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Audio release - Soggadu
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13th March 2005
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Suresh Productions

Cast: Tarun, Arti Agarwal, Jugal Hansraj, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Brahmanandam, Subbaraju, Kavitha, Vijay, Devi Charan, Kalpana Rai & Kavitha Krishnaswamy

Locations: Ooty, Kudermukh, Warangal, Hyderabad, Rama Naidu Cine Village, Rama Naidu Studios (Film Nagar & Gopanapally) & Saradhi Studios

Music: Chakri
Dialogues: Paruchuri Brothers and Nivas
Lyrics: Bhaskara Bhatla
Singers: Chakri, Venu Gopal, Tippu, Ravi Varma, Kousalya, Kavita Krishna Murthy
Cinematography: Loknath & Joshi
Art: Bhupesh R Bhupati
Choreography: Rajasekhar, Nixon, Prasanna & Krishna Reddy
Editing: Anthony
Presents: D Rama Naidu
Direction: Ravi Babu
Producer: D Suresh Babu

Release Date: 25th March 2005

Ravi Babu who made a name for himself as creative director work his work for Allari and Ammailu Abbailu in the past has directed his 3rd film 'Soggadu' with Tarun and Arti Agarwal in the main leads. D Suresh Babu is producing this film Suresh Productions banner.

Audio function of Soggadu was held at 10 Downing Street Pub on the morning of 13th March 2005. Audio of Nuvvu Leka Nenu Lenu, Allari and Malliswari (all 3 produced by Suresh productions) which were released at 10 Downing Street went on to become blockbusters. As a sentiment, audio Soggadu was also released by D Rama Naidu at the same venue. Aditya audio has bought the audio rights. Arti Agarwal has slimmed down a lot and looking ravishing in red attire.

Story born in Central Park, NY
Paruchuri Gopala Krishna said that Allari Ravi Babu prepared this story in Central Park of New York city last year. Soggadu is a heart touching love story. This film is different from the two films done by Ravi Babu earlier and yet it is different from regular commercial films we get these days. Kalpana Rai - who is an outdated comedy actress - did a very good comedy role in this film and this film would serve as comeback vehicle to Kalpana Rai. Paruchuri brothers opined that this film would become huge success because of the way Ravi Babu handled it. Rama Naidu produced a film titled Soggadu with Sobhan Babu which went on to become a big hit. It is nice to another Soggadu coming from the same banner.

My favorite character in this film - Tarun
Hero Tarun said that the Rishi character in Nuvve Nuvve is his favorite character so far. And after Soggadu, the character he played in this film has become his favorite character. This film has got realistic taking by director Ravi Babu. He is hoping for another success after Nuvvuleka Nenulenu from Suresh Productions banner. His character in this film has mass touch and entertaining style of a small town boy.

Different film - Ravi Babu
Director Ravi Babu said that the main strengths of this film are the backdrops of locations chosen. This film is executed in unique way with good visuals. The songs are canned with stunning visuals and themes. Tarun is playing the role of a boy with good heart. Shooting of this film was started on 25th July 2005 and it took an unusual time of 105 working days to shoot the film. When asked about the coffee color tint in the backdrop of posters, trailers and stills, Ravi Babu explained that coffee tint and regular tint was used to differentiate story taking in two places simultaneously. This film is releasing on 25th of March.

Happy to work with Suresh Banner - Bhaskarabhatla
Bhaskarabhatla Ravi Kumar who penned lyrics for all songs in this film expressed his immense joy in working for such a prestigious banner like Suresh Productions. He said that there is good understanding between him and music director Chakri which makes sure that lyric written for the songs would have sync with the sound and music. This is his 30th film in combination of Chakri. He opined that 'madhumasam' is his favorite song in this film. He felt that Ravi Babu is a perfectionist who makes no room for errors.

Will be a big hit like old Soggadu - D Rama Naidu
Presenter Dr. D Rama Naidu said that he made the old classic Soggadu with Sobhan Babu long back and he opined that new Soggadu would become big hit like old Soggadu. He opined that Telugu Film Industry is going through lean patch with not more than 8% of success rate per annum. He urged the actors and technicians to cut down their remuneration to make sure that films are made in realistic budget. He asked producers to start the film with complete script so that wastage would be minimized. He opined that making 1000 feet worth of film would cost around 30 lakhs. The more wastage in film means more working days and high budget. He advised producers to treat filmmaking as business and follow the economics accordingly. He also mentioned that Soggadu is 35th film by Suresh Productions in the combination of Paruchuri brothers.

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