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Jaganmohini movie launch
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July 28, 2008


The Telugu version of Jaganmohini (partially inspired by Vitalacharya’s Jayamalini starrer of yesteryears) is launched today at Nanakramguda, Hyderabad. The film made on Murali Cine Arts banner is produced by H. Murali with direction by NK Viswanathan. Former Central minister and Tollywood biggie Dasari Narayana Rao sounded the clapboard, TFPC President Tammareddy Bharadwaj rendered the first shot direction; and D. Ramanaidu switched on the camera for the muhurt shot on lead pair Raja and Namita while both approach each other romantically and caressing each other passionately. The venue decorated to suit the periodic ambience of a palatial indoor projected an impressive look. There was a big clamor and curiosity among the unit members and set workers on seeing Namita amidst them. The presence of Namita marginalized hero Raja and second fiddle Meera Chopra to corners.

Jayamalini as Namita’s mom
Producer H. Murali said: “This is my debut and straight Telugu film. Jaganmohini is bilingual. We are very much inspired by the original Jaganmohini of Vitalacharya. But, we kept that script as our base and webbed this modern version with full of technology and glamour. Narasimha Raju, who played the hero in Jaganmohini of yesteryears, is doing the father to Raja. Similarly, we are trying to rope in actress Jayamalini (who long back disappeared from the big screen) to play the role of mother to Namita. Hectic discussions are going on and if it clicks, we would be lucky and it would enhance the commercial dimensions of the film. Highlights are that we are planning to shoot the climax aboard a ship near Andaman and Nicobar islands. The under sea shots will surely bring the thrill as we have roped in the Hollywood technicians for this. Namita does the role of a pearl collector down the deep sea. Raja plays the prince and Meera Chopra, princess of another kingdom and the lady interest of the hero. There are six songs in the film. We are grateful to maestro Ilayaraja, who scores music for Jaganmohini.”

Director NK Viswanath said that he had been an ardent fan of Vitalacharya’s Jaganmohini and ever felt like taking a film as such. He thanked the producer for providing him the best technical support with excellent cast. The film will have prolonged schedules in Hyderabad, Vizag, Chennai, before leaving for the Andaman. The film is likely to release in December or early next year.

Never mind doing periodic films: Raja
Raja, dressed like a prince, said he felt elated to be working with Namita, who wields a demi-goddess status in Tamilnadu with even temples planned for her. “Before taking up this project, some of my friends asked whether the film would work out for my career, but I thought that I should get satisfaction as an artiste first. Of course, there are great actors who did mythological roles. What am I before them? This film happens to be first film in my career with huge budget.”

More films like Jaganmohini should come: Namita
Namita, in red shot gown and putting on a shining shawl, said: “After a gap of five years, now I am doing this straight Telugu film. I am happy to have a good co-star Raja. I haven’t seen Jayamalini’s film Jaganmohini, but heard a lot about it. I am fully satisfied with the script narrated to me by the director. I wish that old classics like Jaganmohni should be taken afresh to suit the modernity. Whether it clicks or not, it is a different thing, but such experiments would go a long way in filmmaking. I assure that I am going to provide the best of my histrionics in this film.”

Photo gallery (photos by G Narasaiah)
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