil-actor Huh Who Said Im Senstive Rey
slimshady_koti hey nikhil i have added u man in my list plz accept me... will catch some other time.. itz like a market here , just like my collge 10:1 boys gals ratio
vivek apf tarvata ee mvie...?
nikhil-actor Im Very Very Rajesh Outside Also
vinay Nikhil is is sooo fun chating with u mama
tillu To[Private] harika i mean i did a program in our office
Happyfans Hi Nikhil!!! ela you like Acting so much or is it just a fascination on screen?
Naveenm Jil mama
nikhil-actor Apf Taruvatha Ive Got A Movie Clled Yuvatha...but Ill Chat With U Guys About That Later K
Happyfans *to be on screeen
chandutmis nikhil nee orkut id cheppava
nikhil-actor Now It Is ankit pallavi and frenz Hehehehe
vivek ya,,,fine
Maverick Nikhil,whoz ur fac actress
vinay i saw yuvatha poster its rocking mama
nikhil-actor Naa Orkut Id Na.....i Dnt Have One Rey...i Got Bombed With Nearly 600 Scraps Every Hour
vinay friends gang perlu cheppav......
vivek nuv chinnapudu..i mean wen a quite yound,..edanna mvies lo chesava?
nikhil-actor So I Got Rid Of Orkut
sumanthbios he he he maa friend tho cheppa nikhil unnadu matladathava ani...tamanna unte maatladutaadanta...he he he
Happyfans Hi Nikhil!!! ela you like Acting so much or is it just a fascination on screen?
chandutmis ohhhhh
kingofqueens he likes bhumika
Jagan hahha
chandutmis ok
nikhil-actor No I Wasnt A Child Actor
lahari hey nikhil, dont tell me, i know tht ur id is naughtydevil2kin
chandutmis yahoo lo chat chesthava
lahari hey nikhil, dont tell me, i know tht ur id is naughtydevil2kin
lahari nijame na
nikhil-actor Naughtydevil2kin Is My Old Id Lahari
nikhil-actor It Aint Working Right Now
vinay Nikhil direction chese chance undha
PalCricket nikhil, tell us your best experience in Happy Days and one in Apandf
vinay Nikhil direction chese chance undha
lahari i see u regularly online in tht id
Jay How are u trying to promote the movie
Naveenm Nikhil..we are expecting Uday Kiran kinda role from Sree Ram movie
vinay Nikhil direction chese chance undha
nikhil-actor Well Best Experience In Happy Days Antey- When We Were Shooting In Vizag And Araku For O My Friend Song...we Gangs Had Soo Much Fun.....
sri_anji Nikhil....all the best! Work Hard
vivek apf lo ofcrse comedy...frndship and love...rtt?
vinay Nikhil direction chaese chance undh.....???
chandutmis nee working id cheppu
Maverick Nikhil,whoz ur best friend from Happy Days team
vivek r ne spcl msg?
lahari and u had fun with girls na?
nikhil-actor And The Rain Scene In Which I Say "EE Pilla Endoo Kodi Endoo" That We Shot At 3 Am In The Rainand It Was Sooo Coldddddd
chandutmis dentlo online lo untaavi
Happyfans Hi Nikhil!!! ela you like Acting so much or is it just a fascination on screen?
chandutmis pillane poyyindi inka ee kodi gola endi raa
dopa hi nikhil i saw happy days, u knw good acting man
kingofqueens nikhil what are the other languges u spek part from telugu and english? intrested in doing tamil and hindi movies?
vinay Apf shooting enjoy chesava ?????
Happyfans oh nice man
chandutmis arey tyson chandu nuvvaina cheppu raa
nikhil-actor And Apf Lo Chala Enjoy Chesaaaaaaaaaa
PalCricket thanks for your response nikhil, the second half of the question is, you best experience in Apandf
nikhil-actor Well First U Temem Happyfans If Ur Happy With Apf Music
lahari music bagane undi
kingofqueens nikhil what are the other languges u speak apart from telugu and english? intrested in doing tamil and hindi movies?
Happyfans it was good
Happyfans Nikhil
lahari but lets see about the movie
vivek wat can v xpct frm Apf...?
nikhil-actor Im Learning Tamil Yarr
lahari hope even tht wil be gud
vinay inko Happy days.....eppudu ????????????
Maverick Nikhil,any latest movies u watched n liked?
Jagan enduku tamil lo kuda chesthava?
chandutmis tamil loki kooda dooripothava inka
nikhil-actor Ive Got A Bilingual Movie With A Very Big Tamil Director Coming Up...ill Tell U The Detaiols Later Guys
Happyfans but i wanted to see how much u liked u said it has ure first mass song
chandutmis dooru dooru
vinay Vanakkam Taliva ! ! !
Naveenm Nikhil..i got to of luck to ur movies..hope I meet u soon as I am planning to start my career in Film Industry.jil Jil Jiga...bye
PalCricket not to compare, but, can u tell us difference between, shekar and chandra sekhar as directors
chandutmis akkada kooda evariki chance ivvaku inka
lahari director evaro cheppu, chalu
sk Apf music is cool man. My 5 years old kid loves "Hey Dost"..
Happyfans but i wanted to see how much u liked u said it has ure first mass song
lahari bilingual movie ki
nikhil-actor Welll Shekar Sir Is A Very Very Different Director
nikhil-actor He Is Not Like Hari Sir With Whom I Worked On Happy Days
vinay Nice answer
HARI111 wats ur orkut id
vinay Yuvatha Director avaru mama ???????
