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Kotha Bangaru Lokam Music launch
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August 31, 2008


NTR, Prabhas, Allu Arjun unveiled Kotha Bangaru Lokam music
The music of Dil Raju's production, Kotha Bangaru Lokam, is released this evening at State Art Gallery, Hyderabad. Made on Sri Venkateswara Creations banner, this flick coming up in the backdrop of a teenage-college love story is directed by debutant Srikanth Addala. Mickey J. Meyer is the music director. Varun Sandesh (Happy Days hero) and debutant Swetha Prasad play the lead. Aditya Music is the marketer for the music.

Stylish star Allu Arjun unveiled the audio CD, presenting it to NTR, who formally purchased the first album. Prabhas released the audio cassette and gave it to director Bommarillu Bhaskar. The gathering included Dil Raju, Srikanth Addala, Mickey J. Meyer, lyricists Sirivennela Seetarama Sastry, Anant Sriram, young and debut team of playback singers, Tammareddy Bharadwaja, Boyapati Seenu, Srivass, Rao Ramesh, Vamsi Paidipalli, Varun Sandesh (hero) and others. Some of the students from Bashyam and Vignan Colleges were present to cheer the unit members.

Green dominated for pleasant effect
Two songs were sung by the singers live on the dais, while the rest of the numbers were projected to the gathering with each one unveiled by the star guests. Interestingly, the green color (through fields, trees, dress or landscapes) dominated in all the songs.

Taking KBL success for granted: Dil Raju
Dil Raju said: "I thank the parents of students who acted in this film, the college managements, all the directors, artistes and technicians who worked under my Sri Venkateswara Creations banner and the current unit members for all their support to me. Actually, the story for Kotha Bangaru Lokam was ready by 2004, when Srikanth narrated me the subject. But I told Srikanth to improve his skills as director and he worked as assistant director in our banner. I am happy that he made his entry as full-fledged director now. Micky J. Mayer worked on his job for the last one year, giving a wonderful music. I specially thank NTR, Prabhas, Allu Arjun, Bommarillu Bhaskar, lyricists and my well wishers and I sent the audio cassette numbers to all of them yesterday so that they could give their feedback about it today. But, already they responded last night. NTR spoke for ten minutes praising the quality of the lyrics and music. I thank Mickey for his great work for the film. The film is made with new and young team of artistes, new, original and natural locations. Director Srikanth Addala did a wonderful work by convincing the parents to okay their boys and girls for KBL. I like him because there is a superb poet in him. We worked hard. We await the results."

Initially negative, but turned positive
"When I approached Seetarama Sastry garu for writing lyrics for KBL, I also told him the story. Sastry garu chided me for selection of the script. He held the negative approach towards KBL. But, it was changed later. He has been writing excellent lyrics for us and almost all of them were chartbusters. I personally thank Sastry garu for coming to this function. I told him that he could stop writing for my films if he fails to turn up here. Similar thing happened when I heard the subject of Aarya. Almost for three days, I avoided Sukumar. But, later, the project materialized and it became a blockbuster. With all your words of appreciation, I have now come to a conclusion that KBL is going to hit the bull's eye, on the screen and as musical hit as well," Dil Raju added.

New talent's lesson to big heroes: NTR
NTR said: "When Rajanna (Dil Raju) sent me the CD, I heard it more or less one hundred times. Mathi Poyindhi. At the same time, I feel very bad that I can never do such a song in my career. Allu Arjun can do that. Prabhas also can't do it. Fortunately or unfortunately, we are attached with some image. It is boring that the film industry is dominated by one factor – to do films with big banners, big heroes and big budgets. I am happy that producer like Dil Raju with his films has greatly changed this dimension. New and young artistes and technicians are coming to the industry. Though we are established stars, these people are warning us from time to time that we should further improve ourselves. We should work hard. With such dynamic produces and young talent, the industry is going to have wonderful future ahead. Mickey J. Mayer created big magic with KBL. (In lighter vein) You people have broken our Naddi (waist) by giving great music, starting with Happy Days and now with KBL. The young heroes and technicians are giving us a tough time. Chotanna (Chota K. Naidu) is a big asset to this film. Everybody knows his great workmanship. I wish all the best to the entire KBL unit. This film will run for 365 days."

