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Jhummandi Naadam music launch
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28 May 2010

Music of Manoj Manchu’s latest movie Jhummandi Naadam was launched at a function organized in Ravi Narayana Reddy auditorium on the night of 28 May. Dasari, Jayasudha, Chiranjeevi, Bala Krishna, Dr. Vara Prasad Reddy, Tanikella Bharani, Mohan Babu, K Raghavendra Rao, MM Keeravani, Manoj Manchu, Tapsee, Ahuti Prasad, AVS, Keerti, Marthand K Venkatesh, Bhupati Raja, Gopi Mohan, Rajasimha, Chandra Bose, Suddala Ashok Teja, Anil Sunkara, Koneru Ravi, Vinni, Vishnu, Sanjay Reddy, Chalasani Ramesh etc attended it.

Dasari launched the audiocassette and gave the first unit to K Raghavendra Rao and second unit to Keeravani. Chiranjeevi launched the audio CD and gave the first unit to Manoj Manchu and second unit to producer Lakshmi Manchu.

Bala Krishna said, “There is good feel in the title of the movie. Producer Lakshmi Prasanna is like her father. She has an independent individuality. She is also experienced in various crafts of filmmaking. She is also going to act in Telugu films. I am sure that her debut production venture is going to be a hit.”

Jayasudha said, “I acted in many blockbusters in this banner. At that time, Lakshmi was a small kid. She is getting introduced as producer with this movie. I hope that she will become a director one day and offer me an acting job. K Raghavendra Rao thinks young when he directs movies.”

Keeravani said, “K Raghavendra Rao made this movie so beautiful that your two eyes are not adequate to see the beauty of heroine. Lakshmi Prasanna will become Laksmi (wealthy) prasanna after the release. I did ‘punya bhoomi naa deam’ in Manoj Chandrakant movie. I did a song titled ‘Desamante Matham kadoi’ in this movie. I am sure that the music will become a chartbuster.”

Producer Lakshmi Manchu said, “Today is one of my memorable day in my life. I am indebted to MM Keeravani for the kind of music he gave for my directorial debut. K Raghavendra and MM Keeravani carefully picked up each of the songs. All the technicians worked in detail for this movie by taking the utter most care. Jhummandi Nadam is an attempt to protest and preserve the dying traditional music in Andhra Pradesh. MM Keeravani is my hero for this movie. I am really happy for the way music and movie turned out.”

Actress Tapsee surprised everybody by speaking like a Telugu girl in pure Telugu. She said, “I am a Delhi girl and Jhummandi Naadam is my first movie. I would like to thank K Raghavendra Rao, S Gopal Reddy, Lakshmi Manchu, Manoj and Mohan Babu. K Raghavendra Rao movies are known for good music and great entertainment. There will also be ample apples, grapes, pumpkins, mangoes etc. If you want to know which fruits are used on me in songs, you got to watch the movie. It was great working with this amazing team. I need all your blessings.”

Dasari said, “This stage shows that there is unity among our heroes. I compare K Raghavendra Rao to Raj Kapoor because of the way he shows beauty in his songs. People say that Manoj and RCT are exceeding their fathers Mohan Babu and Chiranjeevi respectively. I don’t agree with it. Mohan Babu and Chiranjeevi came up with hard work and without background. Their sons have a huge advantage of being star kids. I saw three nice films recently in the form of Ye Maya Chesave, Bindaas and Simha.”

Manoj Manchu said, “K Raghavendra Rao extracted good performance from me. I agree with Dasari statement about working hard and coming up without any background. I try to work hard and live up to the expectations created by my father.”

Mohan Babu said, “Chiranjeevi directed the first shot of my film Allari Mogudu. It became a silver jubilee movie. He spoke well about the movie when we celebrated 175 days function. We are good friends and we share a good relationship. If there were any differences, they were temporary. That is the reason why he came to our function for a movie in which my daughter is producing and my son is acting. I want him to reach greater heights in politics as well. NTR launched my banner in 1982. I made a film titled Major Chandrakanth in 1992 with NTR as hero. Allari Mogudu directed by K Raghvendra Rao in our banner did extremely well. We are like brothers. Jhummandi Naadam will get stardom to Manoj.”

Chiranjeevi said, “I got migrated into politics and it is a field of immense pressure. I take pleasure in attending functions of my friends and it gives me immense relief. I am happy that the song of Veturi is titled for this movie. The combination of K Raghavendra Rao and Keeravani is a successful one. Lakshmi will be a big success with this movie. The first song reminded me of Mohan Babu – Nagesh song from Allari Mogudu. The second song reminded me of a song in Pelli Sandadi. Raghavendra Rao is an ever-green director and he is young at heart. Manoj is an energetic hero. We should always encourage our kids to experiment and do new things. I am sure that Manoj Manchu will cross his father Mohan Babu with this movie.”

Photo Gallery (photos by G Narasaiah)
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