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Audio release - Ranam
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18th January 2006
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Audio of Gopichand’s latest film Ranam was released at a function arranged in Prasad Labs on the night of 18th January 2006. D Rama Naidu released the audio and gave the first unit to Prabhas. Kamna Jetmalani is the heroine. Choreographer Amma Raja Sekhar is making his debut as director with this film. Mani Sharma scored music. Pokuri Babu Rao is the producer.

Chief guest Rama Naidu said, “I have soft corner for Gopichand and Pokuri Babu Rao as both of them belong to my Prakasam district. Pokuri Babu Rao is a passionate filmmaker who make films with passion. Telugu film industry needs producers like him. Gopichand is a proven actor. Amma Raja Sekhar composed songs for my banner in the past. I wish the team of Ranam a huge success.”

Guest Prabhas said, “1st song of my debut film Eeswar was choreographed by Amma Raka Sekhar. I hope that Ranam would become a super hit.”

Debutant director Amma Rajasekhar said, “We prepared this script with Gopichand in mind. This film is a pucca mass film. All three song penned by Bhasha Sri are highlights”

Comedian Ali said, “Raja Sekhar’s father was a stunt master who composed fights to stars like ANR in the past. Raja sekhar communicates well with the artists. I am doing a full song in this film in the combination of Jahnavi. I act like a drunkard in that song.”

Heroine Kamna Jetmalani expressed her satisfaction over working with a professional team.

Hero Gopichand said, “D Rama Naidu is a lucky mascot for us. He released the audios of Yagnam and Andhrudu and both of them were hits. Prabhas is a good friend to me. Mani socred good music. Each character in this film has some importance”

Producer Pokuri Babu Rao said, “like all my earlier films, this film too is a well made film and would become a hit. Mani Sharma gave even better music than Yagnam for this film.

Aditya Music music released the audio. Chandrabose, Bhasha Sri, Kandikonda & Suddala Ashok Teja penned lyrics.

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