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Vastadu Naa Raju logo launch
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3 December 2010


For the first time in Telugu film industry, the logo of a movie was unveiled by hero using rope work. Vishnu Manchu unveiled the logo and huge poster of Vastadu Naa Raju movie at Prasads Multiplex by using rope work. This launched was beamed live by most of the TV channels at 4:30 pm on the evening of December. Vishnu Manchu, Hemanth, Tapsee Pannu and Ashok Kumar Raju attended the press meet that followed -

Mohan Babu gave me back-to-back movies - Tapsee
Tapsee said, “All girls have a dream of a boy coming into their lives. The story of the movie is about what happens when a guy comes into a girl’s life. Mohan Babu introduced by with Jhummandi Naadam around 5 months back and he gave be a back-2-back film Vastadu Naa Raju. I would like to thank him. Hemanth is the coolest director. Vishnu is a professional hero and learnt a lot from him on/off the screen. Mani Sharma composed one of his best albums. Music of the movie will be released on 10 December.”

Vishnu plays a sportsman - Hemanth
Director Hemanth said, “This is my first directorial venture. The story is about a guy entering into the life of a girl. But there is a novel point and new angle to it. Vishnu is a dedicated actor and producer. Vastadu Naa Raju is an entertaining movie. Mani Sharma composed very good music. Vishnu plays a sportsman in this movie and he changed his body and looks to suit the role. Tapsee plays an important character.”

Music launch in Vijayawada on 10 December - Vishnu
Vishnu Manchu said, “24 Frames Factory is the second banner from our family. This is the 1st film production of 24 Frames factory which delivered content to TV, Radio and Mobile in the past. Mohan Babu is presenting it. Hemanth is a good director. S Gopal Reddy is the cinematographer. I would like to thank him for accepting to do this movie using RED digital camera. Probably Vastadu Naa Raju is the first full-fledged commercial movie in Telugu that is shot entirely using RED camera. We bought three such RED cameras for this purpose. I was always wondering why can’t a Telugu commercial film could be made if Hollywood and Bollywood is successfully making it. Tapsee is a chatter box and I share a love/hate relationship with her. She is a good actress and I am hugely impressed by her efforts to speak in Telugu. Nandu is our action choreographer and we used fighters and fight masters from Bangkok and Vietnam for this movie. Mani Sharma composed great background score for my father’s Rayala Seema Ramanna Chowdary. He is doing music for me for the first time with this movie. We shot this movie in picturesque foreign locales like Italy, Vienna and Austria. Prakash Raj has a vital role in this movie and I thank him for accommodating his dates. Brahmanandam gave dates for 20 days. Music of Vastadu Naa Raju will be launched in Vijayawada on 10 December in Vijayawada. Mayuri is distributing music.We are planning for January release.”

While answering to a question Vishnu said that though it is risky to do wire shots to unveil logo, he is happy and proud that the movie will get desired attention from the movie lovers. It also signifies that this movie is different from the run-off-the-mill movies.

Photo Gallery (photos by G Narasaiah)
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