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Ee Rojullo music launch
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09 February 2012

Music of Ee Rojullo was launched at a grand function organized in Rock Heights in Madhapur on the night of 9 February. Allu Arjun was invited as a chief guest. Allu Arjun launched audio CD and gave the first copy to Allu Arvind.

Ee Rojullo will get big openings - Allu Arvind
Allu Arvind said, “Director Maruti is a childhood friend of Allu Arjun. I am sure that he will become big as director in the time to come. I have seen the trailers and they are quite sharp. With that kind of promo, Ee Rojullo will get big opening. I am sure that the movie will live up to the big openings it’s going to get.”

Ee Rojullo is a cute and trendy love story - Maruti
Director Maruti said, “Allu Arjun is an inspiration for me and I had seen him work hard and achieve today’s positions. Saregama is a national label and they are very particular about quality. They entered Tamil and picked up audio rights of Maina (Prema Khaidi in Telugu). Music of Maina was a huge hit. They bought the rights of Ee Rojullo after listening to music and watching visuals. They believed in content and paid a good amount. We friends are producing this movie and two of these three friends are with the name Srinivas. Hero of the film is also Srinivas though he likes to be referred as Sri. Jeevan played a pivotal role in music by doing excellent key-board work. Audience will connect with the story and scenes of Ee Rojullo. There might be a good dosage of double meaning stuff in trailers, but the movie it’s going to be less. Ee Rojullo is a cute and trendy love story.”

Maruti is my guru in drawing - Allu Arjun
Allu Arjun said, “I didn’t expect such a good audio. Actors also did a good job. I believe that there are no big budgeted films and small films, there are only good films and bad films. A film of 25 crores budget could be bad and a film of 1 crore budget could be good. I feel that a good film should give kick to the audiences and Ee Rojullo seems to have the content that gives kick. I learnt drawing from Maruti. Maruti comes from a village where he used to put stickers on bike. He came to Hyderabad and became an animator and an ad filmmaker. I am happy to see Maruti as a director today.”

Photo Gallery (photos by G Narasaiah)
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