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Dongala Bandi audio function
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November 24, 2008


GSK Naidu is producing a comedy film titled Dongala Bandi in the direction of Vegnesa Satish on GSK Network banner. Music of this film was launched at a function organized in Ravi Narayana Reddy auditorium on the night of 24 November.

D Rama Naidu launched the CD and gave the first unit to EVV Satya Narayana. S Gopal Reddy launched audiocassette and gave the first unit to Allari Naresh.

D Rama Naidu said, “Allari Naresh is like my family members. His films are doing well even in the slump. His producers are a happy lot.”

EVV said, “The director Vegnesa Satish is a good writer who worked for seven films under my direction. He has got comedy punch in him. I listened to the story and I am sure that it will become a super hit. I wanted to produce this film. There will be Charlie Chaplin kind of comedy in this film.”

Krish said, “The audience of Andhra Pradesh want to see Allari Naresh in the role of a thief. After Gamyam, they made Blade Babji a hit because of thief role. I am sure that Dongala Bandi will also become a hit.”

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