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Villagelo Vinayakudu music launch
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September 15, 2009


Music of Villagelo Vinayakudu (sequel of Vinayakudu) was launched at Kalamandir House in Kukatpally. This film sports Krishnudu and Saranya Mohan in the main leads. Sai Kiran Adivi directs this film for Moonwater Pcitures banner. Mahi is the producer. Krishnudu, Sai Kiran Adivi, Vanamali, Manikanth Kadri, Yandamuri Veerendranath and Mahi participated in the event. Each song in this album is released by a journalist each. Sai Kiran Adivi launched audio CD and Kalyan of Kalamandir bought it for 1000 rupees.

Each CD is prices at Rs. 9.98/-. 50,000 CDs have been launched into the market. The icing on the cake is every customer who buys in a village lo Vinayakudu music CD will walk away with free reliance GSM Sim with life time validity. This audio sales of this CD is driven by huge promotions where in the customer is in to win loads of stuff which include mobile phones, kalamandir vouchers, premiere tickets , movie merchandise etc

Yandamuri Veerendranath said, "It is a normal movie and I played a normal role. I did film because it is nearer to my place Rajolu. I saw Vinayakudu shot by the director Sai Kiran Adivi. I liked his work. He reminded me of Basu Bhattacharya. The entire music of th movie is like a lullaby. Villagelo Vinayakudu is a family oriented subject."

Krishnudu said, "We did a film titled Vinayakudu. That film tells that size doesn't matter and what matters is the heart. This film also has similar theme with a different premise. I am hopeful of people encouraging this sequel like they did for Vijayakudu."

Music director Manikanth Kadri said, "I prepared the music as per the taste of the director. Vanamali also gets lion share in the success of music. When we send a track sung by Shweta to Shriya Ghosal, she liked Shweta voice so much that he recommended us to keep Shweta's voice."

Vanamali said, "Manikanth Kadri did wonderful music for Avakai Biryani. But he didn't get enough recognition because the movie didn't do well at box office. He will get good name with this movie."

Sai Kiran Adivi said, "We shot the movie in 39 working days. Yandamuri Veerendranath is the star of this movie. He didn't act in Chiranjeevi movie when the producer requested him. I am glad that he agreed to act in our film. Yandamuri commended my work during shoot and suggested me not to get tensed. We started our own banner Moonwater Pictures. When I approachced reputed audio companies, we didn't get favorable response. Then we decided to launch the audio ourselves. We are doing it with the help of Madhura Music. My friend Mahi roped in many corporates to be our media partners and it helped in our budget. We want to control the audio piracy. Hence we priced it on Rs. 9.98/-. We are pumping in 50,000 CDs in the first bunch."

Producer Mahi thanked everybody.

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