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Audio launch - Classmates
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April 2, 2007

Music of Sumanth’s latest film Classmates was launched at a function held on Rama Naidu studios on the night of 2nd April. Koti composed music and Vijaya Bhaskar directed the film. ANR, D Rama Naidu, CC Reddy and Charmme attended the function as guests. Charmme launched the audio and gave the first cassette to ANR.

Singers Chaitra, Anjana Soumya, Sri Krishna, Hema Chandra, Sandeep and Koti rended songs from the album.

Classmates will be the biggest hit in Sumanth’s career - ANR
Speaking on the occasion ANR said, “Sravanthi banner had very good track record of producing quality films. Most of the films are hits. Producer should have understanding of various departments of filmmaking to produce a good film. Sravanthi Ravi Kishore treats his story as hero and casts appropriate actors for the roles. My grandson Sumanth is also should be the producer’s actor. This is 25th film on Sravanthi banner and I am sure it will be a hit. The music is melodious with good beats. I hope that Classmates will be the biggest hit in Sumanth’s career.”

D Rama Naidu said, “Most of the producers are under impression that money is the only requirement to produce a film which is not true. I am sure that Classmates will be a good hit to Sumanth after Madhumasam success.”

We have to wait for the range of classmates success - Sumanth
Sumanth said, “This is my second film on Sravanthi banner after Gowri. I am very fond of this banner. Every hero needs a permanent banner. Sravanthi banner became my permanent banner. I watched the film and I am confident of it’s hit. We have wait and see the range of success of Classmates.”

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