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Jayeebhava music launch
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October 1, 2009


Music of Kalyanram Nandamuri's latest film Jayeebhava was organized at Nanakram Guda Rama Naidu studios tonight. This function is attended by Mohan Babu, Hari Krishna, Bala Krishna, NTR, Taraka Ratna, Suresh Babu, Ali, Nagineedu, Gemini Kiran, Koneru Kiran Kumar, Naren Kondepati, Gowtamraju, Vijay, Krishna Chaitanya, Ramajogaiah Sastri, BVS Ravi, Teja, Dayanand etc.

Nandamuri Rama Krishna launched the logo, Taraka Ratna launched the trailer, Mohan Babu launched the audiocassette and gave the first unit to Hari Krishna. Bala Krishna launched the audio CD and gave it to NTR.

Mohan Babu said, "I have close association with Nandamuri family for over 40 years. I had been an ardent fan of NTR since I was a kid. NTR family invites me to all their family functions. They are straight forward. I sounded the clapboard for Kalyan Ram's first movie. Kalyan Ram is a fair and honest guy. And I am sure that this movie becomes a big hit."

NTR said, "Kalyan Ram worked very hard for this movie and he has chosen the best technical team. Mohan Babu told my father that he was a lucky man to have sons like us. I would like to correct it. We are lucky to have a father like my father. My father always tells me work hard yourself and reap the benefits yourself."

Bala Krishna said, "There is an interesting trivia behind the tile of this movie. A song in Dana Veera Sura Karna starts with Jayeebhava. They sing Jayeebhava for Dasara festival. Kalyan Ram produced two good films so far. Kalyan Ram works hard and I am sure this film will be a good hit."

Hari Krishna said, "I would like to thank all the fans for encouraging Nandamuri heroes. I would like to bring to your notice that some people are trying to forget the history of NTR. Lots of people started mentioning other names as the reason for shifting Telugu film industry from Chennai to Hyderabad. NTR worked hard for shifting film industry to Hyderabad. We are not making it an issue because my father started a political party and we are members of it. NTR constructed a floor called 'Brahmananda Chitrapuri' on the way to Hyderabad along with Kasu Brahmananda Reddy. Lots of NTR films were made in Hyderabad. NTR started Rama Krishna studios in Musheerabad in 1976. Dana Veera Sura Karna was the first movie to be shot in that studio. The first song in that film was 'jayeebhava'. We made 28 films on that banner. I always told my kids to work hard and come up on their own. I will be happy if they come up with hard work. I hope that Jayeebhava will become a bigger hit than Kalyan Ram's earlier movies."

Photo Gallery (photos by G Narasaiah)
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