Maverick Nikhil,did ur lifestyle change after happydays
kpkumar4u how r the co actors with u in the film Apf
mohan01527 hey nikhil h different is ur movie Apf from others??? I heard music its good... wat kind of stuff can we expect and h different r they from others???
nikhil-actor Shekar Sir Gives Us An Idea Of The Scene And Asks Us To Perform..he Injects The Character Into Us A Lottt...but Hari Sir In Apf Knew Exactly What He Wants...he Is Like A Perfectionest
chandanasuryadevara hi nikhil hw r u? hope u r so busy
kingofqueens nikhil ur in touch with tyson and varun?.......they r going to compete u in future
Maverick Nikhil,did ur lifestyle change after happydays
user nikhil which one would u prefer, shekar's method or Hari's method?
panni hi nikhil how r u
nikhil-actor I Love This....i Love Chatting With U Akllll And Answering As Many Questions As I Can
vinay When is another happy days?????????????????
nikhil-actor Well Ya My Lifestyle Changed A Lot Maverick
sumanthbios he he he pandaga chesuko mama\
PalCricket for new actors its a learning curve, do u think you have grown as an actor from happy days to apandf? when u look back, do u think u have done anything different in Happy Days
nikhil-actor I Mean There Were Times When I Got Mobbed Heavily In Places And Movie Theatres
chandanasuryadevara hey nikhil i met u do u remember.wen u came to bhel 4r shooting i met u..........u even came to our skool can u remember
chandutmis nijam cheppu nikhil happy days movie baagunda Apf baagunda
Maverick Nikhil,so did u miss ur old friends now?
sumanthbios nikhil did u see south park watch it mama kekaaaaaaaa...........
lahari to watch u in 2 languages
nirvana u did a good jo @ Hp
nirvana Happy days
lahari nikh, cheppu, bilingual movie ki director evaro cheppu
sumanthbios best of luck for ur movie
nikhil-actor Well Im On A Daily Touch With Rahul(tyson) Of Happy Days... He Is Like My Best Frend Now...we Talk About Movies Till Late Night...we Talk Like Atleast 1 Hr Everyday Heheh
nikhil-actor Thanks Sumanth
IndianGuyFrom_USa i rember all my frineds in india when i saw movie
vivek ne dream roles.?
lahari yeah, u r in gud contact with monali also na?
sumanthbios touch chesavayya...touch lo undu
vinay Multistarer movie Lo Chestava mama
nikhil-actor Well Chandu To Amswer Ur Question....apf And Happy Days Both Have Their Charm.....
nikhil-actor We Cant Compare Trhem Both
Maverick Nikhil,do u have any plans to Us,to promote ur movie here?
chandutmis alaa cheppaku
nikhil-actor Welll Ill Pakka Do Any Movie That Is Good Even Multi Starrers
Jagan Nikhil,do u have any plans to Us,to promote ur movie here?
panni your dialogue delivery was masth in Happy days Nikhil....all tapori ur style the same or you changed as per the happy days script....
nikhil-actor Okay Ill Tell U Ome Inside Inffo- I Watched The Premiere Of Apf And During The Alagake Allri Vayasa Song I Had Tears In My Eeys"
nikhil-actor Yup Jaga Ill Ome To The Usa
nikhil-actor Pakka*
PalCricket for new actors its a learning curve, do u think you have grown as an actor from happy days to apandf? when u look back, do u think u have done anything different in Happy Days
sumanthbios i think ur acting was more rel life kuda i think u r like that ...anduke gaa boss.!!!! nuvvu jill jill jigaa
HARI111 where u have haircut
vinay Sooo emotional ah dude
chandutmis premier tickets elaa dorukuthai
chandutmis naaku kavali Hi Nikhil
nirvana neee dream role enti ..?
Maverick Nikhil,apf releasing in Us directly?
Jagan Us vachinappu ma intiki vasthava?
kpkumar4u who is ur inspiration in life, movies..............
nikhil-actor Yaaa Pal...i Grew A Happy Days I Was Raw As A Actor....but In Apf My Performance Has Improved Lot...i Knew Exctly What Is Happening Around Me And Im Sure Apf Is A Better Performance Personally For Me Than Happy Days
chandanasuryadevara hey nikhil ni ankhit pallavi n frndz audio bhavundhi
munni how r u?
vinay Nikhil pawan kalyan tho chesthe....memu chaala Happy
nikhil-actor Hi Munni
chandanasuryadevara wen is d mve realesing
sumanthbios ok nikhil nice chatting to u.../
vivek all new face in apf also(i thnk) spcl reasn on dat?
munni i like u so much
sumanthbios telugu prekshakulaku kottadananni parichayam chesavu]'
nikhil-actor Pawan Kalyan Is A Big Inspiration And Ravi Tej Tooo.... These R Actors Who Have Made Me Laugh And Cry....and I Want To Make People Laugh And Cry Fact Make Them Laugh A Lot And Cry A Lill Bit
chandanasuryadevara hiiiiiiiiiii
nikhil-actor Im From Hyderabad
chandutmis ekkaduntav begumpet lo
HARI111 where do u get haircut
slimshady_koti Pawan Kalyan Is A Big Inspiration And Ravi Tej Tooo.... These R Actors Who Have Made Me Laugh And Cry....and I Want To Make People Laugh And Cry Fact Make Them Laugh A Lot And Cry A Lill Bit chandanasuryadevara has joined. @ nikhil good one man
nikhil-actor Thanks Slim....
vinay Iam so Happy with your reply about pawan kalyan........thanks a lot......iam So happy...
nikhil-actor I Finished My Enggg
chandanasuryadevara hi saw ur whole house
nikhil-actor O U Saw My House?
vivek finshd engg frm?
chandanasuryadevara in which cllge didd u complete ur eng
vivek whch copllege?
Maverick Nikhil,which sports u r interested in?
nikhil-actor I M From Muffakham Jah Engg College Begumpet
munni who is ur favourite actor nikhil Which branch?
nabeen nikhil ki sports tho pedda touch ledu, girls tho baaaga touch undi
chandanasuryadevara ya once ur interview came in vissa channel
chandutmis abba pakka mass college
nikhil-actor Fav Actor Ravi Taja And Pawan Kalyan
nirvana nikihil oka peda hero pakana act cheyalanukunte eee hero tho act chestavu ...?
chandanasuryadevara tat interview was in ur house
HARI111 where did u get ur haircut
kishore Which branch Nikhil?
nirvana nikihil oka peda hero pakana act cheyalanukunte eee hero tho act chestavu ...?
chandutmis adi srinagar colony daggara undi kada nikhil
nikhil-actor Im From It-information Technology(items)\
PalCricket nice, i wish u grow with every movie and rather than stereo typing yourself (with college roles), i hope you will get to do a lot of different characters in your filmi career, best of luck!
panni hi nikhil
chandanasuryadevara hey where is ur house
HARI111 nikhil.....where did u get ur haircut
nikhil-actor Heheh Naveen....naaku Anniti Tho Touch Lo Vundadam Ishatam,
vinay nikhil......maintain a blog yaar
nikhil-actor Hehehe My Haircuts I Get Them In Manya
panni ni nikhil
nikhil-actor In Apf U See Me In A Very Fluffy Hairstyle
panni *hi
Maverick Nikhil,which sports u r interested in?
nikhil-actor Just Wanted To Make Myself Look More Urban
HARI111 k
kpkumar4u with which do u feel comfort while acting?
nikhil-actor I Love Cricket....
vinay U look coooool
HARI111 where Manya is located
Maverick so whozz ur fav cricketer Nikhil?
nirvana nikihil oka peda hero pakana act cheyalanukunte eee hero tho act chestavu ...?
nikhil-actor In Banjara Hills
Jagan your dressings are too good in Apf
nikhil-actor Welll Obviously Pawan Kalyan.
raj143 hey Nikhil......this is Raj from New York.....jus wanted to say hi...and appreciate yur effors...
