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Eega Movie Launch
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7 December 2010


Rajamouli’s latest movie Eega was launched at Rama Naidu studios on the morning of 7 December 2010. This film stars Nani, Sudeep and Samantha in the main leads. Sai Korrapati produces this movie on Vaaraahi Chalana Chithram banner. MM Keeravani composes music and James Flowds handles camera. S Ravinder is the art director. Makuta Effects will handle visual effects. Rama Rajamouli will do styling. D Suresh Babu presents this movie.

VV Vinayak sounded the clapboard, K Raghavendra Rao directed the first shot and D Rama Naidu switched on the camera. The action part is done by Venkatesh, Nagarjuna, Ram Charan Tej, Ravi Teja and other heroes.

Prepared Eega story when I was a kid - SS Rajamouli
SS Rajamouli said, “I got his story idea when I was a kid. The villain kills hero. Hero is reborn as Eega (fly). Eega happens to remember what happened in it’s last birth. The rest of the story is about Eega’s indomitable effort irritate villain and take revenge on him. It is an experimental film with mainstream emotions and financial viability. It involves highly sophisticated and seamless CG work. CG work will have to be so good that people wouldn’t notice which scene is real and which one has CG in it. I have chosen James flowds as cinematographer because he is not only a good cinematographer, but also researched on various kinds of lenses. He worked for a recently released Bollywood film Lamha and cinematography in that movie is fantastic. The expected runtime of the movie is going to be approximately 2 hours. There will be three situational songs. 95% of the script is read. We are going for pre-visualization now. It involves animatics which delivers animation of a medium resolution. We will come to know about budget estimate only after we complete the pre-visualization. It is a live action movie, not an animation film. Suresh Babu is a comfortable producer to work with. Sai is a family friend and he is a good critic. We are doing this film in Telugu and Tamil.”

MM Keeravani said, “It’s difficult to compose routine music for repetitive scenes. It is going to be a refreshing experience to work for Eega as it is a new kind of movie. Suresh Babu gives our team a lot of strength. Sai is more like a family member to us.”

Challenging task when Eega is the protagonist - Sudeep
Actor Sudeep said, “I had seen all the movies of Rajamouli so far. It takes guts and conviction to make a movie like Eega. The script will standout in this movie. It throws a big challenge for me as a villain because the protagonist (Eega) will not be present on sets when I perform for my role. It is going to be extremely challenging task. I am sure that Eega will make a huge difference not only to south Industry, but for entire Indian film fraternity.”

Mainstream emotions - D Suresh Babu
D Suresh Babu said, “Eega will provide new kind of experience in cinema. It is a very satisfying story to hear. This film has lot of magic. Hence I asked Rajamouli to do this movie whatever it takes. I am sure he will deliver a fine product. This movie is not an experiment. It is a safe project with main stream emotions. But, this film will be narrated in different pattern. Rajamouli has assembled a great team.”

Nani and Samantha expressed their happiness in working for this movie.


Photo Gallery (photos by G Narasaiah)
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