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Filmfare Awards 2005
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23rd July 2005
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52nd filmfare awards for South India were presented at a function arranged in Gachibolwi Stadium on the night of 23rd July 2005. This function was a huge success with Nikhil Chinnappa and Shriya Reddy anchoring the event in a highly professional way. This function has it all - glamour, professionalism and passion. The duration of function was around 4 hours.

The theme of masquerading is used for this function as the actors don different masks when they play different characters. The following celebrities gave away awards to the following winners.

S No. Category Award presented by Award given to Film
1 Best Cinematographer Suhasini S Gopal Reddy Varsham
2 Best Choreographer Tarun Raju Sundaram Gilli
3 Best debut hero Allu Arjun Ravi Kishna 7/G Rainbow Colony
4 Lifetime Achievement award K Viswanath KR Vijaya -
5 Best Music (Malayalam) Jayant + Anjala Jaya Chandran -
6 Best Music (Kannada) Jagapti Babu Guru Kiran Aptra Mitra
7 Best Music (Tamil) Sneha Bharadwaj
Yuvan Shankar Raja
7/G Rainbow Colony
8 Best Music (telugu) Vishnu Devi Sri Prasad Varsham
9 Best Villain (Tamil) Radhika Prakash Raj Gilli
10 Best Villain (Telugu) KL Narayana Pradeep Rawat Sye
11 Best Comedian (Tamil) Shankar Vivek Peralagan
12 Best Comedian (telugu) EVV Sunil Pedababu
13 Best supporting actress (Tamil) Katrina Kaif Mallika Autograph
14 Best supporting actress (Telugu) Kushboo Keerti Reddy Arjun
15 Best supporting actor (Tamil) Sarath Kumar Madhavan Ayudha Ezhuthu
16 Best supporting actor (Telugu) Kiran Rathod Srikanth Shankar Dada MBBS
17 Best Film (Malayalam) AM Ratnam Kazhcha Kazhcha
18 Best Film (Kannada) Allu Aravind Apta Mitra Apta Mitra
19 Best Film (Tamil) Shankar Autograph Autograph
20 Best Film (Telugu) D Rama Naidu Varsham Varsham
21 Lifetime achievement awards Ramesh Sippy Ramoji Rao -
22 Best Director (Malayalam) Sekhar Kammula Blessy Kazhcha
23 Best Director (Kannada) Krishna Vamsi P Vasu Aptamitra
24 Best Director (Tamil) Jyothika Cheran Autograph
25 Best Director (Telugu) Shankar Sukumar Arya
26 Best Actress (Malayalam) Urmila Geetu Mohandas Akale
27 Best Actress (Kannada) CV Reddy Soundarya Aptamitra
28 Best Actress (Tamil) Deepak Mokashe Sandya Kadal
29 Best Actress (Telugu) Vikram Trisha Varsham
30 Best Actor (Malayalam) Venkatesh Mammotty kazhcha
31 Best Actor (Kannada) - Vishnu Vardhan Aptamitra
32 Best Actor (Tamil) Bala Surya Peralagan
33 Best Actor (Telugu) Rekha Chiranjeevi Shankar Dada MBBS

Here are the winners who gave speeches -

Devi Sri Prasad (best Telugu music director for Varsham): I would like to thank MS Raju for making my dream of becoming music director true. He gave me 3 films - Devi, Varsham and Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana - and made good music for all those films. Right now I am also doing MS Raju's Pournami. I also feel great because Varsham, Shankar Dada MBBS and Arya for which I scored music have made it big at Filmfare. I dedicate this award to my loving parents who encouraged me to become a music director.

Prakash Raj (Best villain in Tamil for Gilli): The best actor for villain and character artist was established in Filmfare awards around 3 years back. I am happy to tell you that for the past three years I have been winning awards at Filmfare consecutively.

Vivek (Best comedy actor in Tamil for Peralagan): Whenever I see the figure on Filnfare award, it reminds me of a lady on diet. I think all heroines should follow this lady on diet to keep their figure under control. I feel every wife should follow it. If our wives don't follow it, we will be forced to follow the heroines. I have got this filmfare award for for 3 times in a row for films Minnale, Run and Peralagan.

Madhavan (Best character artist in Tamil for Ayudha Ezhuthu (Yuva in Telugu)): It was Mani Ratnam who gave me such a raw role in Yuva film for me who had been doing chocolate hero roles. I owe this award to Mani Ratnam.