Allu Arjun said: "The audio is with heavy dose of kick. Mathhu Ekkuvaina audio. Mickey did a great job. While doing Parugu (with Dil Raju), I heard the songs in car. As I see the visuals, each frame is packed with energy. They are youthful to the core."

Prabhas said: "The songs are superb and extraordinary. The film is definitely a hit, but whether it's super hit or blockbuster will be decided when the movie reaches the public."

Bhaskar said: "I heard the songs while shooting for Parugu. I am a very good singer… bathroom singer. Mostly, I sang these songs of KBL since then. The lyrics are good. They are youthful and melodious. The visuals are nice. Good music by Mickey."

Varun Sandesh said: "It is my luck to be working with Dil Raju garu. I used to watch the films of NTR, Prabhas, Allu Arjun. Now, they are here for this function sharing the dais with me. I am thrilled. Sastry garu went to my house in the US and met my dad. My dad is a big fan of Sastry. Before this film, I worked with Mickey in Happy Days. I am thankful to Chota K. Naidu garu who showed me in superb angles. I am also thankful to director Srikanth for making me perform in a different manner. We all worked hard and we hope for the best." The hero also sang one song from the album – Confusion.

Srikanth Addala said: "I thank the entire cast and crew who worked for KBL. My special thanks to the college managements and parents. I am grateful to my Godfather Madhu (producer of Tagore) for giving me an opportunity in this film industry. I could easily mingle with the students while making this film. I sought their suggestions too, as I am doing a youthful film. I believe in the saying that one should be more grateful to those who provided him food than the parents. I am thankful to Dil Raju."

Trends are changing in Tollywood: Sirivennela
Sirivennela Seetarama Sastry spoke at length: "Producer Dil Raju is Bahut Bada Dil Wala and at the same a Dimak wala. He knows that I could be won only by Dil and not Dimak. I thank him for introducing the gem of a new set of playback singers. Always, he gave me the opportunity to write just one song in his films. For this project, I told him that I am youthful person and I can write youthful lyrics very well. I thank NTR for his Samskaram. He told the truth that the present day industry is mired in false egos and prestige. He accepted that heroes like him are caught in the web of the so called ego consciousness. It should change. It will change. With the advent of producers like Dil Raju, the monotony of regular subjects with girls and their dads as villains has changed. In the past, we (Telugu film industry) used to export the technicians to Mumbai. But, today, we are importing the technicians and playback singers from Bollywood. With KBL, this trend will be reversed once again. I urge all the music directors to support the new and young singers."

KBL gave me rebirth: Chota K Naidu
Chota K. Naidu said: "It was first director Srikanth Addala, who met me with KBL project. It was when I was shooting for Krishna at Vijayawada. I had my ego then. Thokkalo Ego. Why didn't Dil Raju himself approach me? If I accept this film, does my image suffer by doing small budget films? What should I do to make Raju come to me directly? Like this, some criminal planning came on my part. I thought so. But, everything changed in the coming days. This KBL is like giving me a rebirth as a cinematographer. For good cinematography, you also should have a good music director and prospective producer who could support richness in the frame. These two aspects were fulfilled with Mickey and Dil Raju. With the support of Raju, we could shoot in dead winter (Kulu and Manali) and at hot summer (at Rajahmundry). Marthand is a big asset to the film with his masterly editing."

Mickey J. Mayer said: "Dil Raju is a romantic person. That's why I got absolute support from him. He knows the quality of lyrics and he is after quality music to match them. Lyrics are wonderful. I specially thank Sastry garu and Anant Sriram. Srikanth Addala is a very talented director and he holds the right taste for music. Varun Sandesh, the hero, showed high levels of energy all through the film."

Boyapati Seenu said: "The visuals are very pleasant. I hope KBL will bring the third hatrick in series to Dil Raju."

Vamsi Paidipalli said: "Srikanth told me this story long back. I am sure he will become a great director. Selection of Chota K. Naidu as cinematographer is the biggest asset to the film. Mickey rocked. He arrived and conquered."

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