Jagan I saw wall papers in Idlebrain today
vinay Good joke...kingg
Jagan they are soo good
panni em boss asalu evariki reply isthunnav ardham kavatledu kada
Jagan India lo hordings vachayi anta kada
raj143 all the ur future...bye..raj
chandanasuryadevara banjarahills road no entha cheppu plz .if u dont mind.........nenu mi intki emi ranule .........nenu urike aduguhuna
nikhil-actor Hey Jagan Thanksss....we Had A Special Designer Who Designs Fardeen Khans Clothes Come Down From Bombay To Design
vivek Which Is Ur Fav Sport?
Maverick so whozz ur fav cricketer Nikhil?
chandutmis hello chandanasuryadevara athani illu banjara hills kaadamma begumpet
pogare Hey the movie releasing in Usa?? Detroit??
kingofqueens nikhil any plans to get six pack?
PalCricket siz pack cigarettes
kpkumar4u any dream role do u hav?
nikhil-actor Ya Im Building A Very Nice Body.....but Uc I Think Bodies Have To Be According To The Role Or The Character I Till Ow I Played Cute Kid And Engg Guy Rite So I Dint Need Huge Body...but For An Action Movie Ill Doo It Mabbe
  bikesternaveen joined.
Maverick so whozz ur fav cricketer Nikhil
HARI111 In banjara hills, Manya i slocated in road no?
chandutmis vaddu nikhil six packlu 8 packlu manakenduku cheppu
vinay Thanks a lot nikhil.....for chating with answering our Questions............iam Very Happy to Chat With you !!!::biggrin
chandutmis ippatike bakkaga unnav
nikhil-actor Yaa I Love Ravi Teja In Venky Movie...i Want To Do Movies Like That
panni hi nikhil
nikhil-actor Fulltooo Comedyyyyyyyyyyy
slimshady_koti Ok nikhil pandaga cheyyali inka anni movies lo
nikhil-actor Hi Panni
slimshady_koti all d very best man
slimshady_koti bye
bikesternaveen hi nikhil
chandutmis six pack chesthe pack aipothav nuvvu alaane baagunnav
nikhil-actor Thankss Slim
Maverick so whozz ur fav cricketer Nikhil?
HARI111 u r getting 6 pack
chandutmis neeku ee pachlu vaddammma
vinay Thanks a lot nikhil.....for chating with answering our Questions............iam Very Happy to Chat With you ! !!
nikhil-actor Hi Bikster
nabeen konchum work out cheyyi mari
slimshady_koti Bye My Senior Jeevi Garu
kpkumar4u hehehe hillarious comedy role and love to watch u in that role
nikhil-actor He Vinay
panni hamma ippudocchindi reply.....
bikesternaveen hi i'm naveen
nikhil-actor Thanksss
chandanasuryadevara hey ma clge chala mandhi ni fans telusa
panni nuvvevariki reply isthunnavo ardham kavatledu
Jagan Nkhil... ammayi dresses kuda bagunnayi
Jagan ameku same designer/
chandanasuryadevara u even came to our cllge 4r 100days celebrations of happy days
Jagan she looks good
nabeen Apf heroine peddaga bagoledu
nikhil-actor No The Gal Had A Different Designer
panni nee nick name enti?
nabeen manchi pilllani teesukovachu ga
nikhil-actor Well Apf Heroine Is A Great Actreess
HARI111 Nikhil u r working on a6 pack
swetha nikhil
swetha are u coming to Usa
pogare looks Hot too :)
Jagan Bru actresss anta kda
PalCricket every movie has onr repeated dialogue (by the hero), what is it in Apandf
vinay Bye Bye Nikhil.......all The Best For Ankit Pallavi And Friends::wub
kingofqueens what is nme of actress in apf?
nabeen jil jil jinga
Jagan nijamena
gvk Nikil Anna namaste
nikhil-actor Welll My Director Chose Her Cos She Suited The Happy Days They Made Appu Look Like A Tomboy
vivek K Bye Nikhil...i Hope Dat Apf Wil B A Huge Success.....nd Hope U Hav A Very Bright Future...bye...gnt
nikhil-actor But She Suited The Character
kpkumar4u ok nikhil happy to chat with u............
chandanasuryadevara hi nikhil
panni happy days style lo matladocchu kada
sk How is Ping pong?
chandutmis nikhil marchipoku 6 packs 8 packs joliki poku pothe anthe sangathi nitin ki choodalekapoinam
nikhil-actor In This Moivie Tooo The Heroines Is Perfect For The Role Yarrr
chirufan can any one answer if nikhil is chiru/pawan fan....???
chandutmis nuvvu ilane baaguntav
nikhil-actor Thankss Vivek
kingofqueens what is name of actress in apf?....did she done any telugu movies
vinay Bye Bye Nikhil.......all The Best For Ankit Pallavi And Friends::wub
chandanasuryadevara hi nikhil
vivek Ya Bye Dude.....
HARI111 its great to chat with u
kpkumar4u thank u very much 4 spending time with us
kpkumar4u bye
Jagan Inthaku Malini Gurinchi cheppatledu
harika hi nikhil...!
