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Audio Function of 'Seetayya'
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28th May 2003
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Audio of Bommarillu banner's second venture Seetayya in the direction of YVS Chowdary starring Hari Krishna was released by Aditya today at a set erected in the first floor of Annapurna studios. This audio release has a significance to it because it's being released on the birthday of Doyen NTR. Hero of this film Hari Krishna is the son of NTR and the director YVS Chowdary is a hardcore fan of NTR.

This function started with a song that was played as a tribute to NTR that goes like 'Naa Paripoorna Parisudda..'

ANR: ANR - the contemporary actor of NTR - was invited as the chief guest. He said that NTR is the only competitor to him in the field of acting. With the great loss of NTR, ANR said there is a void in the film industry. ANR also said that though NTR entered the cinema field after 10 years of ANR's entrance, they were like brothers. They also showed competitive spirit by acting in around 15 films together. ANR reiterated that though there was healthy competition between them, there was never any feeling of jealousy.

ANR recapped the incident that happened when he built a house in Gudiwada. His mother asked him to get the photo of ANR's big brother to keep on the wall. ANR got it and gave it to her. After seeing her elder son on the photo, she clearly mentioned that she wanted to have the photo of NTR (as she refers NTR as her son). Such is the place NTR has got among the family members of ANR.

ANR opined that we need not worry that Bharat Rathna is not conferred on NTR, as NTR is beyond that award. He also remembered the political entry of NTR, who entered the record books by coming to power as chief minister nine months after starting the Telugu Desam Party. At that time NTR seems to have invited ANR to join the party, but ANR refused it as his attitude does not suit politics.

ANR felt that YVS Chowdary troubles his artists a lot to extract the right kind of work with conviction. ANR left a sweet compliment for Hari Krishna by saying that 'maa vaadu dummu dulipestaadu'. ANR mentioned that he is a great fan of music director Keeravani.

Nine film personalities associated with NTR released a song each. Here is the list

S. No Film Personality Association with NTR Song Pictured on Type of song Singers/lyricist
1 K Viswanath Director Ammathodu Hari Krishna, Simran Melody Balu, Chitra / Chandrabose
2 K Bapaiah Director Idigo Rayalaseema gadda Hari Krishna Emotional SP Balu / C Narayana Reddy
3 K Devi Vara Prasad Producer Okka Magaadu Simran, Hari Krishna Youth Anuradha Sreeram, MM Keeravani / Chandrabose
4 C Aswini Dutt Producer Samayaniki Hari Krishna, Soundarya Family Vijay Yesudas, Sunitha / Chandra Bose
5 Arjuna Raju Producer Ravayya Ravayya Hari Krishna Affection SP Balu, Keeravani / C Narayana Reddy
6 Trivikrama Rao Producer Adishankarula Ravikanth, Vindhya Romantic SP Charan, Sunitha / Chandrabose
7 DV Narasa Raju Writer Evarimata Vinadu Hari Krishna Power MM Keeravani / C Narayana Reddy
8 C Narayana Reddy Writer Siggestundi Simran Shy Shreya Ghoshal, MM Keeravani / Chandra Bose
9 Jaya Prada Actress Bassekki vastavo Hari Krishna, Simran Duet SP Balu, Chitra / Chandra Bose

DV Narasa Raju: DV Narasaraju remembered the incident that happened in 1970. In that year NTR called DV Narasaraju to his house and started discussing about various things without telling the purpose of the call. In the meantime Lakshmanaiah (father of NTR) and Hari Krishna came out. Hari Krishna gave a plate full of thamboolam and Rs 1,116/- to Narasa Raju. Then Lakshmanaiah said that Narasa Raju should train Hari Krishna in the field of acting. Once they left, NTR told Narasa Raju that Hari Krishna is getting spoiled in Nimmakuru because of over pampering by his grandfather (Lakshmanaiah). Hence, NTR decied to call Hari Krishna to Chennai so that he can study there. But Lakshmanaih felt that NTR called Hari Krishna to make him a hero. When NTR said no, then Lakshmanaiah seems to have questioned NTR if he feared that Hari Krishna would become a competitor to him.

