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175 days function - Devadasu
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July 8, 2006
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YVS Chowdary is on high now. We generally see the functions of films happening immediately after the release of the film. But YVS Chowdary preferred to celebrate the success with functions only after the run of the film for 100 days. The celebrations started with 100 days function followed by Hexa Platinum disc function. Tonight he celebrated the most momentous function of his life - Devadasu silver jubilee function. Devadasu completed a dream 175 day run in 17 centers.

Dasari, Jaya Prada and Venkatesh attended this function as chief guests. The other unit members and guests who graced this occasion include Ram, Ileana, Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao, Anand Sai, Chakri, Vijay, Ramana Chintapally, Madhu A Naidu, B Gopal, Sravanthi Ravi Kishore, Seenu Vytla, Boyapati Seenu, ML Kumar Chowdary, Sagar, MS Prakash, Bhogavally Prasad, Bhagawan, Danayya, Devi Vara Prasad and KL Narayana.

Devadasu’s success has gone beyond my expectations - YVS Chowdary
Speaking on the occasion producer-director YVS Chowdary said, “I expected and wished that Devadasu should run for 100 days. Devadasu’s success has gone beyond my expectations and went on to celebrate 175 days in 17 centers. Devadasu is like dream to me. It is hard to believe that I made Devdasu such a success. Devadasu was released with big films and struggled for the first six weeks though it had good mouth talk. It became a blockbuster only after 6 weeks and the success range increased from time to time. The morning show collection in Odeon 70mm dropped to 5000 on the 7th day. I came from a lower middle class family with a dream to become big in film industry with the inspiration of NTR. Audience gave me a huge hit with Devadasu and they also cautioned me to be more careful in my future endeavors. It was a photo of Ram that inspired me to do the Devadasu film. He was just 16 years old then. I picked up Ileana after watching her in a TV commercial of Fair & Lovely. He has sharp nose cut like that of Jayaprada and during signing time I told her that she would become as big as Jayaprada. I took the title from Devadasu film and storyline from Pathala Bhairavi to make Devadasu film. I start my film with NTR photo seeking his blessings. I always visit NTR Ghat to pray him whenever I am depressed.”

Hero Ram said that he is indebted to YVS for making him a hero. Dialogue writer Chintapally Ramana said that Devadasu provided value for money to the movie lovers. Chakri said that it is his first 175 days film. B Gopal mentioned that the whole credit of success should go to YVS Chowdary. Seenu Vytla said that YVS Chowdary is an inspiration for all directors like him.

Lyricist Chandrabose said, “I have seen many hits and super hits in 10 years of my film career. But never seen such a variety success like Devadasu. Devadasu film is like a sweet gift to me and to all my unit members.”

Three reasons for Devadasu success - Devi Vara Prasad
Devi Vara Prasad said, “There are three reasons for the success of Devadasu. First reason is YVS. Second reason is audiences. And the third reason is Dasari who abolished slab system. I would like to thank and appreciate both Dasari and Congress Government for abolishing slab system.”

Good films are always appreciated - Venkatesh
Guest Venkatesh said, “I would like to thank audience for making all good films hits. This film started with an average talk and the success range increased with the weeks. YVS Chowdary should be appreciated for making such a huge budgeted film with newcomers. Hero Ram has bright future. YVS Chowdary has shown Ileana very well. Chakri scored wonderful music.”

YVS Chowdary changed the meaning of Devdasu - Dasari
Guest Dasari said, “Hero Ram is the nephew of auditor Ram Mohan who is very famous in film circles. The entire credit of Devadasu success should go to audience. Devadasu is referred to a man who failed in love. With this Devadasu, YVS Chowdary changed the entire meaning of Sarath Chandra’s Devadasu. Old Devadasu failed because he could not express his love. The modern Devadasu succeeded because he could express the love. I give the credit of hero and heroine’s performance to director. I was disappointed with Telugu film industry’s performance in the last year. But this year, we are having a very good time. Devadasu’s success cheered the entire industry up. I give lot of credit to Chakri’s music as it helped the film. Chandrabose has efficiently bridged the gap between old lyricists and new lyricists. The first film that got benefited due to slab system was Evadi Gola Vadidi. NTR should be proud to have such a fan like YVS. YVS Chowdary need to be choosy now onwards.”

Gayatri Bhargavi anchored the event.

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