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Music launch - Parugu
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April 8, 2008


Chiranjeevi launched the music of Allu Arjun’s latest film Parugu in the direction of Bommarillu Bhaskar at a function organized on the banks of Durgam Cheruvu. Dil Raju produces this film. Sheila is the heroine.

Allu Arjun will win best actor award - Chiranjeevi
Chiranjeevi said, “Directors are dominating Telugu film industry these days. Dil Raju is one of the best producers of Telugu cinema. Unlike other proposal makers, Dil Raju is concentrating on story and script. Bhaskar’s Bommarillu has a great screenplay. It deals about the relationship between parents and kids. I liked the story of Parugu a lot when he narrated it to me. When I asked the Bunny if he will have 6-pack body in this film too, he said no. He said that he tried to exploit the histrionics. He said he would be happy if he is nominated for best actor category. I am publicly announcing that Allu Arjun will win bets actor award with Parugu. Mani Sharma is a talented musician. Prakash Raj is an actor with unlimited talent. I would like to wish a great birthday to Bunny today.”

This is the story of all fathers who have daughters – Prakash Raj
Prakash Raj said, “The producer and director of this film always make films with social responsibilities and human values. I did my career best role in this film. This film belongs to all fathers with daughters. It will be identified with parents and daughters. I acted with Allu Arjun in Gangotri film. He used to observe on sets even before he became a hero. When I asked him he said that his father wanted to observe actors. There was a lot of maturity in his work for Arya. I am sure that he will prove himself as good actor with Parugu.”

I wanted this film to be a milestone – Allu Arjun
Allu Arjun said, “I did my best for this film. I wanted this film to be milestone in my career. That is the reason why I invited Chiranjeevi to this function. I did 6 films as hero and Dil Raju too did six films as producer. Director Bhaskar is a hard worker and is very talented. Incidentally, today is also the birthday to Anant Sreeram who penned three songs for Parugu. I would like to thank everybody including production boys and light men who worked for this film. Mani Sharma composed music for the first time for my films. I am confident of the success of this film.”

Parugu is an emotional entertainer – Dil Raju
Dil Raju said, “I am confident of the film. Mani Sharma composed nice music. Songs of Parugu are so situational that they drive the story forward. Parugu is an entertainer with right emotions.”

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