At that time DV Narasaraju prepared a story titled 'Alludi Pelli, Mama Bharatam', which is a modern version of Mayabazaar. DV Narasa Raju congratulated Hari Krishna that he is having his sons (NTR and Kalyan Ram) as competitors to him.

C Narayana Reddy: C Narayana Reddy said that it was NTR who introduced him to film industry as lyric writer by asking him to write all songs for Gulebakavalai Katha in 1961. Since then, C Narayana Reddy wrote many songs. In this film too, he wrote 3 songs. He mentioned that there is a retirement for a position (padavi) but not talent (pratibha). He also said that NTR gave him vice chancellor position for two universities. C Narayana Reddy attributed a poem on NTR on this occasion

"Paatalu ichhaadu
Padavalu ichhaadu
Ee rentiki minchina hrudayam ichhaadu

Jayaprada: Jayaprada remembered her childhood days by telling that she saw NTR's Krishnavataaram for 18 times. The gatekeeper of that theater became so familiar with her that he stopped asking for a ticket. She mentioned that NTR & Jayaprada became a hit pair not only in cinema but also in politics.

YVS Chowdary: YVS Chowdary mentioned that any audio release function would have two heroes - Music director and lyricist. He said that it was only NTR who did justice in the entire world to the roles derived from grand Indian epics like Ramayanam, Bharatam and Bhagavatam. Such an actor is ignored by the central government. He also mentioned that latest 'Bharata Rathna' award was not conferred on anybody as the government felt that nobody deserves it. YVS Chowdary also mentioned that NTR has got two great attributes. One is handsomeness. And the second one is ruggedness. YVS opined that Mahesh Babu is the only actor who got such handsomeness in Telugu film industry after NTR. He also said that Hari Krishna inherited that ruggedness from NTR. YVS Chowdary predicted that the film would become a good hit. But its the public that can decide the range.

Hari Krishna: Hari Krishna said that negatives of all films by Sathyajit Ray, Santharam, Raj Kapoor etc are preserved in Pune film institute. But none of the Telugu films are preserved in that institute. He felt that all the great work and efforts put in by the likes of NTR, ANR, Krishna and Sobhan Babu are going in drain because Government is not taking enough care to preserve them. He mentioned that NTR is a great human being by giving examples of how NTR collected funds by traveling all over AP during the Divi Seema & Rayalaseema crisis.

Hari Krishna said that he had a hairline injury during the shooting of the film and the doctor advised him a bed rest for 2 and half months. On the other side, YVS Chowdary spent 25 lakhs for a train episode to be shot on Hari Krishna. Hence, Hari Krishna decided to go for the shoot instead of taking rest.

Hari Krishna opined that an artist is a like daily labor and he should be on time for shoot because he is paid to do work. He compared the producer to mother and the director to the father for any film's cast and crew.

The audiocassette of 'Seetayya' was released by Mahesh Babu. The first cassette was given to Kalyan Ram. Mahesh Babu attended the function in spite of suffering from fever. Sunitha and Dharmavarapu Subramanyam anchored the event.

Photo Gallery (Photos by Giri)

Mahesh to Kalyan Ram

The team with audiocassette

Mahesh opening the box

Hari Krishna & Jaya Prada

Naga Lakshmi & Jaya Prada

YVS with Mahesh

Gemini Kiran & YVS

Mahesh Babu

YVS with Mahesh

SV Krishna Reddy & ANR

DV Narasaraju & K Viswanath

ANR & Jaya Prada

KL Narayana & Mahesh

DV Narasaraju & K Viswanath

Keeravni, YVS & Kommineni

fans garlanding Hari Krishna

Kalyan Ram

Mahesh Babu

Mahesh Babu

Mahesh Babu

Mahesh Babu

Mahesh Babu

YVS Chowdary

Jaya Prada

Rama Krishna Nandamuri

Posani Krishna Murali

Chandra Bose

DV Narasa Raju
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