Maverick Nikhil,try to come to Usa,u have a gud following her!!
nikhil-actor Well The Heroines Name Is Megha Burman...she Did A Lot Of Ads And She Also Is A Model In Bombay
Jagan photography topu anta kada
Jagan chimpi chethiki isthadi anta
Maverick Nikhil,try to come to Usa,u have a gud following here!!!
nikhil-actor Welll Ive Got A Lot Of Frenz Doing Their Ms There In The Usa...ill Come To Meet Them....and If U Guys Make Apf A Big Hit And Make It Run 50 Days...ill Come For The 50 Days Hehehe
chandanasuryadevara hello nikhil
panni inthamandi chatting to Nikhil ki picchekkuthundaaaaaaaaa
nikhil-actor No No Panni...i Love This
nikhil-actor Hi Reddy Anna Cheepu
nabeen boss
narsareddy How much time will u be in online?
sreekanth99 how close is ur character in happy days to your real life??
nabeen naku kuda reply cheyyi
kingofqueens nikhil ur being kind
chandanasuryadevara arey oka sari kuda reply iyavu.entha mandhi fans baboy.........where r u nw
kpkumar4u wish u good luck for the success of ur all ur ventures and specially 4 ur "yuvatha and Apf"
nikhil-actor Sreekanth...nikhil And Rajesh R Pretty Close Hehe
chandanasuryadevara pichi aekatledha
Smile hi nikhil macha..
HARI111 thanks for chatting with u
panni ohh ki ravadaniki ticket book cheyyinchu aithe..apf elagu 50 days aaduddi
nikhil-actor Only Rajesh Is A Play Boy But Nikhil Gadu Is A Good Boy
nikhil-actor ;-)
nikhil-actor Hhehe Panni Thts Sweet Of U Yarrr
Maverick Nikhil,wazz the latest movie u liked?
pawan-ohio baga chepinavee nihil, andhuke antha manchiga chesnav Rajesh charectoer
narsareddy chor saale gallu andaru online lo unnaru
Hrithik How do you want to call you?. Rajesh or Ankit?.
nabeen avuna
Jagan babu Nikhil... ippudu chala baaga matladuthunna... Koddiga pedda hero ayyaka fans nu lite tisukoku... fanse pranam.... niku first movie thone chala fans ayyaru
nikhil-actor Heheheh Chor Sale Gadu Shankar Kada...meeru Andaru Chala Mannci Koool Dudes
rgaddam come on
kpkumar4u ok bye
rgaddam em dialouge
panni ya mari happy days movie chusaka....full fans ikkada.....i tried to ping you in yahoo but seems u were flooded by then...he he ehe
nikhil-actor Well Hritik...1stly I Love Ur Dances Heheh...and I Want Ppl To Call Me A Hood Actor
vinay Nikhil All The Best For Ankit Pallavi ani Friends.......bye Bye::wub
nikhil-actor Good*
Maverick Nikhil,wazz the latest movie u liked?
slimshady_koti is shankar is here in this chat room
nikhil-actor No Shankar Is Busy With His Movies
vinay Nikhil All The Best For Ankit Pallavi ani Friends.......bye Bye::wub
chotu Are you all happydays team meeting and having fun? Nikhil life Jil Jil Jinga naa?
rgaddam what are your expectations on the movie
vivek avnu happy days lo ne slang baaga suit aindi kada..bbayata kuda alane untava..?
munni hi nikhil i like ur acting
nikhil-actor Lifeee Jill Jilll Jingaa...and With U Guy Uve Made It More Jill Jillll
slimshady_koti shankar bhayya nijam gaa ne chor saale gaada ????
Maverick Nikhil,wazz the latest movie u liked?
Nick how is life after a sucessfull move
nikhil-actor the latest movie i liked was ready...
vinay Say Bye Nikhil
nikhil-actor nice comic movie
narsareddy aa kodi enti ee chat enti baboyee
chandanasuryadevara hey wen is ur premier show of apf
nikhil-actor nah nah shankar is nice guy but in the movie he is a chor salle...he hits tyson
munni take care nikhil
monali_chowdhary hi nikhil
nikhil-actor hi monali
vinay premire venue akkada??????????????????????????
panni chor salle dialogue was masth funny.....
kingofqueens hey nikhil how is tyson ur in touch with him?
nikhil-actor the premiere is taking place at the adlabs theatre in ameerpet
chandanasuryadevara mari mamalini invite cheyava.ur frndz n fans
vinay Thanks a lot Avunu Nikhil mana Tyson gaadu emaindau?
slimshady_koti Hi manali
monali_chowdhary mona ani piluvu
nikhil-actor welll im calling all the happy days gng and shekar sir for the premiere
vinay Its at evening i Hope
chotu I wish that this film should also be ahit.
vivek wer is da premier?
vivek on 5th
Maverick Nikhil,ur fav hangout place in Hyd?
munni bye nikhil
vinay Premire Evening ah ????mama
sam yeah dude it seems to be chat for the happydays team
Maverick Nikhil,ur fav hangout place in Hyd?
Jagan Shekar honest person aaa?
nikhil-actor well my fav hangout place was coffe day banjara hills
kingofqueens nikhil ru born and brought up in hyd?
chandanasuryadevara if we come to coffe day can we find u there
nikhil-actor well shekar sir is the most genuine p[erson ive ever met...ive no relation or no connection with shekar sir...but he still gave me a chance to act in his movie just on the basis of my acting and my audition
vinay Nikhil All The Best For Ankit Pallavi ani Friends.......bye Bye::wub ....vellali anipinchatle
nikhil-actor hi wasim
Gautam hi rajesh anna
nikhil-actor yupp im here guyssss and this placve is rocking...i think i must have answered like a 1000 questions by now
user nikhil are there any fights in Ankit Pallavi & Friends?
sreekanth99 how many movie do u have in line after Apaf?
panni Happy days Part 2 tiyyocchu kada , Us lo Ms life...
vinay Bye all my friends !::smile
nikhil_chowdary hi all
nikhil-actor ya he is doing the hindi happy days....
wasimakram helloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
nikhil_chowdary hey nikhil how r u
Jagan tinnva Nikhil?
nikhil-actor well happy days part 2 is aslo in the planning stage...ut lets c
Maverick Nikhil,whozz your latest crush?
