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Panchakshari logo launch
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January 25, 2010


Logo of Anushka’s latest movie Panchakshari was unveiled by Anushka at a press meet held today at Annapurna studios. This film is directed by Samudra and produced by Chandra (Bommadevara Rama Chandra Rao) – personal make-up artist of Nagarjuna. Nagarjuna presents this movie. This meet was attended by Anushka, Nassar, Chandra Mohan, Ravi Prakash, cameraman Vasu, story writer Madhu Vipparthi, dialogue writer Thota Prasad, dance master Shiva Shankar and producer Chandra.

Director Samudra said, “Chandra worked as make-up man in Annapurna studios for 35 years. I met him during the shooting of Siva Rama Raju film and he asked me if I could direct his first movie and I said yes. That project is materialised as Panchakshari. Though he is a make-up man by profession, he has command over all the departments.”

Producer Chandra said, “I am indebted to Annapurna Studios. The second schedule is going on now and shooting will be over by March. Panchakshari will release in April.”

Actor Ravi Prakash said, “Producer Chandra is a work-oriented man who doesn’t bother about money. He borrowed a big brand car from somebody and it was broken during the shoot. He didn’t bother about the cost of repair and asked us to make sure that the scene is shot in a realistic way. This is my first movie with director Samudra and I am doing a good character.”

Anushka said, “I call Chandra as Bommi as his surname is Bommadevara. I made my debut in Annapurna Studios’ movie Super and Bommi was the first make-up man who worked for me. During that time he asked me if I could act in his production venture and I said yes. He approached me with Panchakshari script last year. I loved the script and I like the passion of Bommi. I would have done this film even if an unknown person come and asked me because of the script value. We had a bound script before the start of the movie. Samudra directed my second film Mahanandi and I am glad to work with him again.”

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