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Hexa Platinum Disc Function - Arjun
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10th August 2004
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Hexa platinum disc function of Mahesh's Arjun was held at Krishna Residency hotel on the night of 9th August, Mahesh Babu's birthday. The celebrities who graced this occasion include Mahesh Babu, Shriya, Keerti Reddy, Prabhas, SP Balasubramanyam, Mani Sharma, G Adiseshagiri Rao,Murali Mohan, MS Raju, Paidipala, Umesh Gupta, Doraswamy Raju, Arjuna Raju, Guna Sekhar, Thota Tharani, Chandrayya, D Suresh Babu, C Aswini Dutt, Sukumar, Dil Raju, Ambika Krishna, Ravi Kumar Chowdary, Vijayakumar Varma, KL Narayana, Addala Chanti, Tanikella Bharani and Jayabheri Kishore.

Speaking on this occasion SP Bala Subramanyam said that it is been 5 years since he participated in movie related functions in Hyderabad. He remembered his association with superstar Krishna. He termed Guna Sekhar as one of the 2-3 sensible directors Telugu film industry possesses. He also commended Guna Sekhar as the man of action who talks less and does more. He is in awe of veteran Veturi who can pen lyrics to any kind of tune in a minimal time of 7 minutes. He felt happy that he and his son SP Charan sang for the same hero Mahesh Babu in the same album of Arjun. He said that Mahesh Babu is a sensible, wonderful and at-ease artist. He finds Mahesh Babu to extremely good in emotional scenes, which would make him an everlasting hero in Telugu film industry. He requested Mahesh Babu not to get disappointed if any of his experimental films does fail. He requested Mahesh to do 4 films every year - 2 experimental films of his own choice and two commercial films. He requested Mahesh fans to encourage and support Mahesh's experimental flicks. He praised Mani for doing good recording of Arjun album in such a way that beats did not dominate the lyrics. SPB gave a pat to art director Thota Tharani for recreating the Madhura magic in Hyderabad by creating a set with exact dimensions.

Songs critic Paidipala (from Amalapuram) gave his analysis about songs of Arjun.

Actress Keerti Reddy said that she is bad at speaking Telugu and she tried her Telangana Telugu. She said that she has a special role in Arjun. She said that she never worked with such a good team in the past.

Actress Shriya said that she has been dying to work with Guna Sekhar since she saw Okkadu film. She said that Mahesh did a great work for Arjun film.

Actor Murali Mohan said that he did a small role in Arjun. He remembered his conversation with yesteryears hero Sobhan Babu who mentioned that Mahesh Babu is the best artist among the youth heroes.

When asked to speak, Mahesh signaled that he would open his mouth on 18th August when Arjun film hits the marquee.

Tanikella Bharani achored this event. Hexa Platinum discs were distributed later.

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