Jagan hydrabadi biryani
kingofqueens thnx nikhil u were very patient nd answered all our questions
Maverick Nikhil,whozz your latest crush?
nikhil-actor o yaaa hyderabadi biryaniiiii........i love it
raghav Nikhil Apf lo Dost Hey Dost song super ga undi
nikhil-actor u knw wat i love the A Super Movie At Rtc Cross Nice Chicken Biryani At Bawarchi...and Go For Icecream On Necklace Road
wasimakram plz reply me also Hindi Happy days? are you acting in it,nikhil ?
narsareddy Hello Nikhil
chotu Nikhil pass panni idea of Happydays Part2 to sekhar sir
nikhil-actor But After Happy Not Able To Go Eat At Bawarchi
nikhil-actor Jejeje
vinay ya bawarchi N.o 1
Maverick Nikhil so u r a Pakka Hyderabadi?
nikhil-actor Pakka Anteyy Pakka
panni mundu nikhil chepte kada nenu pass on chesedi
amarnath Hi nikhil ...have biryani at Kabab inn Himayath nagar
Maverick Nikhil,whozz your latest crush?
munni nikhiiiiiiiiilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll bye
amarnath Bawarchi quality had gone down
munni say bye to me
nikhil-actor Bye Munnni
nikhil-actor Keep Smiling Always
slimshady_koti Monali fans here. plz Dont disconnect her id
Maverick Nikhil,whozz your latest crush?
kingofqueens madina is better and cheper than bawarchi
Jagan ekkuva sarlu tinte quality lenattu anipisthadi
narsareddy nuvvu akkade undu kadalavadhu
Jagan ikkada vuhinchukoni tintunnam
wasimakram hellooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
johngalt i remember watching you in that credit card act in maa andhra idol
  nikhil-actor left.
  nikhil-actor joined.
nikhil-actor hi guyys
kingofqueens nikhil welcome back
nikhil-actor i am back
nikhil-actor heyy im back ppl
nikhil-actor i just went to have a drink
raghav Nikhil movies lekapote emi chesevadivi?
shravan ;)
yogy hi
kingofqueens drink? beer ah?
Jagan sava dobbuthunnaru anukuntunnava Nikhil?
prathapnaidu hai nikhil
Jagan nillu tagipisthunnara Ni fans
Jagan :)
chandanasuryadevara hey nikhil till which time will u be der ol....r u free 2day
nikhil-actor Well If I Wanst Doing Movie Then I Think I Would Be Trying To Get Into Movies...mabbe Be An Ssistant Director Mabbe
amarnath nikhil How long will u chat ?
nikhil-actor Well Ill Chat With U Till Jeevi Lets Me Chat Hehe
raghav thnks anna reply chesinandhuku
vinay Jeevi sir......this day Full
nikhil-actor Hey Shravan....i Like Movies Boss...and Ill Do Something O R The Other To Do With Movies
panni hmm ....enti nikhil malli happy days part 2 teesthava tiyyava....
johngalt nick what is your remunaration?
Jagan evvari maata vinani Jeevi :)
nikhil-actor Io Dnt Mind Even Being A Light Boy
slimshady_koti Nikhil Nuvvu thaguthaaava baaga.. treat istha neeku thaguthanu ante
johngalt sir i want to talk to u Jeevi sir thanx for this chat with nikhil
johngalt sir i want to talk to u
shravan oh, reallly
chandanasuryadevara bye nikhil .nenu adigina oka ques ki kuda nuvu ans ivaledhu.......tat bye bye see u soon
Kamineni good Nikhil......what are your other interests....
Jagan Good Spirit Nkhil... I liked it....
nikhil-actor Hey Chandana Ask Me Agin
vinay Venky lo Ravi teja lanti Dilouges Expect chestunnam
nikhil-actor Sorry I Dint C Ur Question
vinay u r dilouge delivary is Super'b....enni sarlu chusina bore lkottadhu
satwik dude!whoz ur fav actress?!
kingofqueens much do u get per annum?
shravan parledu cheppu
nikhil-actor Well Venky Lo Ravi Teja Is Keka...and Ill Definetely Do Movies Like That...u Can Expect Such Dilogues From My Movie Yuvatha
slimshady_koti ya good one , entha nokkuthav movie ki..i mean how much will u charge , masthu polite ga adigina kada
nikhil-actor Welll Heheh Thats A Secret Guys....i Cant Tell U How Much I Get Producers Will Kick Me
Maverick Nikhil,whozz your latest crush?
nikhil-actor Welll No Special Girls In My Life...i Dont Get Time Dude
sam Nikhil , Happy days is a good movie, But I dont anything so great inthat to become such a blockbuster
amarnath dont tell your whole renumeration ...just tell 10% of it here ..hehehe
slimshady_koti nikhil u have a great following in our collge too (bits)
chandanasuryadevara indhakatnunchi hi kuda chepladhu
kingofqueens do good movies so tht u can get good remuneration in future
shaker hi
nikhil-actor Welll Happy Days Is A Nice Movie Which Ppl Fell In Love With....
sam Do you feel it got to be such a blockbuster
scooterkid yea..i watched it a number of times
warlock Nikhil ... I Am Ur Senior From Mj ... Dude U Rock..
nikhil-actor And Its Very Nice To See That U Guys R Encouraging Even New Movies And New Actors
Maverick Nikhil,did u ever fell in love?
slimshady_koti ya wanna know ur knicky nikhil
chandanasuryadevara ya ofcourse
sam yeah its a good one but i felt its not a great movie
nikhil-actor Hey Chanadana Temme
dinesh hi nikhil
nikhil-actor Wat Do U Wanna Ask Chandana
nikhil-actor Hio Dinesh
nikhil-actor Welcome
chandu797 helloooo
panni movie manchiga unte enduku chudam
nikhil-actor My God There R Soo Many Ppl Coming Intio The Chat Room
satwik nikhil!is yuvtha a Luv Story?!!we gt bord of em!!
amarnath rest of us r not ur fans or what ?
raghav any special girl in ur life?
raghav any special girl in ur life?
nikhil-actor 50 Ppl Is The Max Capacity And Its Full House Full...hope Even Apf Is Houseful Like This :-)
dinesh r u ther
kingofqueens nikhil how did u come to know about idle brain?
nikhil-actor Yup Dinesh Im Here
panni cheppa kada Apf ki nuvvu Us ki ravali
nikhil-actor Chatting With U Guys Live From Idlebrain Office In Hyderabad
yogy why dont ur increase ur moustache???
nikhil-actor Heheh My Characters Dint Need A Moustache Till Now
scooterkid who is your favourite hero?
chandanasuryadevara ya
vinay Nickhel...what do ur frnds call u ?????????
kingofqueens moustache set avadu nikhil kee
satwik nikhil!wtz d genre of yuvatha?!!
chandanasuryadevara u dont look gud wit mustach
sam_rock gilgil jaaaaaaaaa jaaa
amarnath Nikhil ... what vehicledo u have ?
narsareddy yuvatha still is nice
vinay Nickhel...what do ur frnds call u ?????????
slimshady_koti ru going for any Pack for ur upcoming movies ??? nikhil
Maverick Nikhil,wazz ur fave timepass
raghav any special girl in ur life?
chandanasuryadevara hey nikhil ans yar hw many gf's do u have
ady hey nikhil u are one of the very few actors who acts spontaneuosly
user nikhil Ankit, Pallavi & Friends is your first full length role, how do you feel about it?
