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50 days function - Hungama
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17th June 2005
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The 50th day celebration of Hungama was held at a function in Film Nagar. The function was attended by members from the film unit and cast members. Abhinayasree was the first to speak and said, "I must thank S V Krishna Reddy for giving me this opportunity to prove myself as an actress. I would also like to thank all my co-stars for their co-operation and helping me perform better. Thanks to all the audience who have made this film a success." After this she left and the press meet started.

After all the guests were called on to the stage it was director S V Krishna Reddy who started the programme. He said, "It is a small film that is a big hit. The film is continued to run to full houses even with big releases coming to theatres every week. This proves that a good film is enjoyed by all the audience. Thanks to them for making this film such a big success, the writer is someone that has to be thanked for providing us with such a good story and dialogues. The music of the film is also doing great. The performances of the cast have also added to the success of the film."

Comedian AVS who did a cameo in the film said, "Even a small role in a good film will be remembered. When SV Krishna Reddy asked me to do the role I was impressed that he remembered me even though the role was small it was his belief in me that made me do it. The success of the film goes to prove that small film can also be a big hit and run the box office. The film came at a time when small films were needed by the industry. I also hope that with this film the producer becomes big and does many more such good films."

Dialogue and story writer Maharishi said, "It was a pleasure working with S V Krishna Reddy he gave a lot of freedom and encouraged me to do my work. The out come has been liked by many that is what is satisfying for me."

Jyothi the other heroine form the film said, "The first time S V Krishna Reddy gave me life in the industry with his film Pellam Oorelithe. I was about to quit when Krishna Reddy met me at a function and asked me to do the role of Thilotama. I got great reviews for that role and then a lot of offers. This is the second time that Krishna Reddy is giving me life, this time around as a heroine. I am also happy that I got a great song in this film. The success of the film can not be contributed to one person so it is the success of the whole unit."

The heroes of the film Ali and Venu Madhav were late for the press meet as they were busy shooting for another film. Also present were, Atchi Reddy, stunt masters Ram- Laxman, Rajendra Babu, Bhaskarbatla Ravi Kumar, Narsing Yadav and executive producer Suresh Reddy.

- Aditya

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