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Sharwanand - Chandra Siddhardh movie launch
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March 6, 2009


Sharwanand’s latest film in the direction of Chandra Siddhardha was launched on 6 March on the eve of Sharwanand’s birthday. Actor Ram sounded the clapboard, D Rama Naidu switched on the camera and Neelakanta directed the first shot.

Speaking on the occasion Sharwanand said, “This is the kind of script I had been waiting after Gamyam. It is a naturalistic film with loads of humor. I am very happy that this film is being launched on my birthday.”

Chandra Siddhardha said, “Balabhadrapatruni Ramani penned the story. I got acomplaint that my earlier film Idi Sangathi had all negative characters. All the roles of this project are going to be positive. We are going to launch the film in the first week of April. There will be good characterizations. There will be sentiment and sacrifice as well. There is a sweet feel to the story. The protagonist of this film comes from village to Hyderabad and then returns to his village.”

Writer Ramani said, “This film is not a boy meets girl kind of love story. But the entire film runs on love. This film does not have any formula. This film is the story of a father and a son. Both of them have same goal, but different approaches. All the characters in this film are going to be natural and down to earth. I told this story to Chandra Siddhardh two years back and reserved it to him as I feel only he can do justice to such a character. I hope that this film will become a good commercial hit.”

Music director Anoop Rubens said, “I worked as a key-board player for films directed by Chandra Siddhardha. This is my first film as music director for a Chandra Siddhardh’s directorial venture.”

Photo Gallery (photos by G Narasaiah)
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