Asri Hi Nikhil. This is Asrith here
kingofqueens light beard is better than moustache
vinay Nikhel...what do ur frnds call u ?????????
nikhil-actor Well No Speacial Gal In My Too Busy With Movies To Think Abt Gals Now....all I Want To Do Is Act In Nice Happy Movies And Entertain All U Guys And Make U All Laugh As Much Aas Possible
sam Nikhil sincere advise buddy , dont accept all the routine flicks which come to your way , wait for some good chances
scooterkid who is your favourite hero?
slimshady_koti evary actor tells like this only... ok just tell me still u r single r committed ???
sam_rock jil jil giaaaa
harika nikhil neee movie lo naku chance istavah?
nikhil-actor Well Im Trying My Best To Answr All Ur Very Very Excited To See Such Overwhelwing Response
hydji Nikhil........are you still coping with your 100 hands
raghav Ok wen u were not into movies, ne one special?
dinesh what movies r u doing right now
vinay Nikhil...what do ur frnds call u ?????????
slimshady_koti commit ani cheppeyyi bhayya ikkada unna gals hearts ani pagilipothayi
sam_rock dude ... very diff
panni mari happy days part 2 cheyyocchu lo Ms concept toni
ady it was a fresh change 2 see sum1 act without imitating the erstwhile actors like pawan kalyan whom every1 seems 2 imitate now a days
ady keep up da gud work
narsareddy aa kodi enti ee fans enti maa nikhil enti antha kala laga undi????????????????????
amarnath Nikhil ...what Vehicle do u own now?
nikhil-actor Well My Frenz Call Me Nikky...but Now Everyone Calls Me Rajesh...hopefully After Ankit Pallavi And Frenz...ppl Will Call Me Ankit
sam_rock jil jil gigaaaa - nav
nikhil-actor Well I Just Bought A New Tata Grande Recntly
nikhil-actor I Love Cars And Bikes
nikhil-actor And Own An Eliminator Too
hydji no way Nikhil..........u will be remembered as Rajesh
ady and v all hope that u do some sensible movies and stay awy from the overdose of mass masala stuff
dinesh which car do u like most
slimshady_koti Tata Grande ??? how much buddy
Jagan goood
nikhil-actor Hehe Its Jill Jill Jingggaaaaaaaa
Jagan buy yamaha... ni personnality ku baaga suit avuthadi
amarnath Bi bi Nikhil
nikhil-actor Welll Ill Pakka Do Innovative Roles....
sam_rock was excepting u r response dude
Jagan then Land Rover
Maverick Nikhil aka Rajesh aka Ankit
amarnath Have a greta career ahead ...
sam_rock goood good
amigo how u r related sidharatha college
shaker what is your cell number
chandanasuryadevara nuvu ni autograph lo kuda jill jill jinga ani endhuku pedathavu
hydji u mean roles like Aparichithudu
vinay ::wub
Jagan bye vinay
sam_rock wnt to see here
panni Nikhil Happy Days Part Ii Vasthadantava
satwik slimshaddy!wt kinda sick questtionz tht??u nly bothrd abt money n gfs kya??!
nikhil-actor Heheh Ankit In Ankit Pallavi And Frenz Is A Chilled Out Binmdass Guy....
vinay Bye jagan
slimshady_koti watz ur all time fav movie nikhil ????
shaker hi nikhil what is your cell?
rnramprasad hello nikhil, its really chat room rocks bcoz of you
Naveenm Hey u have friends from Khammam?
dinesh wht the hell is going on....whom r u chating vth mate...
nikhil-actor Well I Was Gifted A Nokia N73
nikhil-actor I Have That Now
kingofqueens nikhil number 9848022338 hahaha
dinesh i cant see any reply frm u
hydji whom
rnramprasad iam happy being here nikhil
scooterkid really? is that the number?
Jagan yeah... Nikil is seansation of September I guess
nikhil-actor Okay Im In Red Now..its My Fav Colour
slimshady_koti naa dantlo konchem balance ee undhi
Maverick Nikhil aka Ankit,so u have a team in Apf llike in Happy Days?
shaker it is toook
nikhil-actor Well Its Not Exactly Like Happy Days Team...but Its Abt 5 Frenz Who Wanna Acheive Their Dreams In Life
kingofqueens slimshady try chesi chudu
narsareddy happy days lo hair funk real aa?
fourthwall that ur office...nice to see Sincity poster out there
deep where r u now in Us
gautham I've been listening to Apf songs for the past 2 months...
nikhil-actor Im Sure U Will Not Be Dissapointed
nikhil-actor Thanks For Supporting Our Movie
hydji looks like motto is same for this movie as well
Shyam_sundar Hello mr.nikhil
nikhil-actor Hi Shyam
Jagan India lo enni centers releasing ?
panni nikhil , eppatnuncho aduguthunna okkati -- happy days part 2 vasthadantava
gautham its been a looong gap etwwn the music release and movie release..
kingofqueens gautham how are the songs?