Srikanth (Best character actor in Telugu for Shankar Dada MBBS): This is my first filmfare award. I owe this award to Chiranjeevi as he is the one who selected me for this role and took care of my dressing and characterization. I had been doing soft hero roles so far and Chiranjeevi took a brave decision of making me act in a pucca mass role. Thanks to Annayya Chiranjeevi.

Cheran (Best film in Tamil - Autograph): This is the 4th award for Autograph as best film for Autograph in various film festivals. I dedicate this award to Tamil film lovers.

Paruchuri Brothers (on behalf of MS Raju for the best film Varsham): MS Raju's Okkadu has won 4 filmfare awards last year. MS Raju's Varsham won 5 awards this year. We are expecting 6 awards for MS Raju's NVNV next yea. We are currently working for Pournami film now. It is script which is most important thing for any film. I hope that Filmfare award committee would consider giving awards to writers as well, as we got no filmfare awards so far even though we worked for 300+ films.

P Vasu (Best director for Kannada film Apta Mitra): I am glad to receive filmfare award. More so because I won this award for Kannada film. I dedicate this award to late great actress Soundarya.

Sukumar (Best director for Telugu film Arya): I saw many people dedicating their awards to parents. It is boring. Is it not? But, I am still proud to dedicate this award to my loving parents. I would like to thank my master Ram Mohan Reddy who helped me to reach this position. When a team wins, the cup would be received by the captain. Likewise, I don't treat this award as a personal award. I think that I am receiving this best director award as a captain for the work done by the entire team of Arya film.

Trisha (Best heroine in Telugu for Varsham): I would like to thank MS Raju who is my Godfather, best friend and mentor. I would like to thank each and every unit member of varsham for this award. Hyderabad is like my home away from home.

Mammootty (Best actor for Malayalam film Kazhacha): I feel bit sad to receive this award as this function says Filmfare awards for South India. I am an Indian first. Why do we differentiate between South and North? Why can't we have these awards at India level? We all are Indians first. I would like to request Filmfare to give away awards at national level instead of segregating as South and North. I played the role of a touring talkies operator who tumbles upon a refugee kid of Gujarath who is a victim of earthquake in Kazhacha film.

Surya (Best actor in Tamil for Peralagan): Incidentally today is my birthday. I would like to dedicate this award to the team of Peralagan.

Chiranjeevi: I was very confident till 10 minutes when the anchors announced that I would be receiving award from Rekha. Rekha was my dream girl. I grew up adoring her. I would love to know how she maintains her body so slim for so many years. If she could tell me that I would become her sishya (protégé) for rest of my life. Incidentally this is my 7th filmfare award. When I got my 1st filmfare awards, Kamal Hassan has already won 14 filmfare awards. At that time, I thought that I would be great if I could get at least half of what Kamal has got. With this award, I got half of what Kamal Hassan got. Now my goal is to get another 7 so that I could equal him. The Nandi awards take into consideration about artistic value of the films and consider only straight Telugu films. But histrionics are beyond remakes. I feel that Filmfare considers real talent and popularity. I respect Filmfare awards.

Here are the details of performances by various celebrities

S. No Performer Song details
1 Charmme Evaraina (AOR)
Lallalahire (Mass)
2 Ramya Priya Ragale (Hello Brother)
Matadu Matadu (Arunachalam)
Gusagusale (Annayya)
Raa Raa (Aptamitra)
3 Sada Neeku naaku Nokia (Aparichitudu)
Randaka (Aparichitudu)
4 Devi Sri Prasad Something (NVNV)
sachin (Sachin)
Title song (Shankar Dada MBBS)s
5 Kamalinee Mukherjee Nuvvostanante Nenoddanta (Varsham)
Title song (Dhoom)
6 Bliase (rapper at AR Rehman) Medley
7 Rahasya (winner of MTV item hunt) Medley


Here is an interesting conversation between Rekha and Chiranjeevi

Rekha: You promised me a role against you in your films 20 years back? What happened to it? if you give a whistle once, I would come to Hyderabad and act in your film (Nuvvokkasari whistle veste nenu parigettuku vachesta).

Chiranjeevi: Tell me the secret of your beauty and figure?

Rekha: Sure. Would you give me a chance in your films?

Chiranjeevi: Sure

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