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100 days function: Aa Naluguru
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18th March 2005
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The 100 day celebration of Aa Naluguru was held at Ravindra Bharathi in Hyderabad by the Vamsi Drama Academy. The function was held during a break in the screening of the film. The event was graced by most of the cast members and the technicians.

C Narayana Reddy was the chief guest for the event, along with K V Ramanachary Chairman, Film Development Corporation. Special guest for the event were Smt. M Venkateshwari, Advocate AP High Court. As soon as the first half of the movie was complete there was a dance performance by Shilpa who is a danseuse from America. After the dance, Dr Rajendra Prasad donated an amount of Rs. 25,000 to physically and mentally handicapped children from an organization run by Vamsi Academy.

Speaking about the movie K V Ramanachary said, "Rajendra Prasad has given an outstanding performance in the film. It is his acting skills that have ensured the success of the film. The social values and responsibilities the protagonist talks of in the movie are very true to life and real. The turnout of audience to this function tells us a lot about the success of the film."

The special guest spoke about the film and talked about the human values that the film deals and talks about. During these speeches Rajendra Prasad walked off the stage and returned dressed as the character from the film. Ramanachary and C Narayana Reddy felicitated him with a crown and shawl. They both distributed the mementos to all the cast members and technicians.

Nirmala Rani of Rainbow Labs, gave away special mementos to Rajendra Prasad, director Chandra Siddartha and producer Saritha Patra. Rajendra Prasad also gifted the producer, director and dialogue writer Madan with gold chains. Talking about the film, Kota Srinivasa Rao said, "This is a very good movie and I thank the director for giving me an opportunity to act in this venture. The director has done a great job of bringing this whole thing together. Never in the whole shooting process did the cast members or me feels any problem. This film goes to prove that people still have a taste for good films."

Chadra Siddartha said, "I should first of all thank all the audience for making this movie such a huge hit. More than our efforts it is the love of the audience that is seen on the screen. The success of the film has proved that Andhra audience love stories that are different. This story of the film talks of love over money, but the film has done well in both aspects it was a monetary profit as well as a film that is loved by many."

Rajendra Prasad who was the last to speak said, "I thank all the audience from the bottom of my heart for making this experiment of our such a big success. I call it an experiment because it came in a time when romance and action are the favorite theme of the film industry." He added further, "I would like to thank the press for its support and encouragement. I have received a lot of letters from far of places, from people saying that this film has truly inspired them. The best part of the film is that it talks about the importance of love over money."

Others who were present were, Bhagwan, Raja, Rajitha, Surya, music director R P Patnaik, Chalapathi Rao, camera man Surendra Reddy and writer Chaitanya Prasad.

- by Aditya

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