Jagan any idea?
scooterkid its not his is idlebrain studio
shaker hi nikhil
vinay Nikhil avi hands a Irons rods ah ????? enti a chating..u r Gr8888
nikhil-actor Well Its Releasing In 12 Theatres In Hyderabad...thatss All I Know
Shyam_sundar u r really very good in happy days
sam Last thing I want to say before leaving. I love the way u acted in happy days and i watched the movie thrice just for your dialouges dude. Thanks for the chat
shaker i am friend to Sandesh of Happy days
Jagan ohhhh... really
hydji is Apf a clone of Happy Days?
slimshady_koti babu king of queens.. whoz number is that
slimshady_koti ?
shaker but u rock in happy days
deep namasthe saaru ekkada unnaru meeru us lo
amigo nikil 6 pack try chesthunava
Jagan it's a huge release man
nikhil-actor Heheh Vinay Mama....nannu Full Payiki Ekkistunnavu Nuvvu
Jagan Main theater edi???
nikhil-actor Nah Apf Is Not A Clone Of Happy Days
Maverick Nikhil u r the Maaan
nikhil-actor Its Very Ery Different
satwik is it a routine movie r diffrnt like happy days?!!
kingofqueens tht is shivamani number
Shyam_sundar what abt ur ankith... movie
panni kindiki chudaku branches virigithe bones ey inka...he he he
nikhil-actor In Fact Apf Was Shooting Even Bfore Happy Days Released
kingofqueens 98480 22338
slimshady_koti mummy :(
hydji oh is it........great new
hydji s
nikhil-actor Ayyo Slim Why Mummy?
slimshady_koti number sudale...
slimshady_koti good one abbayi
amarnath Enti Shiva mani numbe aaa
Jagan Nikil, Hyd main theater edi/
slimshady_koti nijam nee number dorikindhani pandaga chesukuntunna
fourthwall nikhil when do u act in horror movies :)
Shyam_sundar what abt ur work with sekhar kammula?
nikhil-actor Well Its Releasing In Sandhy In Rtc X Roads
sam_rock nikhil how r u
nikhil-actor And All The Multiplexes
nikhil-actor Im Fine Sam
kingofqueens nikhil slim wants to know ur number
nikhil-actor Having A Lot Of Fun Reading Ur Messages
nikhil-actor And A Lot Of Fun Replying To U All
Maverick Nikhil,any offers in pipeline with big Producers?
vinay releasing day roju.....akkada chudali...its ur Choce Nihil mama
hydji so we think it is the other way round then
nikhil-actor Welll Naaku Vunadi Oka Bujji Number...i Cant Give It Rey
nikhil-actor But I Gave U All My Email Id Kada
deep arei oulaga reply ledu enti ra
satwik Nikhil Love Story A Apf?!!!
chinky hi nikhil , how are you
coolguts4u hey rajesh enti doni hair style a??
vinay Nikhil Apf akkada Chudali....u r choice??????????
panni yahoo id ni add chesukunte intha varaku response ledu nikhil
shaker so that we can give our constructive criticisum
nikhil-actor Well Apf Is Not Only A Love Story...its Abt Aims Ambitions Of 5 Frenz And Its A Very Nice Love Story Between Me And The Heroine Megha Burman Too..its Got A Lill Of Evrything
sony hi
Naveenm Nikky..naato chat chesina nuvvu chala lucky...just kidding..i wish u very best to ur career..bye
Maverick Nikhil,with whom u r lookng to work with(directors)
Shyam_sundar good nikhil
coolguts4u hey nikhil nice meeting u man
Shyam_sundar carry on like this
sony nikhil how ru
coolguts4u ur action is super in happy days
bhaskar Hey nikhil
bhaskar u have done a marv job at Hd
nikhil-actor Well Maverick...i Wanna Work With Shekar Sir Again..but He Has Gone To Very Big Heights Now...i Alwso Want To Act With Directors Like Puri Jagannath And Seenu Vytla
coolguts4u jil jil chesavu
bhaskar i wish u all the best
nikhil-actor He Thanks Bhaskr
sony nikhil r u der
fourthwall dont u think u will be typecast in rajesh kind ofroles?
nikhil-actor Hey Cool Guts Meeru Jill Jill Ga Chusi Cinbema Ni Jill Jill Jinga Cesaru
coolguts4u hi nikhill
Maverick All the Best Nikhil,hope all ur dreams come true
coolguts4u hellloooooooooooo
nikhil-actor Alage Apf Ni Kuda Plzz Jill Jill Cheyandi
chandanasuryadevara hey give ur yahhoo id nikhil
Shyam_sundar what else nikhil
panni happy days lo antha okay kaani tyson anni experiments chesadu adi mari gas anipinchindi
Shyam_sundar enjoying a lot
chinky hey nikhil , Happy Days loo nee performence chala bagundi
nikhil-actor Ill Give U My Mail Id Okay That U Can Send Me Ur Reviews After U Watch Apf And Temme Where I Can Improve An Dwhat Betetr I Can Do Okay
satwik Happy Days Lo Jeevichesava?!!i Can C D Same Rajesh Here!!
kuladeep hi nikhil
slimshady_koti nakkuda..nenu anni experiments cheyyaledhu..nenu kuda collge chinna size scintist ne
kuladeep how ru
nikhil-actor Its [email protected]
chandanasuryadevara thank u sir
gautham Nice talkin to u..signing off wishing u loads of luk in future..!! Bbye
nikhil-actor Welll I T Would Be A Dream Come True To Work With Bhhumika
nikhil-actor But Lets C Hehehe
Maverick hehehe
nikhil-actor Thanks Gautham
nikhil-actor Thanks For Supporting Me
nikhil-actor I Need All U Guy To Support Me
Achilles good luck nikhil
Shyam_sundar hey come on how u can work with bhumika
kishore Hello are you? I hope you will answer my question...can you please tell us a plus and minus about the film industry
nikhil-actor Its Very Nice To See That An Upcoming Actor Like Me Is So Liked By All Of U
Shyam_sundar we all support u nikhil
coolguts4u we all back of very talent actors nikhil
Maverick Nikhil,try to act in Bhumika's Production Movie?
coolguts4u we always apreciate new talents
panni of course we will as i told ou before get ur bags packed soon, you may be coming to Us soon
sony hey who is fav actor
fourthwall if ur a given a chance to work with Mallika Sherawat or Deepika padukne,whom you will choose;)
Shyam_sundar anybody will support who works hard nikhil
nikhil-actor Welll The Plus Abt The Movie Industry Is That It S Quick Money And Quick Fame...but -VE Is That Ppl Expect A Lot From U Every Movie And U Need To Reach Those Expectations
tnchakri will you support "chiranjeevi"
nikhil-actor Yup And I Love Working Hard Yarrr...plzz Bless Me
slimshady_koti Nikhil nuvvu single ga bayataki raaku... Gaurds ni pettuko antha following undhi nee character ki
satwik Nikhil!!jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na Remake In Telugu?!!chestava?!!
