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Muhurat of NTR's Andhrawala
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11th April 2003
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Cast: NTR, Rakshita, Prakash Raj, Ashutosh Raj, Atul Kulakarni, Benarjee, Jeeva, Gajar Khan, Dharmavarapu Subramanyam, Ali, Brahmanandam, MS Ranayana, Raghu Kunche

Technical Credits:

Banner: Sri Bharati Enterprises
Presented by: Bharati
Screenplay: Kona
Camera: Shyam K Naidu
Editing: Marthand K Venkatesh
Art: Chinna
Music: Chakri
Makeup: Srinu, Raju
Costumes: Anji Babu
Producer: Giri
Co-director: VVS Ram Prasad
Story - Dialogues - Director: Poori Jagannath

The muhurat of NTR's 'Andhrawala' in the direction of Puri Jagannath was held at Annapurna studios on 11th April 2003 at 7:30 am. Giri is producing this film on Sri Bharati Enterprises banner. Nandamuri Hari Krishna gave the clap. VV Vinayak switched on the camera. K Raghavendra Rao directed the first shot. Politician Bhuma Nagi Reddy was invited as the special guest. The other heroes who graced this occasion are Ravi Teja, Nitin and Kalyan Ram.

Talking to the press, Puri Jagannath said that 'Andhrawala' film would have Hyderabad and Bombay as backdrop. It would also have mafia element in it. This film is about a young guy who fought for the Andhra people in Bombay. This film will have six songs. Regular shooting of the film starts on 2nd of May. The schedules of this film start on the 1st of every month and would end on the 15th of every month till October. This film is expected to be released in the month of October.

Here is the dialogue for the opening shot of the film - 'Choodu! Rendu vishayaalu gurthu pettuko!! 1. Malli bastiloki vaste kallu irakkodatha. 2. gurtu vachinappudu chepta. Marchipoyaanu'.

Music director Chakri said that no music director has been able to give right music for NTR's movies to extract the best of his dances. Chakri felt that he is right choice in doing so.

Heroine Rakshita said that she is playing the role of a model who becomes Miss India. She is arrogant in this film who has a very protective brother.

NTR said that Andhrawala would be a judicious mix of films like Idiot and Aadi. NTR felt that he is becoming monotonous by uttering 2-km-length dialogues in all his films. He wants to show his versatility. Unlike his earlier films, this film would have crisp and measured dialogues. He also opined that story is the main hero for any film in the current trend.

He said that his next project is Samba. When asked why he chose to play the role of 'Gona Gannareddy' which was the dream project of his babai Bala Krishna, he replied that even legend NTR and Krishnam Raju wanted to play the role at one point of time in their career. NTR thinks he is lucky enough to get that role finally. He said that Gona Ganna Reddy would be a one and half year project. When asked by press if he is doing 'Sri Ramanjaneyam' film, he replied that its Krishna Vamsi's project and Nitin is selected as hero in it.

Photogallery (Photos by Giri)

Hari Krishna clapping on NTR

Kalyan Ram, Hari Krishna, NTR


Prakash Raj, NTR & Puri Jagan

Giri, Vinayak, NTR, Jagan & Teja

NTR, Shyam K Naidu, Vinayak, KRR, Hari Krishna and Giri

KRR & Prakash Raj

Hari Krishna

KRR & Bhuma Nagi Reddy

NTR & Puri Jagan

Hari Krishna & NTR

Chinna Krishna, Prakash Raj, NTR & Puri Jagan

NTR & Puri Jagan

Hari Krishna & NTR

Hari Krishna, NTR & Ravi Teja

NTR & Chinni Krishna

Prakash Raj, Vinayak, KRR & Jagan

Kona, Venu Madhav, Jagan, Prakash Raj

Trivikrama Rao, Paruchuri & KRR

Prakash Raj

Jagan, Prakash Raj, Ramesh & Raju


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