nikhil-actor And My Team Of Ankit Pallavi
Maverick Nikhil,try to act in Bhumika's Production Movie?
panni anthe kada mari.....oka sari oka frame of mind set chesukunnaka, we expect more things..thats all natural
Shyam_sundar who is the director?
sony nikhil pls recommend me 4 ur nxt movie yar
kishore you want to become a star or a good actor?
slimshady_koti ya Jntyjn is pretty good for u
nikhil-actor Well The Director Of Apf Is Hari Yelleti...he Is An Nri
nikhil-actor And He Came To India Chasing His Dream Of Making A Movie
Shyam_sundar okay
tnchakri u din't answer my question...will you support Chiru
nikhil-actor And He Has Done His 1ST Movie Ankit Pallavi And Frenz
sam How do u feel working with Hari
Shyam_sundar what else nikhil
Maverick Nikhil,try to act in Bhumika's Production Movie?
fourthwall i like hari 's articles in idlebrain....please convey my wishes to hari andofcourse all the best to u too
nikhil-actor Well Im Into Movies Mama...i Have No Clue About Politics...but I Love Chiru Garu For All The Blockbusters He Gave
panni nikhil happy days part 2 cheyyocchuga....
nikhil-actor Bangaru Kodi Pettaaaa
Shyam_sundar who is the music director?
Jagan Hari manchi talented anta kada
Jagan nijamena
nikhil-actor Ahh I Love That Song
hydji Nikhil......u will suit well in a movie like Swathikiranam........have you got any intention of acting in a movie like that
sarayu jai jai chiranjeeva!
sarayu :)
sony nikhil hope ul have good future
bhaskar hey did u do any stage plays while in school days
satwik Nikhil Concentrate On Music In Ur Films!!!
slimshady_koti related to movies with Nik
nikhil-actor Hari Sir Is A New Director But Dealt The Movie In A Very Experienced Way....ull See A Fresh Style Of Making From Him...just Like Anand For Shekar Sir Where He Introduced A New Style Of Filmmaking,...hari Sir Too Has Brought His Own Kind Of Films
Shyam_sundar Hello Nikhil what r ur future plans
Maverick Ankit,i hope ur Apf will also be a blockbuster n all the best
chandanasuryadevara hello nikhil email id sariga cheppu
chinky hey nikhil i really liked ur job in Happy Days , keep doing gud job
nikhil-actor Well Luckily Till Now Music Has Been Good In My Movies Till Now...apf Has Gfot Some Rockin Tunes From Vinu Thomas
nikhil-actor Thanks Chinky
panni nikhil this is my last question -- happy days part 2 eppudu lo Ms concept toni...full jill jill untundi
sony hey pls recommend me nikhil , il prove my self
chandanasuryadevara heu nikhil
Shyam_sundar who is vinu thomas man
kino hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
Shyam_sundar is he keralite?
nikhil-actor Well Shekar Sir Shud Know When He Will Take Happy Days -2...he Wants To Take It Out Bdly...he Once Told Us About It...but Mabbe Later
satwik Yeah!!heard Em'...premani Song Ws Awsum!!
Shyam_sundar okay i have one doubt nikhil
nikhil-actor Hey Thanks Satwik
sam Yeah I know Hari ,I used to stay close by his place, a good and hardworking guy
nikhil-actor Okay Guyss I Think Timess Up For Me......
hydji bye nikhil
Shyam_sundar is mickey.jmeyer belongs to Tamil nadu
nikhil-actor My Email Id Is [email protected]
hydji all the best
sony bye nikhil ,pls recommend me
bhaskar bii nikhil
panni auna aithe cool...aa movie kosam waiting ani cheppu shekhar kammula ki.....
sony all the best
Sneha Bye
kishore Jeevi..thanks for making us interact and getting close with actors....thhanks a lot!!!
tnchakri bye and All the Best
chandanasuryadevara nikil_sid2006 aa
Sneha Good Luck!!
nikhil-actor Pleaseeeeeeeeeeee Do Watchhhhhhh Apf Guysss...ull Really Like It....
bhaskar All Cheers to Jeevi for this wonderful chat
Shyam_sundar ok we all watch it man dont worry
Maverick we r goin to watch Apf,donn worry
slimshady_koti ya Jeevi naa senior ani goppaga cheppukunta :)
nikhil-actor Im Verye Xcited And I Can Promise U That It Will Be A Nice Moie And Wont Dissapoint U
Shyam_sundar do ur work thats all
Jagan Thanks Nikhil for give your time
sony bye rajesh alias nikhil
Shyam_sundar leave the result to god
amigo sure bagunte theatre lo lekapothe online lo
Jagan Good luck
Jagan take care
panni he he he....
sam we trust u dude
chandanasuryadevara hey nidhi nikhil_sid 2006 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
tnchakri All the Best of Luck
Maverick hope to c u againa after Apf
Jagan be carefull
nikhil-actor I Thank Idlebrain And Jeevi Sir For Giving Me This Novel Oppurtunity To Interact With U Alll
satwik N Posters Kuda Too Much Unnayi!!exp A Black Color Di!!
user nikhil - we did not see you in any of the promotions for Happy Days, will it be the same case for Ankit, Pallavi & Friends?
nikhil-actor Thankssssssss Guysssssssssss
panni good one....baagunte Theatre lekapoteh Onlie
Jagan for giving this opportunity
nikhil-actor C Ya Guys
pavan572 hi nikil
Shyam_sundar Thankxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx nikhil
nikhil-actor Love U Alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
satwik Bye!
kino nikhi;
Hrithik All the best
Jagan take care guys
slimshady_koti Nikhill all d very jill jiga in ur life
Shyam_sundar any how u r promoting well good
amigo ba bye
panni good luck nikhil
smerugu hi nikhil
nikhil-actor Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Jilll Jilllllllllll Jingaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
satwik U Rock Dude!!!!
panni bye man
smerugu jill jill jinga
hydji jinge bye
Shyam_sundar keep it up
Sneha Bye!
Sneha Love U
  nikhil-actor left.



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